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No changes needed for 1.67

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Updated for the new patch. No changes except I accidentally uploaded the shorter values by default, so moodlet values are buzzed 3h, tipsy 6h, drunk/hangover 12h.
Remember you can always tune these if you want them longer.

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- The counter buff now has a name "Wait for it..."
- You now get drunk from playing juice pong
  • The counter starts immediately when you play but the interaction doesn't cancel playing so you can finish your game before you do the drunk interaction
- You now get drunk from doing a juice keg stand

Pouring juice doesn't get you drunk. I do listen to the kJuiceKegPourJuice but it doesn't seem to get activated.

File Name: / (only use one, the shorter package has shorter moodlet length).

Originally Posted by JT`
What I would suggest, if possible, is to create a "Drinking Juice" moodlet that lasts for a random amount of time between 10 and 20 minutes, preferably tunable for the minimum and maximum range, which then triggers the interaction when it runs out. This at least gives them the opportunity to take a couple of sips and to chat with friends while drinking before they go nuts.

Now when sims have a drink, there is a counter moodlet, 20 minutes. When that runs out, the drunk interactions happens. If you drink while you have the counter, the counter resets. You can change the counter time out from the buffs xml in the mod. The moodlet doesn't have a name because I couldn't figure out what to call it, if you have good suggestion I'm all ears and can update the name the next time this mod needs updating.

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If you don't have seasons, you can use the 1.38 version, but if you have seasons I suggest you update to the seasons version.

EA inherited the concession stand drinks from the same glass object as bar drinks. So my drunk mod treated them as booze and you could get drunk form coco external image smile.gif
The Seasons update fixes this.

No changes needed for 1.42

Drinks For Your Sims

Note: There are two files in the zip, ani_GetDrunk and ani_GetDrunk_Shorter. The shorter file's moodlet values are buzzed 3h, tipsy 6h, drunk/hangover 12h. Use only one of these.

Bugs: The custom moodlets are still not saved when you exit and return to the game. Almost have it working, so hopefully by seasons it's fixed.


Same mod as before but now you also get drunk from drinking nectar. I did this change because the ATS alcohol bottles are cloned from nectar, so now you can get drunk from them.

Note: Only use one version. If you download this, remove the older one from your mods folder.


- updated for SHT
- hang-over moodlet is now custom as well.

- Custom moodlets are not saved when restarting the game. Basically if you have a drunk moodlet, save exit, and re-load the game, the moodlet is not there.

Next version
- I want to find a better image for the hang-over moodlet. I know which one I want to use, but I couldn't find it-

Drinks For Your Sims
The mod is updated for pets and patch 1.29

1. I cleaned up the description below, it was too long and talking about things no longer valid in the mod.
2. Please note this is still experimental, I've tested this in my test hood and I've used it in my main hood, but I've not played excessivly with it since I did the custom moodlets.
3. I'll keep the old version of this mod up, until SHT comes out. Then hopefully all bugs in the new ones have been fixed.