Posting finds for this legacy challenge by rosselin
Sims Through The Ages
Including links for Castaway Challenges (links to be added)


Cave For Stone Age Sims
Stones Troll Fishing Hole Redo (Has a good Cave to live in
Small Castle 30 x 30


Female Toga
Greek Toga For Men
Middle Eastern Headdress for Biblical era
Stone Age Clothing
Loin Cloth
Female Shorts and Top
Grass Skirt & Towel Wraps in the "Life's A Beach" Set at the Store

Castaway Objects

Castaway objects work good for Stone Age Castaway Sets At MTS Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and misc. objects
Check out Camping Stuff for additional suggestions
Bath Tub and Sink
Kettle Large Can Barbeque
Wood Door for Shack or Outhouse Working futon by Arsil can be recolored and used for most any Generation
Working Futon
Blacksmiths Anvil
Simple Wood Door For A Shack
Equus-Sims Data Base
Hugh data base of clothing, horses, animations, objects, Accessories, etc.


Pee Here At Simlogical
Medieval Market You have to keep scrolling to find the market objects.. has among other things a dragon bow and quiver.
City Ruins Lot By Helen Available in 3Pack or Package. Watch what you download, she has another one in there for S4.
More Stone Age Rooms here at My Sims 3 Blog
The Vector Mod for Plagues in the Dark Ages.
Medieval Objects and Poses by Kyrie at MakeTem sims3
More Stone Age or Camping Stuff by Sandy at Around the Sims NEW ADD

For More Medieval downloads see the Fantasy Medieval Religious Page NEW ADD

Use Steampunk items for Industrial Revolution

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