This mod is intended to be run on Patch 1.36, see Patch Level Compatibility.


This mod replaces the privacy interactions on bathroom objects with ones that can be toggled.


The following interactions are replaced:
  • Shower
  • Take Bath
  • Take Bubble Bath
  • Go on a Submarine Adventure
  • Sponge Bath
  • Use Toilet
  • Use Urinal

A full listing of all interactions and details regarding their use are available here : Interactions

A list of enhancements under consideration is available here : The List

A list of known issues is available here : Issues


This mod has *no* effect on the "Uber Toilet" EA Premium Content.


This mod can be translated. Translation pages are available here : Localization


As always, ensure that you backup your save files prior to installation of this mod. As Murphy said: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


Revision Notes can be found here : Revision Notes


Instructions on how to install these files are available here : How to Install