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No changes needed for 1.67

Please note that this mod is currently obsolete. If you have ITF I suggest ditching this and using this mod instead external image smile.gif

20.10.2013: No changes needed for 1.63

Please note: I do not plan on getting ITF on release date, I might get it later or might not. ITF comes with clothe shopping so I might update this later with newer code but I don't promise anything.

21.06.2013: No changes needed for 1.55

24.02.2013: No changes needed for 1.50

No changes needed for 1.42

File Name:

File Name:

- updated for SHT
- Works for 1.33, no modification was needed.

File Name:

Because the automatic calculation for outfits wasn't working 100%, I removed it and replaced it with a pop-up that comes after you are done shopping. In the pop-up you can put the price you want to pay for the outfits.

The pop-up will appear even if you cancel CAS. I don't think it's a big deal, but I'll try to fix it when I have time.

File Name:

- Updated for Generations
- Removed the older versions because they won't be compatible any more fater Generation patch


File Name:

Fixed the issue of the age resetting.

Going to CAS was the reason why the age got resetted. Sometimes going to CAS added a random number of days to your Sims life, sometimes it removed a random number of days from their life. So to fix this issue, I did what EA does when using the dresser, and that is saving the number of days to the next birthday before going to CAS, and restoring it back to the Sim after returning from CAS.

I added a tiny animation to the end of shopping. The Sim will now do the view animation and get a styling related thought bubble. I added the animation so the code wouldn't run through too early. The code to restore the Sim's age to what it was before going to CAS is run after the animation. So during the animation, your Sim's age will be wrong, but it's restored after the animation stops. And please note that I don't update the UI when restoring the age, so if you are in the panel that shows the age, and you want to see your sim's real age after shopping, you need to update the UI manually, and by that I mean just click another tab and return to the tab with the age bar.


File name: ani_ShopForClothes_LN.rar

File name: ani_ShopForClothes_v2.rar

- Fixed bugs where the number of outfits you paid for, was not the actual number of outfit bought.
- Removed the restriction that you have to be on the lot to buy clothes, you can now select the interaction straight from any lot and the sim will walk to the object. Suggest for outfit interaction, still has this restriction.
- If you can't afford to pay, the amount is added to your next household bill. So you can now shop beyond your means. Please note thou that this functionality has not been play tested, I have only tested it in my test hood.

- I added the rabbit hole lot owning rule, you can read about it in here.

Modifying outfit cost:
- open the mod in S3PE.
- Select the xml named ShoppingConfig
- Replace the default 200 with what ever you want the price/outfit to be.

- none to my knowledge. But if you get any, please report them, and please try to reproduce the bug more than one time before reporting. I can't fix stuff I can't reproduce.

*End of 30.07.2010 update*
File name: ani_ShopForClothes.rar

Note 1: You need Ambition for this mod to work, as I use the clothing rack that came with Ambition, as well as Ambition codes.