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This page contains instructions and suggestions by NRaas members for setting up a Rotational Caste within Story Progression.

The settings are meant as a general guide to initially set up Story Progression for Rotational Gameplay and therefore, may not be suitable for all play styles. If you like the idea of playing rotationally but find some of these settings not to your liking, please feel free to post in the Chatterbox section for help and advice.

If you already have your own Rotational Caste set up and would like to share your settings to help other players, please add them to the bottom of this page, ideally keeping the same format, or post them in Chatterbox and an Organizer will add them for you. Thank you.

It should be noted that these caste settings can be used together with the General and Town Options within Story Progression to give you even more control over the inactive sims. You may also want to use one of the switching systems within these mods to preserve the wishes and opportunities of your sims when they are inactive. For details of which mods can do this, please see: Retaining Dreams.

Option One

Suggested by - igazor igazor

It's not really possible to freeze an inactive household and expect them to do nothing for any significant length of time while actively playing elsewhere in the same town. SP's Stasis option comes close, but sims in Stasis have their motives maxed out all the time and are thus boring to have around (don't you want to invite the grown sibling's inactive household that you want to keep playing in rotation over for dinner, for example?). Plus the game itself will still push sims in Stasis around to be used as extras in various scenarios and to populate venues, which then become unrealistic.

My approach instead is to set up a caste that protects the households I intend to play rotationally from certain elements of SP progression while they are inactive. This allows the inactive households to go about their business and behave more or less as they should, but not be able to do or accomplish certain things unless I am controlling them. Once set up, it is easy to add/remove settings from the caste and experiment with others. It is also easy to add new households to the caste or remove them to turn them loose to their own uncontrolled progression if desired.

1. Create a new manual caste.
  • On City Hall or an in-game computer, NRaas > SP > Caste Options > New Caste (let's call it "Rotations")

2. Open the new caste in Caste Settings.
  • Make sure it is set to Manual -- that is, Caste:Automatic = False, and change Caste:Apply to Household to True.

3. Adjust the settings for the households you want protected from certain aspects of progression. Here are some settings that I use, but your preferences may vary.
  • Career: Allow Progression = False
    • Sims will still go to work, but this should take care of and hide most of the other career settings, including promotions and Find New Job.
  • Caste Priority = 5
    • Just in case your household is in a different caste already that has potentially conflicting settings, this one will take priority over 0 through 4.
  • Death: Allow Aging = False
  • Household: Allow Move as Family = False
  • Household: Allow Move Solo = False
  • Money: Allow Inventory Management = False
    • This will prevent sims from selling everything they own if the game decides they need the cash.
  • Personality: Allow Occult Change = False
    • Only relevant if you play with SP Personalities.
  • Pregnancy: Allow Adoption = False
  • Pregnancy: Allow Can Be Pregnant = False
  • Pregnancy: Allow Participation = False
    • Note: If one of your sims to become inactive is already pregnant, you will need to set an exception for them on the Sim level or else SP will terminate the pregnancy.
  • Push: Allow Skills = False (SP Skill module required)
    • This is my personal preference, you may not care if these sims pursue skills in your absence.
  • Romance:Allow = False
    • They can still have "fun" with their partner, but no new romantic relationships or breakups please.
  • Skill:Allow = False (SP Skill module required)
  • Skill:Allow Harvest = True (SP Skill module required)
    • While not pursuing skills generally, their gardens should not totally fall apart either.

And hit the checkmark twice to accept.

4. Put all of the inactive households to be protected from unwanted progression into the Rotations caste you just created.
  • Click on the map tag of the household in Map View or anywhere on the ground of the lot, NRaas > SP > Household Options > Caste Manual > Rotations.
  • Checkmark twice to accept. The settings will flow down to all household members, for as long as they remain members of that household.

You can always add more households to the caste later if you wish or remove some if you no longer intend to play them rotationally.

5a. Before you rotate out of household 1 into household 2, put household 1 into the Rotations caste.
  • Click on the map tag of the household in Map View or anywhere on the ground of the lot, NRaas > SP > Household Options > Caste Manual > Rotations.
  • Checkmark twice to accept. The settings will flow down to all household members, for as long as they remain members of that household.

5b. After switching, take household 2 out of the Rotations caste and play forward.
  • On the map tag or ground of the lot, NRaas > SP > Household Options > Reset to Defaults > Caste Manual > Rotations.
  • Do not simply select the caste again to toggle it off. Doing so may give the household a negative number of caste memberships, which is not valid.

6. When you are ready to leave household 2 and return to play household 1, just before switching, put household 2 back into the Rotations caste. After switching, take household 1 out of the caste and play forward. I like to think of it as returning a library book and checking out a new one when I switch households.

If you are playing more than 2 households rotationally, the concept is the same. Put the soon to be inactive household into the Rotations caste, switch, then remove the newly active household from the Rotations caste.

I very quickly found that the aging of the rest of the town, that is, those in households I never have any intention of playing and the sims who are truly non-playable, will get out of synch with the sims I am playing in rotation. Since that is unrealistic, I therefore designate one household in each world I play as the "main household." When playing the main household, everyone who is unprotected (not in the Rotations caste) should age.

On City Hall or an in-game computer,
NRaas > SP > Town Options > Death:Allow Aging > True
NRaas > SP > Caste Options > Not Active > Death:Allow Aging > True (Not Active is a built-in caste)

When playing other than the main household, everyone who is unprotected (not in the Rotations caste) should not age.
NRaas > SP > Caste Options > Not Active > Death:Allow Aging > False

Note 1: My experience with households where all members generate income strictly through less than traditional means (i.e., no one at all works in Rabbit Hole careers) is that they will not make much or any money while inactive and tend to lose all their savings or go broke/into debt from the constant demand of property taxes. For such households, I maintain a Rotations Tax Exempt caste that is identical to the regular Rotations one except for the additional entry Money:Property Tax Rate > 0 (SP Money module required) and use that instead. Thus these sims are subject to paying taxes only when they are being played as the active household.

Note 2: And finally, a note about unwanted career switches. I've never had a protected inactive dragooned out of their existing job this way, but the game itself sees unemployed sims as safe to use to fill empty co-worker and Showtime slots no matter what and SP can be powerless to prevent the game from doing so. If you really want an inactive sim to remain unemployed, you can use MC to change their status to Retired or, if you have the NRaas Careers mod and its Unemployed add-on module, give them the special "Unemployed" career placeholder (no work hours, no pay, no advancement), and the game should leave them alone.

This all might seem like a lot of work at first, but Steps 1-4 are really a one-time setup than can be tweaked/adjusted as you go as well as exported and imported into other worlds/games you might play. It's not totally flawless and though rare, some unexpected things can happen. But when I do return to play a household, things related to its progression are never that far off from where I left them no matter how long ago it was.

Option Two

Suggested by - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims

I call my rotational caste "My Families" and manually apply it to all sims within the households I intend to play, when I add them to the town. My method is a lot more relaxed than igazor's so may not be suitable for players that like to control all aspects of their sims lives.

Notes about my gameplay:-
  • I like my sims to carry on living their own lives while I am not playing them but within certain boundaries.
  • I don't mind if sims become pregnant and have their babies or their birthdays while I am not actively playing them. I find this easier than trying to avoid terminating a pregnancy unintentionally.
  • I want my sims to progress in their careers and gain skills and promotions even when I'm not playing them.
  • I keep aging on all the time but have increased the lifespan to a total of 2,400 days to compensate, so I have time to play each household several times before they grow old and die.
  • To compensate for the long lifespans, I have slowed down skilling and the speed of Story Progression.
  • I'm rotating through twelve different households within the same world at this present time (June 2016).

I created my Rotation Caste as follows: NRaas > Story Progression > Caste Options > (Add New Caste)
  • Caste: Name = MY FAMILIES
    • I name all the castes I create in capital letters so they stand out from the standard, default castes already present in the mod.
  • Caste: Inherited = True
    • Automatically adds any children, born within the household, to this caste.
  • Caste: Priority = 10
    • Gives this caste priority over other castes.
  • Career: Allow Find Job = False
    • Stops sims finding new jobs but lets them progress in their current job.
  • Death: Push Chance = 0
    • As I have the "Death: Push Chance" option set to 25 in my Town Options, I need to set this caste to 0 to prevent these sims from dying prematurely.
  • Household: Allow Move: As Family = False
    • Stops sims moving as a family.
  • Money: Allow = False
    • Stops sims becoming involved in debt or mooching scenarios.
  • Money: Allow Inventory Management = False
    • Stops sims selling items from their personal inventories.
  • Money: Allow Purchase Deeds = False
    • Stops sims purchasing deeds to rabbit holes and venues around town.
  • Personality: Allow = False
    • Stops sims becoming one of the personalities. This is only relevant if you have any of the Personalities modules installed.
  • Romance: Allow = False
    • Stops sims breaking up and/or forming new relationships.
    • Note: I have taken this option out of my settings now, as I allow my sims to make the decision whether to stay with their current partner or not. I find it adds more drama to the neighbourhood. ;-)