Shop For Clothes Pedestal

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Tutorial Video by Ani. Shows how the mod works.

Midsomer Round 2: Episode 7 by Ani. The Let's Play episode in which Ani uses this mod.

What do I need to run this mod?

To run this mod you will need:

How does this differ from EA's pedestal?

  • Shows a list of all outfits in the specific outfit category to display.
  • Calculates how many outfits have been designed in CAS and calculates the total price accordingly.
  • Disables the pose rotation and allows manual selection of which pose to use.
  • Allows multiple clothing stores on one Lot with different themes and different owners.

As a bonus, because this mod uses Master Controller's CAS, it also benefits from:
  • Compact Mode in CAS - CAS loads faster when in this mode (you will need to enable this in Master Controller).
  • More than three outfits per pedestal.

Why can't I use 'Plan Outfit' on any Dresser or Wardrobe?

This mod overrides two EA ITUN files.
  • Purchase_ShoppingPedestal
    • Autonomous use has been turned off so sims will not buy the pedestal outfit on their own. Please note this ITUN file is common for all pedestals, so the autonomous item pedestal shopping is false as well.
  • CreateAnOutfit_Dressr
    • Being able to plan an outfit from the dresser has been disabled. Although, as this mod needs Master Controller to operate, you can send any sim to CAS through that if you don't want to go shopping.

You can tune the settings in these two ITUN resources to suit your own gameplay needs by opening the mod in S3PE and editing as necessary.