Shop For Clothes

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What this mod does!

1. It removes the "Plan Outfit" interaction from all drawers.
2. It adds two new interactions into the clothing rack statue and those are:
  • Shop for Clothes: sends the active Sim to CAS (drawer mode).
  • Suggest Outfit: Opens a Pie menu picker, with all the Sims on the lot, and the selected Sim will then go to CAS (drawer mode).

The base price for an outfit is 200ยง, just like it was in TS2.
If the lot is owned by another Sim the money the shopper spent, will be added to the lot owner household.
If you are the lot owner, you get your clothing for free.

There are no animations to this interaction, but the Sim who is shopping, will walk to the clothing rack before they go to CAS.

What this mod doesn't do!

  • This mod does not increase the amount of outfits for each category, it's still the original three.

What is a new outfit!

  • Changing the top, bottom or shoes makes the outfit a new outfit.
  • Adding a new outfit into your outfit category is a new outfit.

What is not a new outfit!

  • Changing just the color or patterns of a particular piece of outfit, is not a new outfit
  • Changing accessories is not a new outfit
  • Making a copy of the original outfit and filling all available category slots with it is not a new outfit.
  • Removing an outfit from the outfit category is not a new outfit.