How does Immigration work?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#StartImmigration]]

Immigration is governed by the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Lots \ Options: Immigration/Emigration \ Immigration Gauge" option, which by default is set to "0" (meaning no immigration).

What happens, is as the Managers perform their scenarios, they will increment a "Pressure" value.
  • For instance, sims who don't have bosses in their careers will increase this pressure value.
  • Sims who are looking for lovers but can't find a match in town will also increase this pressure.
  • If the town has too few sims of child-bearing age, the pressure will be increased.

If this "Pressure" exceeds the value you have specified in the "Immigration Gauge" option, a new immigrant family will be added to the town.
  • Essentially, the higher the gauge, the more pressure is necessary to force an immigration
  • If you want more immigration, reduce the gauge. If you want less, increase it.

Each time the pressure is not met, the mod will display you a story showing how much pressure was produced, then reset the pressure back to "0" and try again to achieve your setting.

So what is a good Gauge value?

"Immigration Gauge" values are specific to your town, so I cannot tell you what value to set.

However you can get a feeling for the pressure in you town by doing the following :
  • Set the gauge to a really large number, say "1000". In a little while you will receive a notice from the town council showing how much pressure built up in your town over the past cycle. If you want immigration to occur, set the gauge lower than that number.

What if I want to fill up my town RIGHT NOW?
anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Rapid]]
  • Firstly, set the "Immigration Gauge" to a non-zero value. If it is currently set to "0", set it to "1000", as that number will most likely never be achieved.
  • Doing so will unlock the "Lots \ Rapid Immigration" option. Set this value to the number of families you want to immigrate.
  • After you unpause the game, the mod will proceed to immigrate a new family every 10 sim-minutes, up to the number you specified. Voila! Instant population.

Where do these sims come from?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Where]]

Sims immigrated by StoryProgression are created by using the genetics of sims in your Sim Bin, or from sims who already reside in your town.

The "Lots \ Chance of Bin Offspring" option defines how often a sim from your Edit Town Library (the bin that stores all your exported sim families) will be used as a genetic parent.

The "Lots \ Chance of Random Offspring" option defines how often the EA sim generator is used to produce a genetic parent.

When those two fail to produce a result, a sim in your town is chosen as the genetic parent.

Once two sims have been chosen, their genetics are mixed to produce an offspring that is then immigrated into town. There is no family linkage between this new sim and it's "parents" other than its genetic heritage.

I have Immigration turned off, but sims are still moving in, why?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Other]]

This mod only disables Story Progression immigration. There are other forms of immigration that will require a separate mod to stop them.
  1. If you have a role object such as a Cash Register or Stylist Station in town, these objects will generate single sims that will move into your town.
    • To prevent this form of immigration, install the Register mod. The mere existence of the mod will stop new role-sims from moving into lots around town.
    • If you wish to completely stop the creation of new homeless role-sims, set "Allow Immigration" to false in Register.
  2. When you import a family from your Sim Bin, there is a chance that a duplicate copy will be left in the homeless bin.
    • Ensure that the "Households \ Allow Homeless Move In" option is set to "False" and any unnecessary homeless sims will be thrown out of town automatically.
    • Note: That by default "Allow Homeless Move In" is "False". The option has since been hidden from normal use due to users improperly enabling it, and is only available if you have the mod's debugging enabled.
  3. If you have the "Pregnancy \ Allow Service NPC"enabled then any service sim that pollinates one of the local residents will be forced to move into town.
    • This is due to an old EA issue where the father of a pregnancy must not be hibernating at the time of the birth.
    • If they are hibernating, their genetics are not provided to the newborn, and the child essentially becomes a clone of the mother.
    • To stop this form of immigration, simply disable the "Pregnancy \ Allow Service NPC" option.
    • Note: This option no longer exists as of v232 and has been replaced with caste options.

Why do the immigrants have the names of my sims?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Naming]]

By default, the "Lots \ Immigration Name" option is set to "Mother-Father", in the same manner as the "Romance \ Marriage Name".
  • In the case of immigrants, they mother and father are the two sims chosen to provide the genetics for the new sim.
  • Depending on your settings, those parents could be either sims from your Library, or sims from around town, meaning their last names may be familiar to you.

You can either change the option to produce "random" names, or consider these new sims as long lost relatives arriving in town.

How is the makeup for the families immigrated by this mod decided?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#How]]

There are numerous options that determine what sort of sims are included in an immigrant family:
  • "Lots \ Chance Of Immigrant Friends"determines the chance that a family will be composed of two non-romantic friends
    • This type of household does not immigrate children
  • "Lots \ Chance Of Partner Immigrant"determines the chance that a family will be composed of a partnered couple, rather than a married couple
    • Note that steady couples can be immigrated with children, and may decide to marry at some point later in the game
  • "Lots \ Chance Of Single Parent Immigrant"determines the chance that single parent family will be generated
    • Note that the children will still have two parents listed in their family tree, one will simply be uncontactable
  • "Lots \ Chance of Teen Immigrant"determines the chance of the family not having an adult sim
    • Note the mod will allow you immigrate teen-only families, however you may want to ensure that the "Caste Options" you have specified allow for such families to exist once in-town.
    • If you do not change "Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Household: Allow Move: Solo" to "True", the mod may decide to split up the household and move the new sims into families with appropriately aged guardians.
  • "Lots \ Immigrant Chance of Vampire"determines the chance that one of the sims in the family will be a vampire.
    • By default, this value is "0", meaning no vampires will appear in your town from immigration.
  • "Lots \ Immigrant Gender"determines which genders are immigrated
    • Normally this option is set on "Balanced", meaning the mod will attempt to ensure a 50/50 gender split for the town
  • "Lots \ Immigrant Maximum Celebrity Level"determines the maximum celebrity level granted to immigrant sims
    • The level will be randomly chosen from 0 to the given value.
  • "Lots \ Immigration Pet Chance"determines the chance the family will include a pet
    • When successfully rolled, "Lots \ Immigration Pet Maximum" determines the maximum number of pets a family will generate.
  • "Lots \ Immigrate Single Sim Chance"determines the chance of a family containing a single sim being generated
    • This type of household does not immigrate children
  • "Lots \ Whole Family Immigration Size"determines the maximum number of sims generated in a family
    • This determines how many children can be generated for a family, but is not allowed to exceed the "Immigrant Options \ Maximum Size" option.
    • When a "whole family" is immigrated, the chosen lot determines what ages the children will be:
      • Lots with cribs have the chance to generate babies and toddlers
      • Lots with single beds have the chance of generating children and teenagers

Immigration pressure reasons will also impact the type of family that is generated :
  • Mail-Order immigration, produced when there are insufficient single sims available for flirting purposes will always generate a single sim
    • The single sim will automatically be assigned as the romantic interest for a single sim in town
  • Career immigration, produced when there are insufficient bosses in town, will automatically assign one of the immigrated sims to the career that requested the immigration.
  • Pregnancy immigration will always produce a sim that is within child-bearing years.

How is emigration handled by this mod?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Emigration]]

Emigration is handled by the "Lots \ Emigration Ratio" option in Population StoryProgression.
  • By default this option is set to "0" (Do not emigrate anyone).

Emigration is the opposite of immigration... Families are moved out of town and removed from the game permanently.
  • Most users revile this concept, due to its permanence, so be aware before you enable it.

Under EA Story Progression, emigration is of course handled randomly.
  • Once the town reaches a certain density, a neighbor is removed from the game.
  • There is no rhyme or reason for the choice, other than it must be a household that you have not played in the past.

This mod has a number of emigration scenarios that can send a family packing.
  • The primary one is governed by "Emigration Ratio" itself : This option defines how far into Debt a family can become before they resort to leaving town for good.

Normally, one sets "Emigration Ratio" to "100", which means that the family must be bankrupt before the emigration scenario will fire.
  • Their Debt (the amount they owe the bank) must exceed their Assets (their family funds, and the cost of their house and all its furnishings).

This is actually a very difficult thing to do, as the household will first attempt to move to cheaper housing, and then start mooching off relatives and friends when they get desperate.

Other emigration scenarios are the following:
  1. If a family has the maximum number of sims possible, elders in the family will consider leaving town to allow the younger sims to expand their family
    • Controlled by "Sims \ Elder Emigration"
  2. If the town is lacking empty housing, families who are not related to anyone will consider leaving town to allow the bigger families to expand
    • Controlled by "Sims \ Too Crowded Emigration Threshold"
  3. Setting "Emigration Ratio" to "-1" will specify that a particular family should leave town at the next available opportunity

Use Custom Names Only doesn't work!

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#CustomNameList]]

When re-populating your Home world with EA's newly made immigrants, there is a high chance the game will use multiple existing names from your Pre-made Households in Edit Town (commonly known as Game Bin Sims in your Library Folder) and give those new residents their last name.

Usually this is unacceptable by most gamers, because they don't have family ties with those in the Game Bin.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
  1. Pause the game
  2. Turn on Immigration (read this first if you do not know how)
  3. Within City Hall/Computer> StoryProgression> General Options> Options:Lot> Options:Emigration/Immigration> set the following setting:
    • Chance of Bin Offspring> 0
    • Equal Chance to All Bin Sim> false
    • Immigration Disallow Bin By House> LIST, select all Pre made Game Bin Sims who's last name you don't want to be used.
    • (Note: The above options will be hidden if the Immigration Gauge is set to 0; set it to some positive number to continue)
  4. Rapid Immigration> 1000
  5. Unpause the game.

The game will now slowly fill your home world with new immigrants, every 10 sim-minutes per household. There is a slight chance that the game will use the last name of one of the Active sims you're currently controlling but if that happens, you can rename them with MasterController.

If you decide to use "Replace Service Sim with Immigrants" under Options:Sims, be sure to alter those settings under 3. as well.