Happy End-of-the-World to you all! Or Unhappy tidings, depending on which side you were betting on. ;)

The central coding for Tempest has now been completed, and awaits testing in-game once the holidays are complete.

Found some potential performance gains to be made in the scoring system that most notably StoryProgression relies on, so hopefully those changes will result in some improvements in-game once testing begins.

I have also decided to implement the Caste system which has been sitting on the wish list for a while now.
  • We'll see how well that works out. I'm hoping that the changes I have made will mitigate any performance loss due to the new level of options being added.

Now back to the regularly scheduled slothing.



Greetings from the dark side of the moon folks.
  • Just dropped in to review the past week's posts. Looks like everything is well in-hand, which I'm glad to see.
  • I have answered the threads I intend to answer this time around. If you did not receive an answer, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have completed all the changes for the next phase of Retuner.
  • Though it will be a week after I get back into town before release, since it probably needs to be be tested in-game (go figure).

Still mulling over what to do regarding StoryProgression.
  • I have made a couple of changes to alleviate several lag bottlenecks, by allowing the rest of the game to progress while the mod is processing. This change does not make the mod faster, it simply spreads the work over a longer period in the background.
  • Will continue plugging away and see whether I can actually find any legitimate performance improvements I can make.

Cheers. :)


Since I am apparently incapable of remembering my wife's schedule, we will be leaving tomorrow.

So, I'll take this time to wish you all a happy holiday season.

See you all in the new year. :)


I'll be heading off to the mountains for the company Christmas Party in a little bit, so I'll be absent for the rest of the weekend.

A followup to the Christmas holiday plans:
  • It really hasn't died down around here as much as I would have hoped, and add to that my extended furlough this year, I will probably pop in over the holidays to keep on top of things (rather than let three weeks of posts pile up on me)
  • However I will only be posting in a limited fashion, since the satellite connection I'll be using is pretty slow.

Keep it real y'all.


In the spirit of the season, a new mod for you all.

Retuner has actually been part of MasterController for a number of Phases now, and has been the means by which I tune my own game.
  • However without a proper in-game interface it would have been difficult for an end-user to use the functionality.

This ends the releases for this year.
  • I will keep Retuner available for update in case a serious issue is located.
  • All other mods are now in lockdown until the new year, so I can rip them apart, update, and transfer functionality to more appropriate locations.

Happy Holidays.


Fix for the endlessly doubling interactions in Woohooer.
  • I'm not certain what effect it would have on autonomy, so I decided to fix it now rather than leave it until the new year.

Later. :)


One week left before I close down the factory floor for the year.

After the fail regarding MasterController a couple of days ago, I am a little leery about releasing any new versions so close to the cut-off.
  • So unless something massively bad is located, the current versions are probably the final ones until 2013.

Holiday season starts early this year, and ends later, to better fit into my driver's schedule.
  • I will beginning holiday status on or around December 12th, and returning to reality on or around January 3rd.
  • During this time, I will be online checking my lists (obviously twice, gonna find out what's naughty and nice)
  • I probably will not be participating in any discussions though.
    • As always SimAd has carte blanche to lay the beat-down on anyone who gets out-of-line, so behave.

If you have not made your StoryProgression requests clear by the 12th, they will be relegated to a later Phase.


  • Couple of fixes for GoHere, adding some new EA coding that was missed during the Patch Update. Should resolve some issues regarding that mod.

Cheerio. :)


Note to self : Must avoid making extensive changes to core mod suite systems during busy release time.

Sorry about that folks, MasterController's interactions should be up and running again.

I'll be holding off on further changes of that nature until after the December cutoff.

Cheers. :)


I would like to take this moment, and reiterate : Please use care when applying multiple costume makeup, or you could scare people to death.

(On a more serious note, please don't apply too many layers, or you may crash CAS)


That is all.


So... Some serious craziness when the release of Seasons unlocked all that new coding.
  • Appears to have settled for the moment, so I've been taking a moment to play my Founder's save. May even send them home to update my town with the new goodies from the past couple of Expansions.

As I noted a month ago, you have until December to find and report any serious issues with my mods or the game in general, before I call a moratorium on releases in anticipation of the Christmas holidays.

Good stuff. :)



France sure is pretty in the fall, though it would be nicer if it did not rain so much.
  • Oh wait, I can turn that off, even better.

Traveler has been updated.
  • Kudos to EA for making enabling seasons in vacation worlds so simple, not sure why they did not do it themselves.


Update your ErrorTrap if you have festival lots in your town, as the previous version was merciless against the invisible seasonal objects on those lots.
  • If you have already saved and reloaded a game containing a festival lot, it has most likely been irreversibly corrupted
    • I would suggest manually replacing the lot with a new copy.
  • If you have been playing without reloading all day (like my wife has), you should be fine (it is during the reload when the mod kicks in and does its business).

Okay, I will be strictly enforcing the "No Post, No Reply" portion of the Upload policy for the next little while.
  • It's a tad busy, and I don't have time to create new threads for everyone.
  • Remember to create a new thread when you upload a file, thanks.

Cheers. :)


From the reports so far Relativity appears to be as stable as a mod can be under Patch 1.42 .
  • No reports of any unintended "Boom!" effects.
  • Most of the recent updates have been new functionality being added, or new translations.

I'll be running through the other Patch 1.42 reports, and seeing whether I can reproduce any of the crash issues.
  • Unfortunately, after correcting the notice crash with StoryProgression and Relativity my setup has been surprisingly stable.
  • This means that unless a miracle occurs, it is unlikely I will be able to correct any further crash issues incurred by the latest patch.

Here's hoping for a miracle and my game starts crashing again. (Wait, that's not right).



First run at Relativity is up.
  • It should not break your game, but there are some new components that require some stress testing by the community, so be aware.
  • I'll post the translations later tonight, and update the documentation when time permits.



So, Relativity's overhaul is currently well under way, with the mod receiving its enhancements in a mostly accepting manner.
  • One poster already tried requesting something I dropped into the mod just last night.
  • If you have something you want added, now is the time, since I don't tend to update this mod very often.

I started testing it last night, namely the new functionality.
  • Will run through the Issues page later and check whether I can reproduce any of those problems.
  • Should be available at least by Seasons release (or earlier if the planets align... Right, that's gonna happen).

That is all. :)


Can't really go any further with Vector until Seasons unlocks the "Germy" moodlet that controls EA's health system.
  • Looks like it will provide "Sick Day" functionality, so that is looking hopeful.
  • The rest of the system appears to be essentially a single disease, a transmittable flu variation with vaccination capability via the Hospital and such.
    • Essentially it is a extremely "Lite" version of Vector itself, unfortunately without any moddable capability.
    • It looks like I'll need to replace the entire system to implement the mod properly, which is what I have done.
    • However those who want a very simple contagious disease now have it available via EA Standard.
  • Vector is now available. It should work as it did previously, since Seasons has not yet unlocked any of the new functionality.

Onwards to Relativity. :)


Fixed the "Reset Everything" operation in MasterController so it no longer deletes the Ocean object.
  • That should resolve the issue of why the ocean was disappearing in the first place.
  • However, as to fixing existing corrupt saves : I'll have a look tomorrow, but so far it's not looking very likely, sorry about that.

  • I'm putting the forum side of the wiki into lockdown for the night.
  • One of the newbies has been posting incessantly, and flooding the recent changes page with pointless posts.
  • I'll consider unlocking it tomorrow.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Yes, I released a number of Woohooer versions one after the other. A couple of user posts prompted a more immediate release than usual.
  • I'm done for the night though, I'm sure you are all tired of the email notifications.
  • Back to reading up on the Health system for Vector.

  • Okay, I spoke too soon. Found an massive error in StoryProgression. A new version is available.
  • NOW back to reading.

Later. :)


As some of you have already noticed, Woohooer is back up.

Now then, Patch 1.42 appears to have broken the options window for a number of users.

  • Decision made regarding Hybrid. Simply too much going on regarding this Patch, and real-life to have two mods under construction.
    • I have reverted out any translation-required changes, and have made the remainder available.
  • The translations for Woohooer and KamaSimtra have been updated with Seasons changes.

Cheers. :)


Okay, so I have tracked down the StoryProgression crash to a problem with the notification system (yes, can anyone else say karmic?)
  • It is possible the same issue is incurring problems with other mods that produce notices on load up.
  • So I'm investigating further to see whether I can isolate the actual problem (currently I just turned off the notices for the mod to make it stop crashing)

That is where we are at.

  • "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"
  • Weird weird workings this game-engine.
    • I don't know why, but simply storing notification for later use is now a no-no.
    • Fixed it by simply making my own storage system.
  • Appears the crash issue with Relativity was actually the same issue, so that one is back up and running on my setup.
  • Oh yeah, by the way, StoryProgression is available again.

I will roll out some of the other mods that may be encountering similar issues, and see whether that can make any dent in the "It Crashed!" reports.



The suite has been torn asunder, as some of you may have noticed from the fail last day.

I tracked down my travel crash issues to a problem with PortraitPanel, Relativity, and StoryProgression.

I have uploaded Overwatch again, this time with delayed interaction injection.
  • The delay means you will notice a slight freeze after loadup as the interactions are applied for the mod (in past versions this was performed during the loading window)
  • This appears to stabilize the mod a bit while traveling, so it may help with issues during the regular loadup.

During the testing process, I was forced to update all my mods, so I don't really know which of the existing ones work or not.
  • This means all the mods in the suite will be receiving an update this Patch (exception being NoCD which still works, regardless of popular opinion to the contrary).

We'll try rebooting the rest of the suite tomorrow night.

  • New version Overwatch..with "Stuck Check" completely removed.
    • A crash in the routing system would definitely explain the sheer randomness of the issue everyone has been experiencing.
    • I'll see about adding the code back in once I have some time to track down the reason for the crash
  • And again. :P
    • At least one positive review for the latest version, so I'm satisfied at the moment.
    • "Stuck Check" was re-added to the mod, it was the "Clean up Vehicles" giving everyone a bad name
  • I am now rolling out the suite alphabetically.
  • Now for a quick break from releasing to run through the outstanding dereferencing prior to releasing ErrorTrap
  • On to testing CAS changes in MasterController
  • Okay, that leaves what left ?
    1. StoryProgressionis out of whack at the moment, due to a crash issue noted earlier.
      • It is first on the list, however there is no timeline on release.
    2. The situation with Woohooer and Vector are noted below.
    3. Relativity. Not really sure what's going on with it.
      • The mod was incurring a nasty crash prior to me simply removing it so I could test the other mods.
      • Hopefully it can be recovered.
    4. currently in pieces, because I was updating it when this Patch arrived.
      • Haven't decided whether to revert the changes out or continue ahead. Depends on how much time I have after looking at the other mods

Cheers. :)


The list below is now complete. All other mods not listed are deemed compatible with this Patch.
  • I'll start plugging through the updates after work tonight.

So what's the plan ?
  1. going into a full update.
    • EA forced my hand by requiring it be updated, so I might as well add some new features since the mod has not been updated in a while.
  2. going into hiatus for the moment.
    • The new attraction system EA added requires some pondering, and I need to do some digging to find out where the Haystack Woohoo interaction wandered off to.
  3. Vector..will be held over as well.
    • EA added a health manager system, some new moodlets, and a new LTR. I have to test them out and see how they can best be integrated into the mod.
  4. The remainder will be updated tonight.

Overwatch has been updated and released. It contains a fix for the issue with the Telescope when you do not have Seasons installed.

  • While testing Traveler I have encountered "random" crashes during the loadup process for my other mods.
  • This process may take longer than expected.

  • I'm pulling all the releases for this Patch until I can track down this crash issue.
  • Remove all copies of the mods you have downloaded and chuck them in the trash bin

Cheers. :)


Oh... My... Gawd. Let the insanity begin early I guess.

I'll have a look at the Patch tonight.

Until then, please keep all Patch related comments confined to a single thread :

If EA could have chosen a busier time in my real-life to release a Patch, they could not have chosen better than now.

Oy. :P

  1. Downloading Patch
  2. Decompiling Core
  3. Link Testing
  4. Reviewing Core changes
  5. Slumber
  6. Code Changes

The following mods no longer link properly to the Core and will crash your game if used:

Core-Mods that must always be updated:

Note that further mods may be added to the list once I have fully reviewed EA's changes.

It is an encouraging sight to see so many of my mods blown out of the water. It means EA actually made some substantial changes to the Core, rather than just phoning it in.
  • EA has optimized some of their classes to reduce their memory usage, and unfortunately moved several fields a lot of my mods were using

Have Fun. :)


Uh oh. I just read a review for the latest X-COM game.

Excuse my absence, while I vanish into another genre for a little while.

See you on the flip side. :)


Woot! Finally got my head wrapped around that Imaginary Friend trait issue that has been plaguing StoryProgression for so long now.

I was actually correct the first time, when I believed it to be an EA error regarding that trait being randomly selectable on age-up, however the corrections I put in place were bogus.
  • There is a now proper fix available in Overwatch to correctly set that trait as NOT randomly selectable.

Generations the Expansion Pack that just keeps on giving (sorry, is my bile for the coding in that pack seeping through ?). :P

I'm done releases for the moment. Back to hybrid.

Later. :)


Was finally able to have a fairly productive day on Wednesday working on MasterController and StoryProgression.
  • To that end, I have released new versions of all the scripting packages for both mods

Please ensure that you update all of the modules that you have installed for either mod, and save the management some headache.

Note that the rule-set regarding occult offspring in StoryProgression has been changed dramatically with this version.

The release is a little earlier than I originally intended, however I have grown weary of bug fixes for the moment, and want to work on some feature content.
  • So, I'll be taking the next couple weeks prior to the release of Seasons to work on Hybrid changes.
  • Thank you all for the ideas regarding occult. I will be sifting through the suggestions and implementing the ones I can.

Note that you have until Seasons to wade through my latest changes to both mods, and report any necessary fixes.
  • After that, it will most likely be two weeks of fixes for Seasons.
  • And after that we will be into December, and only absolutely critical fixes will be released prior to my holidays

Cheers. :)


Busy busy again. Real-life work projects are piling up rather heavily, so I won't have time to work on mods this weekend.

As well, the missus requested a new computer to replace the one she has run into the ground, so that will take up a good chunk of the evening.

I do plan on releasing MasterController and StoryProgression at least once more before Seasons arrives.
  • However, as you can read from the previous entries, schedules can change on a dime around here.

Cheers. :)


Okay bit of a bumpy start for the latest versions of Overwatch and GoHere.
  • My apologies for not giving a heads up earlier that those two mods require testing under real-world conditions.

I'll be running through the reports I receive and see whether I can cut down on the number of false-positives being reported.

Thanks. :)


Some of you may have noticed a dearth of updates recently. This was not intended.

Unfortunately real-life work has been crazy! busy over the last couple of days, and it has been eating into my free time.
  • So as it is, the work that pays for my exorbitant life-style takes precedence.

So, my coding schedule has been pushed off by a week. I'll see whether I can get back on track after the holiday.

Cheers. :)


Just a head's up that I will be incognito all next weekend : Thanksgiving with the family and all.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Out. :)


Thanks for all the excellent spell ideas, keep them coming.
  • I won't be updating Hybrid for a couple of weeks, so you have plenty of time to provide more suggestions.

Which brings me to what is up on the schedule for the next couple weeks: Bug fixes!
  • Now that most of EA's bugs have been put to rest, I'm going to go through the suite and clear out the issues list

Namely: Some recent changes made to the common code used by all of my mods means in order to release MasterController
  1. I need to release MasterController Progression
  2. Which means I need to release StoryProgression
  3. Which means I need to release all of its scripting modules as well.

So to do that, I might as well correct some of the more irritating issues that have cropped up in those mods.

After that, StoryProgression will be going into hiatus until after Seasons, and probably into the new year, so I can rip it apart and perform a complete overhaul :
  • Moving some non-progression related coding into other mods in the suite.
  • And pondering its numerous performance issues.

Cheers. :)


And let there be Routing LLAMA!
  • After a most excruciating past couple of days feeding data into the routing black-box and testing the results, Ancient Portal objects are now fully routing integrated.
  • The code is part of GoHere, and is tuned using the subway EA tuning in "SimRoutingComponent"

Those of you interested in testing it out, feel free to do so, and get back with any odd results you encounter.



Apparently there is a new Patch out ?
  • I'll have a look at it tonight, however I doubt EA made too many serious changes.

If you do decide to run my mods under the latest Patch, do not post whether they work or not.
  • There is really no way for you to know that or not, and it simply confuses the less knowledgeable users.

As always, remove ErrorTrap and UntranslatedKey. They are Core-Mods will not be compatible with the patch.

  • Well, so far I'm not impressed. The incremental failed on me (first time that has happened).
  • The Cumulative appears to have worked though, so I'm checking out what changes were made right now.
  • I'll be updating ErrorTrap with some new dereferencing once I have it back up and running, but you can expect a new version some time tonight.

  • EA's solution was as expected : The Zombie Spawn alarm is no longer persisted to save-file. Not that any of us care anyways, since Overwatch clears that alarm up already.
  • All other non-Core mods are compatible, since that was essentially EA's only change to the scripting (I cannot tell whether the game-engine was altered in any way)

Remove ErrorTrap, and have at it using the existing mods. I'll update the Patch numbers tomorrow.

Later. :)


A user requested earlier that I increase the number of spells available for witches.
  • I intend to dissect Kolipoki's old mod and extract all the spells within it, and make them available via Hybrid.
  • If you have any further suggestions, make them known now, and I'll consider them.
    • You can make them known later of course, but any that don't make the translation cut-off will be relegated to the next Phase up for the mod.

Cheers. :)


Brand new version of the mod everyone : Dresser
  • Fixed some bugs, added a bunch more functionality
  • There are no changes to the "InvalidParts" tuning, however if you are using a custom version of the options tuning package, you will need to update that.

Note that the new "Store" options use the "Special Outfit" category added with Generations to retain the outfits.
  • Genies do not like that category, so be aware that those occult will not retain outfits properly over the long-term
  • There is also an error in MasterControllerthat will erase those outfits if you change a sim's occult in CAS. I'll see about correcting that in the next release of that mod.
    • Changes to occult from other sources are unaffected (except for Genies)

The Dresser Interactions documentation for the mod has now been updated with the new interactions. Search for NEW to locate them.

Have Fun. :)


Hybrid appears to have been a success. Woot I say.
  • I set my founders up as Witch/Werewolf and Witch/Fairy hybrids, and had them playing tag around the Lucky Palms Casino last night. Good fun. :)

Now that the post-Patch fervor has reduced to a trickle (yes I am aware there are still issues, there always will be unfortunately), I will be returning to my regular update schedule.
  • Namely Dresser will be receiving a long-overdue makeover. That should take about a week give or take.
  • If you have any requests for that mod, that are not on the list already : Now is the time to make them, or risk missing out this cycle.

You like having your tummy rubbed, don't you ? Good boy! :)


What is Hybrid ?
  • I have been reading a lot of posts recently about hybrid occults being created via EA bugs (such as manually assigning the hidden traits).
  • Prior to the latest Patch, EA had no block against hybridization. You could assign a sim both the Imaginary Friend and Vampire occults if you really wanted to.
    • However there was no real enthusiasm in the user community to do so, because it was sort of silly.
  • With the release of Witches though, the interest for hybrids appears to be greatly increased.
  • So I decided to throw a couple together with the unreleased version of MasterController and see what effect it has on the game.
  • The result was the weirdest family of sims I have ever seen.
    • A Genie Imaginary Friend
    • A Fairy Witch Werewolf
    • A Mummy Simbot Vampire

The mod will be released after the next MasterController update, when I correct the hybrid functionality available in "Intermediate \ Occult".
  • That way I don't get a bunch of "How do I create a hybrid?" threads appearing in the interim.

If you already have a hybrid, through an EA glitch, feel free to post any issues you have encountered with them in-game.
  • If it is correctable via a non-Core mod, I will see about doing so.

Cheers. :)


I did say earlier I was going to take a break right ? Well, I'll get right around to that as soon as I'm finished this, that, and the other apparently.

New version of AntimagicScroll.
  • Partner noticed that the alchemy recipes needed protection, so the mod finally gets some new functionality after all this time.

New version of Vector.
  • I promised Zombie Apocalypse, and gosh darnit, you get Zombie Apocalypse!
  • Careful with the new Vector Zombie module. I tried it out on Moonlight Falls, and ended up with the entire town going zombie after only two days.

New version of SleepFreedom.
  • This one gets updated whenever EA releases new non-custom content beds, so this is not so much of a surprise.

What's next you ask ?

Well, I plan on updating DebugEnabler with some of the requests that have been made in the past.
  • But more so because there is a persistent script error in the mod that everyone keeps reporting.

After that, oh I don't know, I'll think of something.

Cheers. :)


Woohooer is complete, and ready to roll.
  • New translations are available for the mod for those of you who care to help out.

Note that none of the new Supernatural woohoo interactions have been tested yet.
  • I am actually downloading the game as I type this, so it won't be until tomorrow that I can actually test them all
  • However, they are each based on an existing interaction (Fairy House is based on Treehouse for instance), so I suspect they will work fine.


  • Time for a quick break. Been running on caffeine and junk food over the last couple days, and I feel the crash approaching.
  • I'll be plugging away with whatever issues you find, however it is time to slow the pace back down to a more sustainable level
  • And yes, I am aware that the documentation for Woohooer has not been updated. I'll look into that later in the week.

I Can Fly!


Okay, only one mod left to complete: Woohooer

I am going to take that one directly into a fully update, since I'm going to need to update the translation to add the two new woohoo locations in Supernatural, the location I missed from ShowTime, and the Premium Content Sauna location.

So, that means it will be offline for the rest of the day, and possibly tomorrow.
  • I will ensure that it is up and running for the Expansion release though.

All of the other mods in the suite should now be updated or are already compatible with Supernatural.

Cheers. :)


Congratulations to - kusurusu kusurusu for locating the first new bug of my suite.
  • As a prize, you receive a shiny new version of Overwatch.

Okay, time to start fresh and run through the remainder of the mods.
  • I have a short day today (have a bbq to hit later today, so I'll work through these as quickly as possible.

(Recap from yesterday)
The following mods require new coding, or extended testing before release, so are held-over until some-time this weekend :

All of the other mods in the suite should now be updated or are already compatible with Supernatural.

Cheers. :)


Looks like the U.S. long-weekend has prompted EA to release the Supernatural Patch earlier than usual.
  • Must say, I do appreciate the extra time to get my mods in order, even if it was perhaps coincidental.

I'll have a look at the new code tonight (since I'm still at work).
  • I will keep you apprised as to the state of the suite via this page, as usual.

Don't ask whether the mods are compatible.
  • Please direct any wary traveler to this page if they choose to ask : [[State of the Mod]] (just paste it into your forum reply)
  • Permission granted to lock any threads related to the subject of "Are they done yet?"

If you intend to run the game using the new Patch, please remove all your mods beforehand.

Update Progress
  1. Download Patch - CHECK
  2. Feed Cat so it stops bothering me - CHECK
  3. Decompile Code - CHECK
  4. First Stage Verification: Link Compatibility - CHECK
  5. Second Stage Verification: Comparison - CHECK
  6. Making Code Changes - CHECK
  7. Testing - CHECK
  8. Releasing - CHECK
  9. New Coding - IN PROGRESS

The following mods failed the first stage verification process, and will crash your game if the maligned code is accessed (which may occur at start up, or later in the play-session)

Note that though the rest of the mods will not crash your game, they may have code in them which may not be compatible with the latest Patch.
  • Such will be decided in the second stage of verification

The following additional mods hide new coding from Supernatural and will require an update :

Once more into the breach. :)


So, what's on the agenda ?

For the remainder of the time from here to the next Patch, I will be focusing on the most recent mod releases, and cleaning up the myriad of errors that have been reported for them.

Namely, expect these mods to be updated:

Firstly however, I will begin picking up the translations submitted during my hiatus and start rolling them out.

Coding updates for the other mods will be held-over until after the next Patch.

Cheers. :)


Hello all! Vacation is over, and now its back to the real world once more.

I'll be catching up on real-life work for the next little while, so don't expect any mod updates for awhile.

Will now start sifting through two weeks of posts, which may take the next couple of days.

Cheers. :)


Last day. I will heading up tomorrow to visit with the folks, a bit earlier than planned.

Since they are taking care of my cat, the missus decided it would be a good idea to schmooze them over for a day.

See you all on the flip-side. :)


Those of you who follow this blog may recall I am heading to Ireland in August, here are the details:

  • I will be gone from August 3rd to August 14th.
  • Most likely I will be off-line on August 2nd and the 15th as well, since I need to drop off/pick up my cat from my parents.
  • I will not be online answering questions at any point during this period.

If something catastrophic happens, such as EA releasing a new Patch (heavens forbid), please do not use my mods and then complain about how they do not work, because no one will be listening.
  • I will have enough reading to do when I get back in country, and I don't want any more than necessary.

Cheers. :)


Still rolling on the Vector front. I have uploaded the final module I intend to make at this time.

I plan on working on the inactive sim side of the mod for the next day, and make it so they actually try to cure themselves, rather than walking around like time-bombs just waiting to go off.

If you picked up the first go at Vector Goofy, you should download the latest version instead. It corrects a couple of things regarding Laugh Riot.


Congratulations! It's a Virus!
  • I have officially released Vector.
  • Translations for this phase are now available for those of you interested in localizing the mod.

Cheers. :)


A new version of Vector is available, now with added lethality.
  • I have a couple more diseases in mind, which I will write up on Sunday, after that I will return my focus back to the rest of the suite.

Note that previous module versions are not compatible with this new version. Ensure that you update the modules as well.

What is that burning sensation ?


For those of you paying attention, I am working on a new mod: Vector
  • The majority of the in-game functionality is complete, however I am still working on the diseases themselves.
  • I have a couple more modules to implement, and after that, the documentation on how to tune the mod yourself.

However, the mod does work as is, for those of you who love tormenting your sims.



The latest Phase for Careers is now available.

In this edition is a new Homemaker career.
  • Hopefully the career will not prove to be too difficult to play, I have been play-testing it myself the past couple of days to try to balance the positives and negatives used to grade progress.
  • Note that the larger your family, the more difficult it will be to maintain a positive grade.
  • This career is not meant to be the sole earner for your family, it is written to provide supplemental income for a multiple parent household.

Since this is a phase-up, there are new translations available for those interested in translating to your language.

Have Fun. :)


The latest version of MasterController finally includes all the functionality originally intended for this phase of the mod.
  • Namely the "Multiple Makeup Per Location" is now implemented.
  • A true miracle considering that change has been languishing in limbo for so many months now.

Note that additional obscure changes have been made to the CAS system, they are outlined here : MasterController FAQ CAS
  • Namely the ability to create and select outfits beyond the third index.

Now back to Careers.

Cheers. :)


Regarding Patch 1.36 : I will be looking into mod compatibility tonight, as per normal operation.

There are also a number of mod updates that have been cooking, waiting for after this patch, so be on the lookout for those tonight.
  • Depending on EA's changes, these new versions may still be compatible with older Patches

I doubt that many of the mods will be affected though, since this is not an Expansion update, simply a bug fixing patch.
  • However, do not get complacent : Never install mods that have not been verified for your Patch Level.

  • All non-Core scripting mods are deemed compatible. None of EA's latest changes impact any code referenced by my mods
  • Updates for the Core-Mods will be forthcoming tonight.

  • ErrorTrap and UntranslatedKey are now available, as are a number of mods that have been waiting for release
  • I will update the Patch numbers on the other mods tomorrow.

That is all. :)


So... About that Careers update ? Gonna be a little longer than expected.

Mostly, I have not had any time to work on it lately. I played Civilization V for a week, and now the missus and I are rolling through Gotham in LEGO Batman 2.

The spare time I do have has been spent trodding through the data in my save-game looking for junk data to purge.

I'll get back to updates again soon.

NOTE In August I am off to Dublin for a ten-day holiday, and to attend a wedding.
  • It does not appear that my absence will coincide with any EA roll-outs, however if it does, you are pretty much hooped until I get back in the country.
  • More details will be provided at the start of August.

Later. :)


What's next on the schedule ?

It is time again to look into updating Careers.
  • Being as that particular mod is large, expansive, and has not been properly updated for a long time, I may be a while.

So, if updates are a little sparse for the next little while, that is why.

Cheers. :)


Before anyone asks, no, the pile of recent updates was not due to the Patch.
  • I decided a couple of weeks ago to give some love to some of the lessor mods in the suite. It just happened to coincide with an EA Patch update.

Next up is Traffic.
  • Previous Phase was very specific in focus. and I'm sure rather limited in use.
  • Phase Two expands the scope to include the infamous Ice Cream Truck, makes the Food Truck more accessible, and gives some in-game control of some EA routing tuning

The Steam version of ErrorTrap is also now available. Thanks go to choagie for the Build Version.

Have Fun. :)


Simple enough Patch this time around, no surprising changes in the Core coding.

ErrorTrap and UntranslatedKey are now available.
  • The Steam version awaits someone to the provide the necessary Build Version.

There is also a new GoHere, completely unrelated to the patch update, the result of some toil over the weekend.
  • Should correct some issues regarding that mod, and provide some new goodies to play with.

Yes, I am aware that most of the mods still say Patch 1.33 on their pages.
  • I'll go through and change them to Patch 1.34 when I have some free time tomorrow.

Cheers. :)


All non-Core Mods in the suite have been verified as Link-level Compatible with Patch 1.34 .
  • I will have a look at the Core changes this evening and verify whether any coding changes need to be made.

Updates for ErrorTrap and UntranslatedKey will be forthcoming.

Have Fun. :)


New phase of Mover is now available.
  • This update contains some error checking around the EA portion of the mod, which hopefully will weed out some of the "endless move" errors that have been reported by users.
  • The translation pages have been updated with the latest interactions.
  • There is also a new tuning file, for those that use such. Ensure that you update your custom copy.

I will be out of town this weekend, visiting the folks, so if the new version is broken, I won't be able to fix it until next week.
  • Feel free to re-install Phase One if you encounter any serious issues.

I am also eying a trip to Hell, Diablo III style, in the near future, so that will cut into my schedule for the next little while.
  • Just waiting to see whether Blizzard can clean up their server woes before I bother diving into the game.

Cheers. :)


Apologies for the absence. I was deep into think over the weekend, playing with Traveler.
  • The recent findings regarding how EA Standard handles sims attached to multiple households led me to a means of vacationing with sims from multiple households

Note that this coding is new, and should be taken with a heaping serving of backup.
  • The sims will mostly likely always transition to vacation properly
  • It is returning home, and then putting them back into their proper households that may need a bit of testing
  • So, make sure you don't overwrite your old homeworld saves while testing this functionality

Have Fun. :)


So, things have been rather slow around here, as you may have noticed.

To add to the real work noted in my previous entry, I fell into reading "Under The Dome" by Stephen King earlier this week (while I was waiting for my partner's hair appointment to complete).
  • That took a couple of days to work through. Great book, just really long.

And to add to all that, my cat has not been feeling well.
  • We have known that she was having kidney problems for quite a while now.
  • Been back and forth from the vet the last couple of days getting her back up to fighting strength.
  • Hasn't really put me in the mood to work on the Sims though, my apologies for that.

Ta. :)


New version of StoryProgression is now available. Should resolve some of the incompatibilities with simport and such.

I have been busy with real-life work over the past couple weeks, so have not had nearly as much free-time to work on updates.
  • Because of this, the released version only contains fixes for a small number of reported bugs
  • The bigger issues, that take longer to set up and reproduce, are still on the books.
    • So don't worry : I will look into them eventually

However, it is entering the busy season for the work that pays for my extravagant life-style, so expect updates to be less frequent.

Oh, and congratulations to 45rpm for being the test subject of my first simport this evening.
  • The latest version of StoryProgression appeared to behave itself, though more testing will be necessary, in case that was simply a fluke.

Cheers. :)


Patch 1.33 follows the same lines as Patch 1.32 and contains no changes to the scripting Core.

Only ErrorTrap and UntranslatedKey require an update, to bring them in line with the latest BuildVersion.

Cheers. :)


For those of you out of the loop, I have been playing Mass Effect 3 for the last three days or so.

Now that I have completed the game, I have this to say : It is the most exquisitely written story telling experience I have ever played.
  • I must give my most heartfelt kudos to my Canadian brethren for a most exhilarating and poignant ending to an amazing trilogy.

However, now that I am done, and finally over the after-game withdrawal, it is back to work on Sims 3.
  • I have read through all the posts during my absence, and have collected the various issues that have been reported.
  • Issues will be addressed on a triage basis with the errors that cannot be bypassed being the first to be corrected.

To make things simpler, please ensure that you are not running any incompatible tuning mods.
  • There have been several reports related to users simply not removing broken mods and wondering why their game does not work.
  • (Mind you, such things occur every Patch, so I'm not really that surprised)
  • Please forgive my curt reply, if your issue is due to having a broken mod installed.

Game on. :)


(edit: whoa, wait it's not the 7th?)

So, I have been deep in the thrall of Mass Effect 3 the last couple of days, when my partner comes in and informs me that a new Patch is available.

Checked the Patch, and it appears to be solely a Game-Engine fix: EA did not change the coding in the scripting Core.

What that means is all the Patch 1.31 mods are also compatible with Patch 1.32, and I will be updating their pages accordingly.

Note that EA, in their infinite wisdom, still decided to change the BuildVersion used by Core-Mods, even though the Core did not actually change.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Thanks. :)


Had a look at the Woohooer issues that have been reported since Patch 1.31 , and found that mod needed a rebuild.

Not really sure what the issue was, however having it installed may have been interfering with the other mods that rely on Core event handling as well.
  • Issues such as the menu interactions not reappearing after a hard-reset may have been related to this issue

Same deal with AntiMagicScroll. It links fine to both Patch 1.29 and Patch 1.31 Core files, but did not work regardless.

Keep an eye out for any other oddities regarding the non-updated mods.

Thanks. :)


UPDATE: 17:50
  • All my mods are now compatible with Patch 1.31 .
  • Please ensure that you are running the correct Patch Level when you update a mod, as bizarre phenomena have been reported when running the incorrect version.

Okay, calling it a night here. I will see to the rest tomorrow night.

The following have NOT been updated yet:
  • Careers..(updated)
    • Lots of interactions to check for EA changes.
  • ErrorTrap..(updated)
    • Seems to want to delete everyone's inventory, so I'm going to test it a bit first.
  • MasterController Integration..(updated)
    • It was giving users grief prior to the Patch, so it will get a bit more love.
  • PortraitPanel..(updated)
    • I don't like updating LAYO resources. This one always goes last.

Cheers. :)


  • Yep, it is official. The Patch is available. Yay EA for totally throwing any semblance of routine out the window, yet again. :)
  • The official notice is here :

  • Note that my mods are not verified to run on any new Patch, and will not be until I receive the new Patch myself.

UPDATE 18:30
  • Patch download and deconstruction has begun.

UPDATE 18:50

UPDATE 17:05
  • While updating ErrorTrap I found that EA has since corrected the Interaction Injection error (they did so a number of patches ago apparently).
  • I will therefore be dropping that warning off all applicable mods. How kind of EA to correct that issue.

Cheers. :)


Been a production week so far. Lots of good bug reports rolling in for StoryProgression, and hopefully a good number of fixes rolling out.

Still a number of outstanding issues that need to be resolved, however I am reaching my burn-out point.
  • So, after I check on a number of items that arose in the latest version, I will taking a quick break and playing the first two "Mass Effect" games (to get ready for the release of the third next month).

I will ensure that the update of the mods for the Showtime Patch takes precedence, so don't worry.
  • However you should be forewarned that fixes after the initial Patch Update may take a back seat to my other game playing for a week or so.

Cheers. :)


The Phase version of StoryProgression Phase Twelve is ready for... Wait for it... MORE Testing! Yay!
  • Phase Twelve is now the release version for the mod, and will now be included in Update History.

No new features will be added, and all the translations have been finalized.
  • Note that StoryProgression Others is being held over for a couple of days, while I write up a new personality for it.
  • 2012-FEB-22 UPDATE: The Others module is now available for download.

Note though, that the mod still has a number of outstanding issues with it, and not all the new functionality has been thoroughly tested

Thanks. :)


New version of StoryProgression Phase Twelve is now available.
  • As noted in the update below, since I will be out-of-town this weekend, this is not the finalized version of the mod.
  • The schedule change works out anyways, since I have a couple more things to add before I call it for this Phase, and will have some "away from all the distractions" time to work on them.

Note: If you have MasterController Progression installed, you need to update that module as well, or the "Options" interaction will stop working properly.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.



Another week, and another version of BETA StoryProgression Phase Twelve to test out.
  • Big thanks to all the users currently testing the BETA, especially those that have located and reported bugs.
  • Only around three weeks remain before the release of Showtime, so any additional help testing the mod prior to that time would be greatly appreciated.
  • It is expected that Showtime will most likely force a Phase up of StoryProgression, so many of you will probably be forced to update anyways.
    • Every bug that is squashed now, is one less bug you need to worry about in the future (and one less that may be confused with an EA error)

As noted earlier, development of the mod will continue concurrently with testing, until I have added all the new functionality I intend to for this Phase.
  • I expect to finalize the mod next weekend, and set up the proper download pages for all the modules.
  • At that time, the final translations will be released, and all new translation updates will be directed to the new Phase, rather than the old one.
  • I would like to thank all the translators working on StoryProgression translations for their patience during this transition period.

UPDATE (Feb 14):
  • Slight change of plans. Appears that this coming weekend is a statutory holiday (I never bother paying attention to such things, go figure).
  • The partner has informed me that we will be out of town during that weekend, so finalization of the mod will be delayed until I get back.

Cheers. :)


So, to beat the deadline set by the release of Showtime next month, I am going to change up the approach for handling StoryProgression this time around.
  • Development and public testing will proceed concurrently, rather than waiting for me to finalize all the functionality I intend to add.

Namely, for those of you interested in plying the waters of BETA StoryProgression, you can find it here : StoryProgression Phase Twelve

In addition, the latest StoryProgression comes with a module for MasterController called, suprisingly enough: MasterController Progression
  • It allows you to alter several aspects of the StoryProgression system using the MasterController filtering interface.
  • Note that it too is under testing, and is currently only available for use under Phase Twelve

Have Fun.


So, February is almost upon us, and still there is no new StoryProgression update you ask ?
  • Just to allay any fears, yes I have been working on the mod, and yes it is my top priority.
  • However The List has been growing since the last update, back before Generations, so there is a lot that needs adding.
    • Please note that not everything on the list will be added.
    • Some entries are considerably bigger than others and this update is more focused on getting Pets working properly.
  • My intention is to have a workable version prior to Showtime, since releasing a mod of this size at the same time as an EA Patch is a disaster (as has been shown from past experience).

I would also like to give a shout out to all the translators who have been plodding through the mods, and updating them to their language.
  • Thank for you for all the hard work, and finding my typos in the process, it is much appreciated.

For any of you other users out there who can read fluent English, but want to see the mod in their native language, feel free to join in on the updating : How To Translate.



So, lots of posting over the weekend I see. Just got caught up on all the various threads that were created, which pretty much absorbed my entire day.

Thanks to everyone who provided an answer to those looking for such.
  • However, if you want to help out further, and reduce my support workload (so I can work on my mods more), feel free to transcribe your answers into a FAQ entry whenever possible, so I don't have to do it for you.

As for what I have been doing during my absence:

My machines are back up and running after a weekend of hardware upgrading:
  • One brand new Windows 7 gaming machine is now up and running Sims 3. Been a long time since I reinstalled all the packs. Honestly, did not take as long as I had expected it would take.
  • My former gaming machine now takes over for my ailing Vista machine as the development platform. Visual Studio Express and all the mod coding transferred and ready for changes.
  • Only one faulty piece of new hardware will need to be replaced (a brand new 3TB drive reduced itself to 736GB in a fit of burnout), however that should not impact any work this week.

The update to StoryProgression is now back in the works, though I may take some time to fix up some persistent issues with MasterController that have arisen since the latest patch, time permitting.



Welcome all to 2012 ! It has been over four years now since the suite started taking shape, and the hosting has certainly changed over that time (a brief description of the history of this suite is available at home).

With the introduction of the new Wiki hosting, it may be necessary for many of you to stop for a moment and rethink how you are participating in this community.
  • In the past, questions would be posed and answers provided on various individual threads in a bulletin board fashion. In the process, that information would be forgotten or lost as new threads were added and the same questions posed.
  • Now is the future. Questions are still posed on the Discussion, however the answers can now be laid out on permanent FAQ pages, which knowledgeable users can reference to provide the answers.
    • The Organizers fully intend to drag you all into the 21st Century, kicking and screaming if necessary, to ensure that answers are saved for posterity on the Wiki pages, and *not* in the forum.
    • Once any relevant information has been transferred to a wiki page, the discussion thread will be locked, and eventually deleted.
    • So remember : The Discussion forum is fleeting and temporary. The Wiki Page is eternal.

Now on to mod development, which I am sure most of you are interesting in hearing about :
  • Development is currently slower than expected, due to higher than normal support overhead at the moment. I have been spending a lot of time molding the direction of this site into something self-sustaining.
    • You can all help by adding your answers to the Wiki whenever possible, so the Organizers do not have to do it for you.
    • And novice users can try their best to ensure that the question you pose is posted in the best possible location on the site. Choosing a good location will ensure that more eyes read the post and provide the answers that you seek.
  • I had anticipated a lot more free-time over the Christmas Holidays than what actually emerged :
    • My partner's day surgery turned more complicated, and she was waylaid in hospital for a couple of days (unfortunately right over Christmas Day), and the travel back and forth into the city ate a lot of my time.
    • My sister's dog was mauled by what we believe to be a coyote. Sadly the dog perished from its wounds. Thankfully no one was *overly* distraught about the event and everything returned to normally quickly.
    • Finally the move from the old site ate a week or so of pondering what to do, and then the effort of doing so.
  • So, as you may expect finding that zen inner peace (Yes I watched "Kung Fu Panda II" over Christamas) necessary to write mods was difficult during this period.
    • Though I must admit, this holiday was not much different than any other year regarding the level of excitement (at least I did not personally get violently ill this time around).

  • Last night, while screwing around trying to get my Bluray player to work, my gaming machine suffered a critical RAID failure, which will need to be dealt with before I can start in-game testing again.
    • Since two hard drives will need to be replaced, and the game reinstalled, I do not anticipate to be up and running until next week
    • Fortunately my coding machine is still operating properly, so I can continue work on that end.
  • In the end, the new year appears to be shaping up to be pretty much like any other.

Thank you all for making this community the great place it is. And I wish you all a Fabulous New Year.