Shop From Inventory

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How do I set up a shop?

  1. Add a shopping register to a community lot.
  2. Add a treasure chest to the community lot, or to the lot owner's household.
  3. Add items into the treasure chest(s). These items are now considered the shops inventory.

How do I alter the mod?

There are certain elements you can change in this mod. To do this, open the package with S3PE and open the XML file you find inside.

<CustomerPrecentage value="50"/>
If a sim in an inactive household uses the interaction autonomously, this is the percentage chance of whether they will buy anything or not.

<Profit value="70"/>
The sales percentage the lot owner receives when you use the overrided buy interactions.

<ShowBuyFromInventory value="True" />
Change to "False" if you don't want to see the "Shop From Store Inventory" interaction.

<ShowBuyGroceries value="False" />
Change to "True" if you want to see the normal "Buy" interaction in the food register.

<ShowNotifications value="False" />
Change to "True" if you want to see Notifications.

Other Tuning
<SellIngredientsInGeneralRegister value="True" />
<SellIngredientsInNectarRegister value="True" />
<SellIngredientsInConsignRegister value="True" />
<CoffeePrice value="30"/>
<foodPriceBad value="10"/>
<foodPriceNice value="250"/>
<foodPriceGreat value="350"/>
<foodPricePerfect value="450"/>
<foodPriceDefault value="100"/>
<ProfitForIngredients value="200"/>
<ProfitForNoneGrownGoods value="100"/>
<TotalSipsSitting value="30"/>
<TotalSipsStanding value="10"/>