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No changes needed for 1.67

Edited: 20.10.2013
File Name: ani_SellFromInventory_1.63

The "buy take a way coffee" interaction is not showing up. I don't know why as the code is the same for the other interactions. Other than that this seems ok.

Edited: 21.06.2013
File Name: ani_SellFromInventory_1.55

EA decided to mess around with the concession stand foods so now I'm having trouble getting the "Take away" coffee interaction to work. So I disabled it for now and will add it back when I have fixed it. Other than that the mod is usable.

Edited: 23.02.2013
File Name: ani_SellFromInventory_1_50

Edited: 24.12.2012
File Name:

I wasn't able to make drinking take away coffee work as I wanted, have sims chat and so on like they do when drinking coffee from the coffee maker. So I made some changes, and now you can buy a cup of coffee from the register and sims will sit and chat.
Buy Take Away Drink: gives you the option of buying a concession stand drink.
Buy Coffee: Buy's a cup of coffee (the same type as from the Hot Beverege Machine).
Call For Coffee: A list of sims on the lot who you can make buy a cup of coffee.

Buying coffee or a take away drink is autonomous.

You can edit the coffee/concession stand drink price from the xml.

- I still haven't figured out how to make sims wait for their turn when using the call for meal or call for coffee. So you need to pace calling sims on your own.
- When the cup of coffee is created in the sims hand, for a moment, it's attached to the sims hand evene though the hand is not in holding position, but this is fixed the moment the sim starts to walk with the cup.

Hopefully uni will come with a "real" coffee bar, but until then, this is one way to have a café in your game external image smile.gif

Edited: 2.12.2012
File Name:

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed bug with concession stand worker resetting when buying from the stand.

- Two new interactions, "Buy Hot Drink" and "Call for coffee"
- Buy hot drink gives you the chance to buy one of the new concession stand drinks that came with Seasons
- The Call for coffee will let you select sims who you want to buy a drink
- There are two new xml values to tune, how many sips you want sims to have if they sit down with their coffee and if they stand.

The coffee interactions are still work in progress but I thought I'd update so people who want to use this mod can now use the concession stands.
Buying coffee might work for people who have updated for 1.42 but don't have season, but I don't guarantee anything.

Bugs remaining - these are all related to the new coffee interactions:

- When sims sit with the coffee cup they put their legs in a position as sitting on a stool. But this is only for the first sip.
- Buying coffee is not autonomous.
- The chair selection code needs to be improved
- The coffee drinking interaction's priority needs to be improved so sims don't constantly get interrupted while drinking

No changes needed for 1.42

Edited: 07.09.2012
File Name:

Edited: 11.03.2012
File Name:

- Works for 1.33, no modification was needed.

Item filtering
Made item filtering depending on item type and register type.
- Food register: Shows items of type dried food, plate serving, ingredient, cake, fish
- Book register: Shows items of type book
- Nectar register: Shows items of type nectar
- Consignment/general/pet/relic registers: show all items that don't fit into the other types defined.

I did this basically so every items doesn't show up in every register.

Notifications can now be turned off through the xml - by default this setting is false.

Bug fixes:
- ice-cream bough from the ice-cream truck no longer appears in the "Buy Food Serving" interaction
- check that if the item already exists in the food-serving list it's not added again.

This mod is compatible with Around the Sims 3 bakery items .

Edited: 22.10.2011
File Name:

- If you don't have awesome you no longer need a treasure chest in the customer's home lot. Anybody can now buy.
- You can buy Sim written books from the bookstore register.
- Fixed a bug in the "Call to meal" interaction, where the customer didn't pay but the owner got the money.

This mod has gone through a lot of changes since my last update, so I decided to delete the old text, as it was mostly outdated. So please read through this text before downloading

Edited: 24.06.2011
File Name:

Fixed missing STBL string in none English games.
Fixed two bugs that happened when the lot was no owned.

Added possibility to change the price of served food, when sold through the "Sell from Inventory" interaction.
The food price depends on the quality, and you can modify it in the XML using S3PE.

Code:|| Quality.Foul:
<foodPriceBad value="10"/>

<foodPriceNice value="250"/>

<foodPriceGreat value="350"/>

<foodPricePerfect value="450"/>

Default value:
<foodPriceDefault value="100"/>

- When you use the "Call to Meal" interaction, the person who buys doesn't pay. Will be fixed in the next round.