Does StoryProgression affect the gender of active sim pregnancies ?

Depending on the options you have set in the mod, it is possible that it will override the EA Standard methods of handling gender.

When the "Pregnancy \ Newborn Gender" option is set to "Balanced", the mod will attempt to ensure that there are equal number of males and females in the town.
  • To do so, the mod will force the gender of any new pregnancy to one gender or the other.
  • In doing so, the apples and watermelon system will no longer work as a means to alter pregnancy gender
  • Note that if the pregnancy produces multiple children, the gender of the second or third child will be completely random

It is possible to use MasterController Cheats "Basic \ Baby \ Baby Gender" to change the gender of a pregnancy to whatever you wish. StoryProgression will not attempt to change it back, if you do so.

Do I need to add cribs to my households, in order for the sims to have babies ?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Pregnancy#BabyCribs]]

It is not required that you have a crib on the lot for sims to become pregnant.

What will happen though, is once a sim does become pregnant, the "Home Inspection" system will attempt to locate a new home for them where a crib does exist.
  • If no eligible home can be located, then the family will stay put, and the pregnancy will progress regardless

Note that immigrant families will not be created with baby or toddler aged sims, unless the household selected for them has a crib available.
  • This is a means of defining diversity amongst the immigrant families, and ensures that not all immigrant families are cut from the same mold.
  • Once the immigrant families are settled however, they can become pregnant just like any other resident sim, regardless of cribs.

What changes to genetics does this mod perform?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Pregnancy#Genetics]]

Extra StoryProgression contains coding to adjust the genetics inheritance performed when a new sim is born in-game.

The main option is "Pregnancy \ Genetic Skin Blending" which alters how the skin tones are inherited.
  • Under EA Standard, skin tone is inherited from one parent or the other, it is never a combination of the two.
    • So if you have a Dark Green mother and a Light Blue father, your children will always be either Dark Green or Light Blue
  • Under this mod:
    1. A skin base is chosen from one of the parents.
      • So either Green or Blue in the above example.
    2. Then the tone is alter to be a combination of the mother and father.
      • This can lead to having a Light Green or a Dark Blue, in addition to the EA Standard genetics

A second section called "Pregnancy \ Advanced Genetics" is also available which alters how the various genetic sliders are processed.
  • After a number of generations, EA Standard's genetics will lead to a homogeneous population where everyone looks the same because there is no mutation at the slider level.
    • Facial blends under EA Standard are inherited in sets. For instance : All the Nose sliders are inherited from one parent or the other, never a mixture of both.
      • This method serves as a means of reducing the chance you child will be a freak of nature, where one slider from the mother does not match up properly with one from the father.
      • The method also serves as a way of saying "You inherited your father's nose, and your mother's eyes" since that is exactly how the genetics work
    • This works fine as long as you keep adding new sims with new genetics into the town. However, if your town is a closed community, eventually everyone will end up looking the same.
  • "Advanced Genetics" in alters that approach by adding an increased mutation rate for individual sliders.
    • Not much, but hopefully enough to add some variety to each new generation.
    • The mutation rate is governed by "Pregnancy \ Blend Mutation Chance" and "Pregnancy \ Blend Mutation Travel"

In addition to genetic mutation, "Pregnancy \ Inherit Grandparent Blend Chance" defines the chance that a facial section
will be inherited from a grandparent.
  • Under EA Standard, only the genetics of the immediate parents are used, which does not allow for genetics Mendel style genetics.
  • Note that the grandparent sims must exist in full-sim form in town to be usable, however they can be dead.

The mod adds the chance of identical twins being born, defined by the "Pregnancy \ Chance of Identical Twins" option
  • The option does not increase the chance of twins or triplets. It simply determines the chance that such pregnancies will produce identical children.

Note that other genetic features such as Eye Color and Hair Color are not controlled by this mod.
  • The method of inheritance for those sections are governed by EA Standard "Genetics" tuning.

How does this mod affect occult offspring ?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Pregnancy#Occult]]

As of Version 226, the mod operates under the following rules for determining occult offspring:

If your town exceeds the "Sims \ Town Occult Ratio" new births for inactive family will always be human.
  • Note that active births are not included in this restriction, so you can easily exceed your ratio by having your active family conceive

Occult children will follow the EA Standard occult selection for their initial occult state.
  • So, if you have two occult parents, the newborn should always inherit an single occult state from one of the parents

If you set "Pregnancy \ Chance of Occult Offspring" to greater than "0", it is possible for a newborn to inherit multiple occult states, and become a hybrid.
  • Each occult state from the parents and grandparents for the newborn is given a "Chance of Occult Offspring" random roll, and any successes are applied to the child.
  • This means that if you have the chance set to "100", all newborns will inherit the occult states of both parents
    • This can lead to Werewolf-Fairies, Fairy-Witches, etc. depending on the makeup of the parent sims
  • If you have the chance set to "50", there is a 50% percent chance that the newborn will inherit an additional occult from their parents, and so on.
  • Note that the newborn should always receive at least one occult state via the EA Standard inheritance, even if you have the value set to "0".

Note if your sim parents are hybrid sims, it is not necessarily the case your child will be as well.
  • If you have the chance set to anything less than "100", it is quite possible that the newborn will roll a failure for any additional occult.

Note if you wish to unlock the full potential of hybrids, you will require a separate mod to do so : Hybrid
  • If you do not use the mod, certain occult-related interactions will be hidden for mixed-occult sims, however the sim will otherwise be completely playable.