Shop For Clothes Pedestal

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Requires the Into The Future Expansion Pack
Requires the Master Controller Base Mod + Integration Module
Requires the placement of the Into The Future Pedestal in your game.

Object ITF Pedestal
  • Design Outfit in CAS
    • Use to send your sim into CAS so you can design their outfits. This mod will calculate how many outfits you change and charge you accordingly.
      • This mod currently only calculates changes in the following outfit categories: Everyday, Formal, Swimwear, Sleepwear, Athletic, Outerwear
      • This mod currently only tracks changes to the Full Outfit, Lower Body and Upper Body selections.
      • This means, if you go into CAS and change your sims shoes, accessories or hair, they will not be counted as a changed outfit. However, if you change your sims top, bottom or full body outfit, it is considered a new outfit.
  • Purchase Pedestal Outfit
    • Have your sim buy the outfit currently on display.
  • Select Outfit
    • Which outfit to display on the mannequin.
  • Suggest Outfit
    • Make another sim buy the outfit currently on display. The sims age and gender need to match the age and gender of the pedestal.
  • Settings
    • Mannequin
      • Set Age/Gender/Clothing category
        • Set the age/gender/clothing category for this mannequin
      • Set Pose
        • Set which pose you want the mannequin to have.
      • Plan Outfit
        • Sends the mannequin to CAS so you can design the outfits for it.
    • Misc
      • Enable/Disable Pose Rotation
        • Enables/Disables the automatic pose rotation of the mannequin every time it's used.
        • Default: Disabled.
      • Set Owner
        • Select the sim who should receive the money for any purchase made from this mannequin.
      • Set Price
        • Set the price for each individual outfit.

    • Clothing Data
      • Set Name
        • Give a name for this object
      • Transfer Clothing Data to
        • Send the clothing data of this mannequin to another mannequin. Please note, the two mannequins need to match in age, gender and clothing category.
        • After the clothing data is sent, you need to take the new mannequin back to CAS for the outfits to be usable. You don't need to do anything in CAS, just send the mannequin there and exit. If you want to use the old mannequin as well, you will also need to send it to CAS and then exit for the resource key's to be recalculated.
      • Enable/Disable Visibility
        • If you don't want a particular mannequin to show up, when listing mannequins to whom you want to transfer the clothing data to, I suggest disabling visibility on all mannequins that you are happy with and do not want to lose data for, even by accident.
        • Default: Enabled