Version 18: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Sims no longer rapidly shower or bathe when using the "The Ele-Gante G-Class Shower" (Pets), "Misty Touch Shower" (Master Suite), "Penultimate Deluxe" (Island Paradise), "Spring Serenity Shower" (Seasons), "Glass Libertine Shower by Modern Arcology" (Into The Future), "BactaBath Bathtub by Modern Arcology" (Into The Future), "Depths of My Heart" (Master Suite), "The Porcelwood Bathtub" (Pets), "Luxotub" (Supernatural) showers/tubs. Thanks to - babele44 babele44 for testing.

Version 17
  • Updated to Patch 1.63 Compatibility

Version 16
  • Updated coding for "Take Shower" to handle EA adjustments for plantsims
  • Potential fix for issue where "Go To Work" does not work on the Routine Machine when the sim works in a combo-rabbithole

Version 15
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility

Version 14
  • Updated for Supernatural Patch
  • Self-employed sims should no longer change into their Career outfits after bathing
  • Added "ShoolessUberToilet" module which handles privacy for that EA premium content
  • Added "ShoolessRoutineMachine" module which handles privacy for that EA premium content

Version 13
  • Persistence altered to conform with approach used by other mods. This means you need to reset your Privacy settings
  • Fixed the City Hall / Computer interactions, so they actually set the Global Privacy, rather than the privacy for the object itself
  • Added the "Naked Toilet" option

Version 12
  • Updated for Pets Patch Compatibility
  • 2011-OCT-23 Added Polish Translation

Version 11
  • The custom toilet interaction is no longer added to the "Uber Toilet"
  • Updated French Translation and Readme

Version 10
  • Replaced the "Submarine Adventure" interaction

Version 9
  • Updated for Generations compatibility
  • 2011-JUN-23 Added Italian Translation

Version 8
  • Changes made to handling of Reset Exceptions
  • Added coding for Urinals
  • Fixed the "Privacy" interaction on the combo-rabbithole City Hall
  • 2011-APR-18 Updated Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Version 7
  • Updated for Late Night Patch