This mod is intended to be run using StoryProgression Phase Twelve, see Patch Level Compatibility.


This is a tuning package for use by StoryProgression.
  • It allows users to either add new names to the EA Standard listing, or replace the entire system with a brand new set of names.
  • Editing tuning packages will require you to have an editing package tool installed on your system:
    • S3PE created by I. & P. Jones and hosted over at SimLogical
    • Packer created by - Twallan Twallan and available on this wiki

Note that this only impacts sims whose names are generated by the mod, such as inactive births, and progression immigrants.
  • If you have the "Replace Service Sims With Immigrants" those sims will also have their names adjusted.


XML Format:
    <!-- This is the default set, it must always be the first entry in the file  -->
      <!-- Human, Dogs, LittleDogs, Horses, Cats, All -->
      <!-- Male, Female, GenderMask (both) -->
    <!-- An example -->

  • This value can be any number of the provided species, seperated by a comma ',' or All if you want the name to be applicable to all species

  • Either "Male", "Female", or "GenderMask" for both
  • Do not attempt to enter "Male, Female", it will not work properly

  • This is the name itself, enter whatever you want.
  • This is a comma separated list, which can contain as many names as you want

A list of enhancements under consideration is available here : The List

A list of known issues is available here : Issues


As always, ensure that you backup your save files prior to installation of this mod. As Murphy said: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


Revision Notes can be found here : Revision Notes


Instructions on how to install these files are available here : How to Install


  • You can only use one tuning package file at a time (this also includes the default (empty) "" file, which you will need to open with S3PE and complete with your own list of names).

  • For NRaas Wiki file storage purposes, please name your *.package file: "Nraas_StoryProgression_NameList_(...fill in anything you want to call the file...).package" and compress it with the universal tool WinZip then upload that file onto our site.

- Jaylentwin Jaylentwin has provided a working example of the package here :

- Computica Computica has provided their "Ultimate" name list, containing :
Human First & Last Names:
Pet Names:

- Woo-Cash Woo-Cash has provided the following polish names :
  • Most popular Polish Names:
    • 280 male first names
    • 350 female first names
    • 20 000 last names
    • almost 2500 dog names

- Simmania Simmania has provided the following italian names :

This tuning is composed of Italian most common and popular names:
  • 179 female first names;
  • 198 male first names;
  • 145 last names.

- Beloslaw Beloslaw has provided Russian name list (non greek):

Russian names in summary:
  • 795 male names;
  • 387 female names;
  • 551/546 last names — separated by male (353), female (348) and common (198).
Pet names in summary:
  • 25 cat names: 18 m., 7 f.;
  • 30 dog names: 20 m., 10 f..
I play without "Pets". If you want to expand them — PM me.

Names written in Cyrillic letters. This tuning does not contain Greek names such as "Василий", "Алексей", "Елена", "Оксана".
The main source was the book "Ономастикон" (1974). All the work was made manually & by only me — so I didn't work the book off on even a half.
The other source was what I saw myself in many sources in life including living people.
If you have a desire to expand this list with more slavyanic names or surnames or for other purpose of modifying — please PM me. I'll send you all helping docs including Excel table with all names and last names in a convenient form,.. or will help by a word.

Note: Anyone can use this file wherever & however.

Changes (didn't found a "spoiler" function):
^ (21.05.17) — +: 21 last names; 6 male names; 1 female name.
^ (13.06.16) — +: 28 last names; 9 male names; 1 female name; 2 pet names. Few misplacement removed.
^ (08.02.16) — Small edit: few new repeats deleted; added several new last names; added 41 pet names for a start.
^ (07.02.16) — Big edit. In summary: added ~50 last names, 34 male names, 5 female names. Several names/last names have been revised, according to correctness.
^ (14.09.15) — Small edit: deleted last repeats, plussed dozen of last names.
^ (08.09.15) — A little edit: few repeats, one typo, plussed some new names.

- luckymouse0 luckymouse0 has provided Chinese/Asian name list

This tuning is composed of most common and popular Asian/Chinese names for Shang Simla worlds:
  • 287 female first names;
  • 237 male first names;
  • 215 last names.

шlast names