How are vampires handled by StoryProgression?

Phase Eight of the mod has been written to include the new functionality added by Late Night, most notably Vampires and Celebrities.

The addition of Vampires to your town is completely optional, and is disabled by default.

So I want Vampires in my town, how do I enable that?

To immigrate vampires into town, do the following:
  1. Change "Lots \ Immigration/Emigration \ Immigrant Occult Chance" to a value higher than "0".
  2. Change "Lots \ Immigration/Emigration \ Immigrant Occult" to include "Vampires".

The next time an immigrant family is added, that chance will define whether the new sim is a vampire.
  • You can also use MasterController Cheats "Sim \ Intermediate \ Occult" to manually set any number of sims in your town to be Vampires.

Once the vampires are in town, it is the "Vampires and Slayers" Personality set that governs how they are progressed. Installing that set will initiate an ongoing battle between vampires siring new vampires, and the slayers vanquishing them.

Note: If you have "Allow Push Death" disabled (it is such by default), then a "Slay" simply transforms the vampire back into human, rather than outright killing them. So there is no need to worry about your vampires getting killed unless you desire it.

If you wish to protect some of your vampires from slaying, set the "Allow Personality" Sim/Household/Town option to "False" for those sims. Doing so will stop them from participating in any personality action.

Leaders of clans cannot be slayed, ensuring that the battle will continue even if the slayers end up turning the tide and defeating everyone else in town.

What happens if the Vampires overrun the town?

Vampires are strictly regulated by the mod, via the "Sims \ Town Occult Ratio". By default, at most 50% of your town is allowed to be an occult sim.

Note: Setting the "Town Occult Ratio" to "0" will stop this mod from creating of new vampires in your town, either through immigration, or genetic inheritance.
  • However any existing vampires will remain unaffected.
  • If you wish to remove the existing vampire population, use MasterController Cheats' "Sim \ Intermediate \ Occult" from the City Hall Menu, with a filter of "Occult Type" - "Vampire". Use the interaction to set all the sim's occult type to "None".

When the cap is reached, immigration of new vampires is disabled, and any new births from vampire couples will be automatically cured. The Personality actions that govern siring will also be disabled, until the number of vampires in town is decreased.

So, what about the other occult types?

Other occult are handled in a similar manner as Vampires, utilizing the immigration and personality system to spread their influence through the town.

Under Phase Fifteen : Werewolves and Fairies have a personality modules similar to that of the Vampires.
  • Note that though Werewolves are hunted by Helsing, the Fairy population has no natural enemy in-game.
  • To control Fairy population, use the "Sims \ Town Occult Ratio" to limit the mod to a certain size population.

Further occult personalities will be released as time permits.