Sims Drinks

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How does this mod work?

This mod listens to the EventTypeId.kHadADrink and when it is triggered, the custom code for making a sim drunk, will be actioned. This pretty much sums it up. Now, the mod works as follows.

From the first drink, your sim will become buzzed, from the second drink, they will become tipsy and from the third drink, they will be drunk. When the drunk moodlet runs out, they will get the hang-over moodlet, which is nauseous from juice. By default, each moodlet lasts for 24 sim-hours.
  • If your sim has a drink while they are drunk, the drunk moodlet will reset.
  • If your sim has a drink while having a hang-over, the hangover moodlet is removed and replaced with the drunk moodlet.

Custom moodlets have been created for this mod.

Random Interactions

These are split into two categories, interactions performed on the active sim and interactions performed on inactive sims. When your sim selects their drink, the game will decide which interaction to use. The random interaction will always be performed on the active sim if;
    • the active sim is alone on the lot
    • the inactive sims on the lot are children or younger (random interactions to inactive sims should only happen to teens and older)

  • Random Interactions Performed On Inactive Sims

    • The mod uses an in game method that returns all possible interactions for the sim who's drunk to perform on the sim who's randomly chosen. This can be anything from innocent chatting, to flirting with your best friend's spouse, to fighting. It's random.

  • Random Interactions Performed On The Active Sim

    • Sing: They will use the World Adventures singing animations but will sing the song from the shower. It doesn't always sync up well but what drunk singing ever does?
    • Pass Out
    • Wet Self
    • Get Naked (or if already naked, choose a random outfit)
    • Talk to Self
    • Bad Buzz (the animations from getting electrocuted)
    • Cry
    • Drunk Hysteria (a collection of three or four laughing animations)

Optional Tuning

It is possible to tune this mod to your liking as follows.

Open the mod in S3PE
  • To modify the new moodlets, you will need to alter the Ani_Drunk_Buffs XML
  • To modify the hang-over moodlet and the drunk notification, you will need to alter the XML file that has no name