Contents of the "Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3" Folder

This FAQ contains details regarding the various files created by the game into your personal Documents folder.



  • Since the 1.26 patch it is possible to organize your build/buy items into Collections so you can easily find all items that for example have an “Industrial” or “Gothic” style. This is where the game stores the information about your collections.


  • This is where the game puts patches for Store Content (EA Store only).


  • These are the files your current game is playing from. When the game is closed, this folder will be empty. If it is not, it will be emptied on startup of the game.

Custom Music

  • Here you can store music files that are played through the Custom radio channels of your Sims’ stereos. Note that these must be in .mp3 format, and cannot be VBR or higher than 320 kbps bit rate, so they must be fairly standard.
  • WARNING: corrupt or incompatible files here may crash or otherwise impact your game while it’s trying to play them!


  • When installing .sims3pack files, the game stores copies of the items found in those files here. These copies are not normally used for gameplay, however when you use the game’s Export facility to share anything, the game will look in this folder to pack any non-standard content. If it can not find the item here, it will fall back on a standard EA replacement, even if the item itself is still installed in your game.
  • The game also generates a file called "ccmerged" in this folder, when you install premium content from The Sims 3 Store. Do NOT delete this file. If you do so, your store premium content will not work properly. More details about this can be found here: DCBackup, ccmerged.package and Your Premium Store Content Items


  • When installing from .sims3pack files, the game copies items into database files here. These databases are actually used in your game and loaded on startup. The .dbc files are ‘normal’ database files, the .ebc files are encrypted and used for EA Store items. The items can be stored in various .dbc files in no specific order, so if you remove only one of these, an installation of a compound item may be incomplete.
  • If you delete the files here, installed items will be gone from your game and will need to be re-installed using the Launcher.


  • This folder only recognizes .sims3pack files, the Launcher will install them from here. Once installed into your game, it is not needed to keep files in this folder, however it may be good to do so should you want to re-install them.
  • There is a file contained within this folder that is named as your Origin email-address with the extension of ".bin"
    • This file contains information used by the in-game Store functionality.


  • When you share or export something from your game (or export a world from CAW) the game creates a .sims3pack here. On starting the Launcher, it will assume you intend to upload these to The Exchange, however there is no need to do so.
  • You can take the files out of here and use them for other purposes, including putting them into the Downloads folder of another game.


  • As of patch 1.29 the game stores the thumbnails for Store featured items here, to be offered to you when you enable the in-game Shop mode.


  • (To Be Determined)


  • Here the basic .world files get stored of worlds you have installed in your game. The worlds that come with the game itself, like Sunset Valley, are not found here.


  • This folder stores the familles and lots in your Sims bin (as used in Edit Town). The game stores these with hexadecimal file names, however you are free to rename them as long as you leave the extension intact.


  • This is not a standard folder, it is part of the framework needed when you use mods like the ones on this Wiki.
  • What is the Overrides Folder used for ?
    • Under the standard resource.cfg, priority is given to packages on the Overrides folder over those in other folders
    • In the same way that tuning mods override EA tuning, this allows "Override" mods to override the tuning in other custom mod packages that you have installed.
    • For example : This is useful if you have a mod such as StoryProgression installed, and wish to replace the scoring tuning within that mod without having to edit the mod package itself.

Recorded Videos

  • When you record a video while playing, the resulting video file goes here. The Launcher will offer to upload it to the Exchange, but you are free to take the file out and use in other ways.


  • (To Be Determined)


  • When you save a Sim, it goes into a <firstname lastname>.sim file here. These are NOT the Sims you have in your “sim bin”, you will see them in the pre-made Sims when you enter CAS. These files contain only the Sim itself, and merely a reference to their outfit/hair/etcetera.


  • Your saved games go here, in separate folders named <save game name>.sims3.
  • When overwriting a previous save using the “Save” option (NOT “Save As”) the game creates a backup of that previous save using the name <save game name>.sims3. backup.
    • You can not normally use such a backup, you will have to rename it first with a .sims3 extension before the game recognizes it.


  • When you use the in-game camera to make a screenshot, you will find the file here. The same rules apply as they did for Recorded Videos.


  • (To Be Determined)
  • May have something to do with the copy protection of the game. Do not delete.


  • Various thumbnails used in the game. Unknown whether you can safely delete them.


  • Cache files pertaining to the world you’re playing. You may delete these, however the game will re-create these in game and may consume extra resources while doing that.
  • Do NOT delete these files if you are playing TS3 for Mac unless you are uninstalling the world that created them. Doing so will break any games you have going or wish to start in the associated worlds.





  • These are cache files to help speed up various operations in the game. You can delete them, but the game will need to re-create them and will consume extra resources while doing so.
  • If you install a mod that changes the icons or locations of in-game buy/build catalog items, you may need to delete compositorCache.package for your changes to show up.
  • If you install a skintone mod or a mod that changes the body shape, you may need to delete compositorCache.package and simCompositorCache.package for your changes to show up.


  • IMPORTANT! When deleting or installing mods it is important you delete this file before playing. Failure to do so may cause your game to use old information so that the mods do not take (full) effect.


  • Even though this is a log file, it seems to hold information for the game pertaining to your hardware setup. Delete this file if you want to force the game to re-evaluate your system.


  • This file contains the standard EA families and lots you see in Edit Town that have been set hidden by you. Deleting this file will make all standard EA families appear again.


  • This file is interesting in its own right, it contains a textual representation of the settings you have made using the Game Options panels.
  • You may want to edit it manually, because it also contains settings pertaining to Sims life spans, and allow you to set options not normally available through the sliders. If you delete this file, a standard default copy will be re-created when you start the game.


  • A log file pertaining to the Launcher. Can be deleted but will be recreated.


  • A standard log file from the game. Can be deleted but will be recreated.

ScriptError_<your computer name>_<date/time/unique id>.xml

  • The famous ScriptError files, either a log or other output as a result of a mod interaction, or an error report from one of the mods.
    • For further information regarding what to do with these files, see How To Upload


  • The ‘Favorites’ from your various Create-A-Style panels are stored here. If you delete this file, all your customized favorites will be gone.


  • When you define “waypoints” in your game for the game camera (ctrl-5 through ctrl-9) this file holds the coordinates of those waypoints.



  • Various housekeeping files for internal use by the game and the copy protection. Do not touch.



  • A result of the game crashing. You can delete these files.
  • Please do not upload them to this site as nobody can interpret these anyway (beyond “your game crashed”).
    • For further information regarding what to do with these files, see How To Upload
  • Some limited information on these crashes may be found with the The Sims 3 Crash Log Analyzer. Please direct any questions on the use of this tool to the tool's comment page on ModTheSims.