This mod is intended to be run on Patch 1.26 to 1.29, see Patch Level Compatibility.


This mod overrides the EA requirement that teenagers be related to sleep in the same bed together.

The mod also removes the privacy requirement on all overridden beds.

It does not replace pre-existing double beds in your town. However any new double bed that is purchased via Buy Mode will use this new functionality.


A list of enhancements under consideration is available here : The List

A list of known issues is available here : Issues


This mod overrides the OBJK files for all the BedDouble objects. It will conflict with any file which also changes those files.

A full listing of all replaced objects is available here : Objects

To make this mod for downloaded beds, you must create a tuning mod :
  1. Create a package containing the OBJK for the bed.
    • Instructions on tuning are available here : How To Tune
    • How to retrieve the original OBJK varies depending on where the Package file came from.
      1. For user-made custom content, just look in the package file you downloaded.
      2. For EA content, you will find the package file in your DCBackup after you install it via the launcher.
        • You may need to remove the copy protection before you can open the file though. MATY has an application called "s3rc" which is capable of doing this for you.
  2. Use S3PE's "Edit OBJK" operation to edit the OBJK in your newly created package
  3. Add the word NRaas to the end of the "Script" field.
    • "Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Beds.Mimics.BedDoubleColonial" becomes "Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Beds.Mimics.BedDoubleColonialNRaas"
  4. Install your mod, along with the base-mod as you would normally.
  5. Once in-game, replace any existing beds with new copies


If you uninstall this mod, any beds replaced by this mod will be immediately destroyed.
  • Any sim utilizing the bed will also be vanished, and may require the use of a recovery mechanism to retrieve.

As always, ensure that you backup your save files prior to installation of this mod. As Murphy said: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


Revision Notes can be found here : Revision Notes


Instructions on how to install these files are available here : How to Install