What prompts a family to move to a new lot?

There are multiple reasons for StoryProgression to push a family to split apart, merge together, or outright move to a new lot.

The largest scenario is call "Home Inspection", however it is not the only scenario that moves sims around town.

Note: Resident sims should never be rendered homeless by the mod. If that occurs, then it is an error and should be reported.

Note that since splitting a household requires that the family have sufficient funds to purchase an entirely new house, it may not be possible for the family to move until they have accrued the funds to do so.

What is "Home Inspection"?

The primary element is governed by "Lots \ Rigorous Home Inspection" which forces the mod to test to see whether the lot has sufficient objects to satisfy the population of the family living there.

Periodically, the mod will test home inspection : If the inspection fails, the family will search for an unoccupied residential lot that satisfies the family requirements, and if they can afford to move, they will do so.

By default, "Rigorous Home Inspection" checks the number of bed slots that are available. However, it can be expanded to check for other objects as well.

"Lots \ Home Inspection Crib Count" checks whether there are sufficient cribs in the household to satisfy the number of babies and toddlers living in the home.

"Lots \ Home Inspection Double Bed Count" checks whether there are sufficient double beds to satisfy the number of partnered sims living there.

"Lots \ Home Inspection Career Objects" checks whether the necessary self-employment career objects are available on the lot.
  • For instance, a Painter requires an Easel, and may choose to move to a home where one is available.

Note, it is not necessarily the case that the entire household will move.
  • If there are adult aged children living in the home, and the family has sufficient family funds to purchase a completely new home, it is possible that a sim will move out on their own to satisfy the inspection requirements.

Okay, any other reasons that may prompt a family to move?

Rich sims, whose family funds exceed the ratio specified by "Money \ Wealth Move Ratio" will periodically seek out a more expensive lot to move into.

Poor sims, which have a debt that exceeds the ratio specified by "Money \ Debt and Taxes \ Debt Move Ratio" will attempt to locate a cheaper home, selling the old lot to pay off their debt.

Married couples, who are currently living on separate lots will attempt to move in together.
  • Note though, that any existing dependents will be moved with them, which may necessitate a larger more expensive home.

If the "Ancestral" Household Option is enabled on a lot, the mod will attempt to move a relative into the lot to ensure that it is not sold when the elder sim dies. The sim chosen for this duty is governed by "Deaths \ Ancestral First Choice"

If the final adult dies on a lot, in order to stop the Social Worker from stealing any abandoned children, the mod will move those children to new households around town. The mod will attempt to place sims with relatives, but if none exist, they will be adopted by friends.

Sims who dislike each other will try to move away from each other.
  • This is called the "Broken Home" scenario. It may occur after a bad breakup, or simply because two roommates have had a falling out.
  • Phase Twelve introduced the concept of "Opposing Breakup", where sims from opposing clans will attempt to move away from each other.
    • This option can be disabled via "Personalities \ Breakup Opposing Clans"

What about homeless sims?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Moving#Homeless]]

By default, StoryProgression tends to treat homeless sims as social pariahs, and attempts to eliminate them by emigrating them out of town.

When you load a save-game which does not contain StoryProgression options (such as a new game, or a game created prior to installation), the mod will prompt you to immediately emigrate all the existing homeless sims.
  • Note, even if you say no, the mod will still come along in about 1000 sim-minutes and remove the sims anyway.
  • If you want to retain those homeless, you must move them into residences prior to the mod deleting them.
    • The use of MasterController's "Add Sim" and a filter of "Type of Sim \ Homeless" may help in this matter.
  • Or alternatively, turn off "Options: Household \ Manage Homeless" and manually deal with the homeless population yourself

However, there are certain checks in place to protect some types of homeless sims:
  1. Role sims assigned to an object in town are allowed to persist, since throwing them out of town would simply spawn new ones.
    • If you have Register mod installed, these sims are moved into the Service Population Household to get them off the streets, making the demographics look prettier.
  2. Sims that are closely related to the active family are immediately moved into a household in town.
    • These are usually the result of using "Kick Out" on the Move Window, and are protected from emigration in this mod.

Other types of homeless sims are generally considered to be the result of errors. Importing from the Library for instance can create duplicates of the imported sims and add them to the homeless population.

So, I have been receiving notices that a couple has been unable to move in together, why?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Moving#Stranded]]

There are multiple reasons why a couple would be unable to move in together :
  1. Neither of the sim's existing households has enough space to move the sim and their dependents onto the lot
    • The "Household Options \ Maximum Size" setting defines how many humans are allowed to be stuffed into the family.
  2. The Home Inspection settings do not allow for the sims to be moved onto the lot
    • Settings such as "Lots \ Home Inspection Career Objects" will stop sims from moving to houses which do not satisfy their career requirements.
  3. The combined funds of the two households is not sufficient to purchase a large enough lot to satisfy the couple and their dependents
    • If part of the household is going to remain in the old house, only the family funds available to the household is available to use during a new purchase
    • Otherwise the full cost of the lot and the family funds can be put towards the purchase of a new lot
  4. There is no unoccupied lot available in town within the cost range of both households combined
  5. One of the households has the "Household Options \ Household: Allow Move"turned off.
    • The option stops sims from leaving the family, and any being added to the family
  6. One of the households has the "Household Options \ Ancestral"enabled, and the moving sim the head of the family (the oldest sim in the household)
    • If both households have "Ancestral" enabled, neither sim will be able to move in to the other's household

Dependents are defined by the following :
  1. Any baby, toddler, child, or teenager aged sim in the household that has a parent who is moving, and whose other parent does not live in the household will be included
  2. If one of the parents is remaining in the old household, trait-scoring is used to determine whether the child stays or goes.
  3. If "Households \ Allow Teen-Teen Move" is enabled, teenagers are not included as dependents

When two sims move in together, what determines which household they use?

In the case of two sims getting married and moving in together, where both households have sufficient space for the new sim and all their dependents, it is the "Households \ Move In Preference" option that determines which is used.
  • When the option is set to "Husband", the mod will attempt to move the couple into the husbands household
  • When set to "Wife", the mod uses the wives home preferentially
    • Note if the first choice of household is invalid, the mod will use the other sim's household instead

  • When set to "Either", the mod scores the households based on the number of dependents that must be moved, and the composition of sims that will be remaining in the family.
    • The family with fewer sims is granted a more positive scoring.
    • Families with elders are given preference over those with none, to ensure that the house still passes on to a relative when the elders finally perish.
    • Families who are leaving relatives are given preference over those containing roommates.