√úbersetzungen der Instruktionen


  • Move Interactions To Cheat Menu
    • When enabled, all immediate custom interactions are moved to the Shift-Click cheat menu
    • This will move any interaction whose namespace does not begin with "Sims3." and has the [DoesntRequireTuning] attribute, which includes all NRaas menu interactions.
    • Default: False

  • Show Debugging
    • Enables the debugging for this mod. Unless requested by me, do not alter this setting.
    • Default: False

  • Show No Interactions
    • When disabled, the "No Interactions Available" tooltip is not displayed
    • Default: True

  • Switch Households On Right Click
    • When enabled, right clicking on any resident sim will immediately switch the active household to them
    • This is a Dream Catcher interaction, and dreams and opportunities will be retained
    • See discussion of and warnings about Dream Catching commands on this page
    • Default: True

  • Total Reset
    • Resets this mod's settings to their tuning defaults

  • Version
    • Displays the version of the mod