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What is Story Progression?

Unlike The Sims 2, where a single household was simulated at any one time, the Sims 3 simulates an entire town of sims all at the same time.

However since only one household can be actively controlled by you at any one time, something needs to control the rest of the sims in town.

This is where Story Progression comes into play. It pushes the inactive sims to get jobs, make friends, get married, have children, and generally get on with their virtual lives.

So what is NRaas StoryProgression?

EA's version of Story Progression is based on demographic statistics.

It says, if your town has this size of population, then this many should leave town, this many should die, this many should get married, this many should have children, this many should be vampires, etc.

And how does it choose these sims? Essentially at random. The system doesn't care what the sim wants, only what the town as a whole requires.

NRaas StoryProgression changes that, by adding a sim-level touch to the system. The mod uses a sim's traits to determine their "personality" and decide what types of actions they should be part of.

Whether a couple gets married is based on whether they actually want to, not because the town needs it to be so. If a couple is chosen to have a child, it is because they want to have a child. If a sim gets a job, it is not simply to be the coworker for the active family, but because they want the job.

Though this system is slower than EA's version, I feel it produces a more life-like and believable progression of your town.

This mod is huge, where do I start?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ General#Start]]

The mod is broken into a series of optional modules to allow users to pick and choose which parts best suit their play-style and what they want to achieve.

Where to start:
  1. Install the base-mod, and only the base-mod
    • The base-mod has all the necessary operations to maintain and progress the town on its own. You do not actually need any of the modules to keep the town functioning.
  2. Have a look through the StoryProgression Interactions page. Any interaction not marked as being in a module is part of the base-mod.
    • Most users immediately change the following options :
      1. "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Town Options \ Romance: Marriage Name" and set it to "Husband"
      2. "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ All Stories" and set it to "Blood" and "Friends" (you can choose multiple entries)
  3. Play the game for a while using only the base-mod to get a feel for how it affects your inactive population.
  4. Once you are comfortable with the operation of the mod, try one of the optional modules
    • Before you do, look up the options added by the mod, in StoryProgression Interactions so you know what to expect
    • Options for Personality modules are listed on separate "Interactions" pages linked via their various download pages.

Further documentation is available here: StoryProgression FAQ
  • If you have a specific inquiry, try using your browser's "Search" capability to look through the FAQ.
  • If the question is not listed, feel free to ask over here: Chatterbox

In the end, if you find the mod is simply too much for your play-style, you can remove it simply by deleting all the modules and base-mod from your installation folder.

Okay, so what does this mod really do?

The mod is based on the following structure :

The mod is composed of a set of Managers. When you look in the "General Options", you can see each manager listed (for instance "Options: Career" operates the career progression).

Each Manager has a number of Scenarios that they run on a periodic basis, producing various adjustments to the inhabitants of your town. The speed at which these managers operate is based on the life-span you have selected and various options that can be manually adjusted in "General Options".

A Scenario has several components: It has an action that is performed on a set of sims, a story notification, and possibly a push.

What is an "Action"?

An action is something like: Take two sims in town whose personalities match up, and increase their long-term relationship.

There are many different actions that can occur: Such as making friends, enemies, flirting, going steady, getting married, getting a job, having a baby, working on a skill, etc.

What is a "Story" ?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ General#Stories]]

A story is a cutesy, soap opera style notification that appears in the upper right corner when a specific type of scenario is run.

Honestly, if you were to actually watch the sims, they don't always act out the story... What they do is give you the feeling that something occurred, even if the sims themselves fail to cooperate.

Which stories are displayed to you is based on the "Stories" option available in "General Options". There is a master "All Stories" option that changes all the Managers at once, and there is also a "Stories" option within each manager if you want to refine which stories are displayed.
  • Don't be confused by "Options: Stories" that is a separate listing containing more detailed options for managing the stories.
  • The "All Stories" option you want is right near the top of the "General Options" menu.

By default "Stories" is set to All, meaning that you receive notifications for every resident in your town.
  • Users who have found that level to be too intimidating, state that changing the option to Blood and Friends brings the number of notifications down to a more acceptable level.
  • Note that changing the "Stories" setting will not alter the notices that EA normally generates for the active household, it only changes the additional notices created by this mod.

After changing the options, it may take a while for the mod to purge any existing stories that were already in the story queue waiting to be displayed.
  • To ensure that you are no inundated with piles of simultaneous stories, the mod doles stories out once every 10 sim-minutes.
    • However, if you do receive a lot of notices, the mod will resort to spitting them out on a rapid basis so it does not get too backlogged.
  • Any new stories that are created by the mod will always follow the filters you have set.
    • It is simply the older stories, created before you changed the settings, that might look improper.
  • Note this is why you may continue to receive piles of "I got a new Job" notices when you start a new town.
    • EA produces a large number of career events when initializing a new town-file, which the mod diligently collects and queue for future reporting.
  • If you want to speed things along, simply "Save" and reload the game, doing such will clean out the queue.

If you wish to disable specific stories, rather than all the stories for a particular manager, you can use the "Options: Stories \ Disallow Story" interaction
  • The option provides a full list of all the stories produced by the mod.
  • Stories are listed by the manager they are associated with, and then by summary name
  • Select any number of entries and press the "Accept" to disable them.

What is a "Push"?

To "Push" a sim means to add an interaction to their queue, and actually make them do something in the game.

Most of the time, if you are not watching them, inactive sims stand in their homes starring at the walls, essentially hibernating. On occasion, the game may push them to visit community lots when you zoom in on one, so as to give the impression that the town is lively and bustling.

Some scenarios in this mod will push sims to do things in town such as, go to the park with a friend, or go to a relative's house for a visit.

Normally these pushes are meant to give the impression that the story associated with the scenario actually happened and can produce some very convincing effects.

How does this differ from the other Progression mods out there?

Awesome Story-Mode is a much more animated progression system. It attempts to play out all the details of the actions it pushes on sims, improving the realism of the game. The mod does all this silently, expecting you to fill in the story yourself.
  • Because of this extra effort, the progression can incur a performance hit and is best considered for higher-end machines.

Tuning progression mods, such as Shimrod101's mods alter the EA Story Progression system... Altering or removing certain elements that users find annoying (such as emigration, or the vampire creation action).
  • Since these mods are simply adjustments of EA's own progression system, they do not incur any significant performance penalty and will operate on lower end machines.
  • Further information regarding EA Story Progression is available here:

My own mod, best described as the "Soap Opera" mod, since it is designed around the various stories that are produced by the scenarios it runs.
  • Since it is more of a simulation than Awesome, it incurs less of a performance hit. However it vastly slower than EA's statistical model progression system.

I have the "Enable Progression" turned off, but I'm still receiving notices from the mod, why?

Anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ General#Enable Progression False]]

"Enable Progression" governs the progression portion of the mod, which while being the primary focus of StoryProgression is not all the mod is capable of performing.
  • The "Work Push" system is not progression-related. So you will continue to receive notices about sims not arriving at work on time.

To determine which options are governed by "Enable Progression", simply turn the option off and then browse the options listing.
  • All options that are considered progression-related will be hidden from view while "Enable Progression" is turned off.

The mod will also continue to monitor various system messages produced by the game, and produce notifications when something happens:
  • Skill Gain is independent of progression, so inactive sims can still increase in skill when progression is disabled.
  • Career changes, such as promotion and demotion are pushed by EA Story Progression and will be reported by this mod.
  • New births around town will be monitored and broadcast to you, even if StoryProgression was not the original source of conception.

  • You will need to alter the "Stories" options in order to stop these messages from appearing.

What do all the menu options mean, and how do to I use them?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ General#Menus]]

There are six menus available for the mod, each with its own scope :
  1. General Options
    • This menu contains all the global control options for the base-mod and all the optional modules you have installed.
      • The interaction appears in the City Hall, Computer, Lot, and Sim Menus.
    • To change any of the settings, simply click on the entry in the listing window.
      • If the option is a flag, it will automatically switch from "True" to "False", or vice versa
      • If the option is a selection, you will be prompted to choose from a list of choices.
        • This type of selection may allow multiple selections so you may need to press the "Accept" button when complete.
      • If the option is a numeric entry, you will be prompted to enter a new value
        • Note that the value entered must be in North American numerical form, using a "." for the decimal place, if any.
    • The listing window that is displayed is nested, so when you click on say "Options: Households" a new listed will be displayed.
      • To return to the previous listing, press the "Cancel" button.
    • Pressing the "Accept" button at any time, will close the menu completely, and return you to the game.
  2. Town Options
    • This menu contains settings that are global over all sims in town
      • The interaction appears in the City Hall and Computer Menus
    • This is a multi-selection window, and as such, you must press the "Accept" button to enact any changes
    • When you change a value, the mod will update all households/sims in town to match your changes
    • Note that you can use this listing to change values for everyone, and then use the "Household Options" or "Sim Options" to fine tune various sims to a different value.
  3. Lot Options (Phase Twelve or greater)
    • This menu contains settings specific to the specified lot.
      • The interaction appears in the Lot Menu
    • This is a multi-selection window, and as such, you must press the "Accept" button to enact any changes
    • When you change a value, the mod will update all households/sims in town to match your changes
    • Unlike "Household Options", these settings do not move when the family moves, they remain attached to the lot itself
      • This means that any family that moves onto the lot will have these settings applied to them, provided they do not already have the settings set at the "Household Options" or "Sim Options" level.
  4. Household Options
    • This menu contains settings that are global over the sims living in the selected family.
      • The interaction appears in the Lot and Sim Menus
    • This is a multi-selection window, and as such, you must press the "Accept" button to enact any changes
    • When you change a value, the mod will update all sims in the household to match your changes
    • Note that if a sim moves out of the family, they do not take the "Household Options" with them.
      • Only the "Sim Options" that you have explicitly set for them will transfer to their new family
    • Note that you can use this listing to change values for everyone, and then use the "Sim Options" to fine tune various sims to a different value.
  5. Caste Options (Phase Fifteen or greater)
    • This menu contains caste settings. Which castes are listed here is based on which menu are you using
      1. City Hall or Computer menu: Displays all castes in town
      2. Lot menu: Displays all castes assigned to at least one sim living on the lot
      3. Sim menu: Displays all castes assigned to the sim (this includes all Automatic and Manual Castes)
    • The caste options are a multi-selection window, and as such, you must press the "Accept" button to enact any changes
    • When you change a value, the mod will update all sims assigned to the caste to match your changes
    • When you use "Add New Caste"
      • The caste is automatically assigned to the sim when you are using the Lot or Sim menu
      • When used from City Hall, the caste is not manually assigned to anyone by default
    • When you use "Remove Cate"
      • The caste is unassigned from the sim when you are using the Lot or Sim Menu. However, the caste will remain in your town.
      • When used from City Hall, the caste is permanently deleted from your town
  6. Sim Options
    • This menu contains settings that are specific to the sim you selected.
      • The interaction appears in the Sim Menu.
    • This is a multi-selection window, and as such, you must press the "Accept" button to enact any changes
  7. Immigrant Options
    • This menu contains the settings applied to new immigrant families added by this mod.
      • The interaction appears in the City Hall and Computer Menus.
    • This is a multi-selection window, and as such, you must press the "Accept" button to enact any changes
    • By default, immigrant options are the same as "Town Options" unless you specify otherwise

When view the "Household Options" and "Sim Options" you may see the value for a setting displayed in brackets.
  • This value represents an inherited value from a higher Options menu, such as "Town Options", or "Household Options"
  • The value can be altered to a new value that is specific to the family or sim that you specified.

Note that the bracketing used on the values in "General Options" means the value is set to the mod's default value.

For information on what each interaction means, and how it impacts the game, read StoryProgression Interactions

How do the various option levels default ?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ General#Options]]

There is a specific hierarchy defined when overlaying the Town/Caste/Household/Sim Level options in the game :

Each subsequent level overrides the options from the previous level :
  1. Town Options
    • A unique and permanent Caste that automatically includes every sim in town
  2. Lot Options
    • These options are assigned to the Lot on which the family lives.
  3. Negative Head of the Family Caste Options (Negative Priority)
    • If a caste has the "Caste: Apply to Household" option enabled, and that caste is assigned to the head of the family, then those options are applied to everyone in the family.
    • The "Head of the Family" is defined as the oldest human in the household.
    • This step only applies to castes with a negative "Caste: Priority"
  4. Negative Caste Options
    • Castes assigned to the sim itself are overlaid here. This includes Automatic, Manual, and Inherited castes.
    • This step only applies to castes with a negative "Caste: Priority"
    • Higher values of priority (those closer to "0") take precedence over lower ones, with equal values having no particular order
  5. Household Options
    • These options are assigned to the family itself, rather than a particular sim.
    • So a sim merging into a family will take on the options defined by that family.
    • If a new family is spawned during a move-out, the household options are copied to that family as well.
  6. Positive Head of the Family Caste Options
    • If a caste has the "Caste: Apply to Household" option enabled, and that caste is assigned to the head of the family, then those options are applied to everyone in the family.
    • The "Head of the Family" is defined as the oldest human in the household.
    • This step only applies to castes with a positive "Caste: Priority" (greater or equal to "0")
  7. Positive Caste Options
    • Castes assigned to the sim itself are overlaid here. This includes Automatic, Manual, and Inherited castes.
    • Caste options have a "Caste: Priority" option that determines which caste overrides other castes when their options conflict
    • Higher values of priority take precedence over lower ones, with equal values having no particular order
    • This step only applies to castes with a positive "Caste: Priority" (greater or equal to "0")
  8. Sim Options
    • Options set at the sim-level override any options set at higher levels.

What are Castes?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#Castes]]

Castes are a system added with Phase Fifteen of the mod to replace a number of individual options and increase flexibility in the mod.
  • Most users find it simpler to think of them as groups used to distinguish one set of sims from another.
  • They can be used to give special options to "Teenagers", "Males", or any number of different types of sims in your town

Castes are a set of Sim-Level Options that can be associated with a certain subset of your town's population.
  • When this happens, the options in caste are applied to the options
  • The Sim Menu allows you to apply a caste to a specific sim

How do I add a Caste to a sim?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#Apply]]

So how are castes applied?
  1. They can be automatic
    • The "Caste: Automatic" option specifies that the caste will be automatically applied to any sim that matches the Caste filter defined in the castes options
    • The filter options all start with "Caste:" so they are sorted together in the middle of the listing
    • A sim must match all the criteria to receive this caste
  2. They can be inherited
    • The "Caste: Inherited" option specifies that when a baby is born and one of the parents has this caste, the baby inherits this caste.
  3. They can be manually added
    • The "Castes" Sim-Level option allows the user to manually assign castes to specific sims.
    • You can manually assign any caste, including automatic and inherited castes, whether the filtering applies to the sim or not.
    • Note that "Castes" also contains all the inherited castes assigned to the sim as well
    • To manually add a caste to a sim:
      • Click on the sim directly (or go to Map View and click on the sims' Map Tag)
      • Select: NRaas > Story Progression > Sim Options > Caste: Manual
      • Click the checkmark
      • In the list of Castes that appears, select the one you want and click the checkmark

How do I create a new caste?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#New]]

To create a new caste, click on the City Hall, and open the "NRaas \ Story Progression Caste Options" menu, and use the "Add New Caste" entry.
  • You will be prompted to enter a name for this caste. This will be used to differentiate it from other castes in the menu.
  • Note: When "Caste Options" is used at the "Household" or "Sim" menu level, doing this will manually assign the caste to the sim

Once the caste is created, it will be listed in the "Caste Options" menu.
  • Select the new caste to display its options
  • If the new Caste is automatic, set the "Caste: Automatic" option to "True" and proceed to adjust the filters to specify what type of sim will automatically receive this caste.
  • If the case is inherited, set "Caste: Inherited" to "True"

For Automatic Castes, you must define a filter that determines which sims in town will receive this caste. To do so, you use the following options :
  • "Caste: Age"
    • A multi-selection list for filtering by Age
    • By default, all ages are included
  • "Caste: Gender"
    • A multi-selection list for filtering by Gender
    • By default, all genders are included
  • "Case: Species"
    • A multi-selection list for filtering by Species (Requires the Pets pack)
    • By default, all species are included
  • "Caste: Type"
    • A multi-selection list of options for distinguishing certain types of sims, such as "Married" or "Werewolf" sims
    • By default, this option is an OR operation. Meaning any sim that matches at least one of the choices will be included
    • You can use "Caste: Match All Types" to force the filter to match against all choices
  • There are additional specialized filter options that can be reviewed in StoryProgression Interactions

How do I change an existing caste?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#Old]]

All the castes in use in town are listed under the Town menu "Caste Options".
  • The Sim-level "Caste Options" only displays castes assigned to that sim.
  • While the House-level only displays castes assigned to any 'one' sim in the family.

Locate the caste you want to change, and select it in the menu
  • You can then change the options, and they will be automatically applied to all sims assigned to that caste
  • Note: If you change the caste filters, the mod will automatically readjust who is assigned to the caste
    • Sims that were manually assigned to this caste will be unaffected

How do I reset a Caste?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#ResetCaste]]
  1. Open the Caste via NRaas > Story Progression > Caste Options
  2. Select: "Reset To Defaults" and click the checkmark
    A pop-up will appear listing all the altered settings within that Caste
  3. Select the settings you want to reset and click the checkmark

How do I enable same-sex pregnancy?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#SameSex]]

By default, the mod has same-sex pregnancy turned off.

Click on the City Hall, and change the following options:
  • To enable female-female pregnancy:
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Females \ Pregnancy: Disallow Participation Caste" and remove the "Females" component
  • To enable male-male pregnancy
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Males \ Pregnancy: Disallow Participation Caste" and remove the "Males" component
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Males \ Pregnancy: Allow Can Be Pregnant" to "True"

Note: When you enable the "Allow Can Be Pregnant" for males, you make it possible for straight sims to become pregnant by their female partners as well.

To allow males to only become pregnant from other males, change the following:
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Males \ Pregnancy: Disallow Can Be Pregnant Caste" and add the "Females" component

How do I enable TS2 Style Aging?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#TS2Aging]]

By default all sims in the game age in the same manner (except the Reaper, but he's special that way).

What you want to do is turn off the aging for everyone but those sims in your active household.

Click on the City Hall, and change the following option:
  • Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Non Active Family \ Death: Allow Aging" to "False"

How do I disable flirting between age-stages?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#FlirtByAge]]

By default, the mod is set up to allow flirting amongst the Young Adult, Adult, and Elder population. And then separately within the Teen population.

This is done via the following options:
  • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Flirt: Disallow Caste"
    • This option is set to "Young Adults", "Adults", and "Elders". Meaning Teens cannot flirt with these ages

  • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Young Adults \ Flirt: Disallow Caste"
    • This option is set to "Teenagers". Meaning Young Adults cannot flirt with this age but can flirt with everyone else

  • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Adults \ Flirt: Disallow Caste"
    • This option is set to "Teenagers". Meaning Adults cannot flirt with this age but can flirt with everyone else

  • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Elders \ Flirt: Disallow Caste"
    • This option is set to "Teenagers". Meaning Elders cannot flirt with this age but can flirt with everyone else

Note that flirting with child-ages or below is hard-blocked by the mod, so attempting to change those ages will have no effect.

If you want to disallow "Young Adult" and "Elder" flirting :
  • Add the "Elder" caste to "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Young Adults \ Flirt: Disallow Caste"
  • Note, you do not need to change the "Elder" caste, having the block on one side of the equation is sufficient. However, if you wish to change that caste as well, it will not harm anything to do so.

If you want Teens to flirt with Young Adults :
anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#TeenAdultFlirt]]
  • Remove the "Young Adults" caste from "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Flirt: Disallow Caste"
  • Remove the "Teenagers" caste from "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Young Adults \ Flirt: Disallow Caste"

How do I stop my married couples divorcing, but allow everyone else to break up?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#StoppingDivorce]]

For this, you will require a new caste, so let's create one now.
  1. Click on the City Hall or Computer object and bring up the menu.
  2. "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Add New Caste"
  3. When prompted, call the new caste "Married"
  4. Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Married \ Caste: Automatic" to "True"
  5. Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Married \ Caste: Type" to "Married"
  6. Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Married \ Romance: Allow Breakup" to "False"

This new caste will be automatically applied to all married couples in your game and will provide them with the "Romance: Allow Breakup" setting of "False"

How do I enable pregnancy for teenagers?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#PregnancyOnlyForTeen]]

From the City Hall or computer menu, set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Pregnancy: Allow Participation" to "True"

Note that you must have Woohooer installed to unlock the "Try For Baby" social interaction.

If you want Teens to get pregnant with Young Adults :
anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#TeenAdultPregnancy]]
  • Remove the "Young Adults" caste from "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Pregnancy: Disallow Participation Caste"
  • Remove the "Teenagers" caste from "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Young Adults \ Pregnancy: Disallow Participation Caste"

How do I allow pregnancy only for married sims?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#PregnancyOnlyForMarried]]

  1. NRaas \ Story Progression \ Town Options > Allow Can Be Pregnant False
  2. NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ (Add New Caste) and name it something like "Pregnancy", open it
  3. Setting Caste "Pregnancy", Pregnancy: Allow Can Be Pregnant True
  4. Setting Caste "Pregnancy", Caste: Automatic True
  5. Setting Caste "Pregnancy", Caste: Age> YA & A, Caste: Gender> Female, Caste: Species> Human, Caste Filter: Sim Type Married

How do I disable teen jobs?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Caste#TeenJob]]

To disable Story Progression from assigning jobs to teenagers, you need to disable this in the Teenagers caste.

Click on the City Hall, and change the following option:
  • Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Career: Allow Find Job" to "False"

If you want to disable specific jobs for teenagers (such as the Ambitions active careers which have no age constraints):
  • Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Career: Disallow" to include whichever jobs you want to turn off
  • Note that if you have "Career: Allow Find Job" enabled for the sim, the mod will automatically change the career for the sim to a valid one within the next sim-day.

How do I set up a Rotational Caste?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ#RotationalCaste]]

There are several ways to set up a Rotational Caste depending on how you wish to play. To see some suggestions of how other NRaas members have set up their games, please see the Story Progression Rotational Caste Settings page.

How does Immigration work?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#StartImmigration]]

Immigration is governed by the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Lots \ Options: Immigration/Emigration \ Immigration Gauge" option, which by default is set to "0" (meaning no immigration).

What happens, is as the Managers perform their scenarios, they will increment a "Pressure" value.
  • For instance, sims who don't have bosses in their careers will increase this pressure value.
  • Sims who are looking for lovers but can't find a match in town will also increase this pressure.
  • If the town has too few sims of child-bearing age, the pressure will be increased.

If this "Pressure" exceeds the value you have specified in the "Immigration Gauge" option, a new immigrant family will be added to the town.
  • Essentially, the higher the gauge, the more pressure is necessary to force an immigration
  • If you want more immigration, reduce the gauge. If you want less, increase it.

Each time the pressure is not met, the mod will display you a story showing how much pressure was produced, then reset the pressure back to "0" and try again to achieve your setting.

So what is a good Gauge value?

"Immigration Gauge" values are specific to your town, so I cannot tell you what value to set.

However, you can get a feeling for the pressure in your town by doing the following :
  • Set the gauge to a really large number, say "1000". In a little while, you will receive a notice from the town council showing how much pressure built up in your town over the past cycle. If you want immigration to occur, set the gauge lower than that number.

What if I want to fill up my town RIGHT NOW?
anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Rapid]]
  • Firstly, set the "Immigration Gauge" to a non-zero value. If it is currently set to "0", set it to "1000", as that number will most likely never be achieved.
  • Doing so will unlock the "Lots \ Rapid Immigration" option. Set this value to the number of families you want to immigrate.
  • After you unpause the game, the mod will proceed to immigrate a new family every 10 sim-minutes, up to the number you specified. Voila! Instant population.

Where do these sims come from?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Where]]

Sims immigrated by StoryProgression are created by using the genetics of sims in your Household Bin (the Edit Town Library households, not to be confused with the CAS Sim Bin), or from sims who already reside in your town.

The "Lots \ Chance of Bin Offspring" option defines how often a sim from your Edit Town Library (the bin that stores all your exported sim families) will be used as a genetic parent.

The "Lots \ Chance of Random Offspring" option defines how often the EA sim generator is used to produce a genetic parent.

When those two fail to produce a result, a sim in your town is chosen as the genetic parent.

Once two sims have been chosen, their genetics are mixed to produce an offspring that is then immigrated into town. There is no family linkage between this new sim and it's "parents" other than its genetic heritage.

I have Immigration turned off, but sims are still moving in, why?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Other]]

This mod only disables Story Progression immigration. There are other forms of immigration that will require a separate mod to stop them.
  1. If you have a role object such as a Cash Register or Stylist Station in town, these objects will generate single sims that will move into your town.
    • To prevent this form of immigration, install the Register mod. The mere existence of the mod will stop new role-sims from moving into lots around town.
    • If you wish to completely stop the creation of new homeless role-sims, set "Allow Immigration" to false in Register.
  2. When you import a family from your Sim Bin, there is a chance that a duplicate copy will be left in the homeless bin.
    • Ensure that the "Households \ Allow Homeless Move In" option is set to "False" and any unnecessary homeless sims will be thrown out of town automatically.
    • Note: That by default "Allow Homeless Move In" is "False". The option has since been hidden from normal use due to users improperly enabling it, and is only available if you have the mod's debugging enabled.
  3. If you have the "Pregnancy \ Allow Service NPC" enabled then any service sim that pollinates one of the local residents will be forced to move into town.
    • This is due to an old EA issue where the father of a pregnancy must not be hibernating at the time of the birth.
    • If they are hibernating, their genetics are not provided to the newborn, and the child essentially becomes a clone of the mother.
    • To stop this form of immigration, simply disable the "Pregnancy \ Allow Service NPC" option.
    • Note: This option no longer exists as of v232 and has been replaced with caste options.

Why do the immigrants have the names of my sims?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Naming]]

By default, the "Lots \ Immigration Name" option is set to "Mother-Father", in the same manner as the "Romance \ Marriage Name".
  • In the case of immigrants, their mother and father are the two sims chosen to provide the genetics for the new sim.
  • Depending on your settings, those parents could be either sims from your Library, or sims from around town, meaning their last names may be familiar to you.

You can either change the option to produce "random" names or consider these new sims as long-lost relatives arriving in town.

How is the makeup of the families immigrated by this mod decided?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#How]]

There are numerous options that determine what sort of sims are included in an immigrant family:
  • "Lots \ Chance Of Immigrant Friends" determines the chance that a family will be composed of two non-romantic friends
    • This type of household does not immigrate children
  • "Lots \ Chance Of Partner Immigrant" determines the chance that a family will be composed of a partnered couple, rather than a married couple
    • Note that steady couples can be immigrated with children, and may decide to marry at some point later in the game
  • "Lots \ Chance Of Single Parent Immigrant" determines the chance that a single-parent family will be generated
    • Note that the children will still have two parents listed in their family tree, one will simply be uncontactable
  • "Lots \ Chance of Teen Immigrant" determines the chance of the family not having an adult sim
    • Note, the mod will allow you to immigrate teen-only families, however, you may want to ensure that the "Caste Options" you have specified, allow for such families to exist, once in-town.
    • If you do not change "Caste Options \ Teenagers \ Household: Allow Move: Solo" to "True", the mod may decide to split up the household and move the new sims into families with appropriately aged guardians.
  • "Lots \ Immigrant Chance of Vampire" determines the chance that one of the sims in the family will be a vampire.
    • By default, this value is "0", meaning no vampires will appear in your town from immigration.
  • "Lots \ Immigrant Gender" determines which genders are immigrated
    • Normally this option is set to "Balanced", meaning the mod will attempt to ensure a 50/50 gender split for the town
  • "Lots \ Immigrant Maximum Celebrity Level" determines the maximum celebrity level granted to immigrant sims
    • The level will be randomly chosen from 0 to the given value.
  • "Lots \ Immigration Pet Chance" determines the chance the family will include a pet
    • When successfully rolled, "Lots \ Immigration Pet Maximum" determines the maximum number of pets a family will generate.
  • "Lots \ Immigrate Single Sim Chance" determines the chance of a family containing a single sim being generated
    • This type of household does not immigrate children
  • "Lots \ Whole Family Immigration Size" determines the maximum number of sims generated in a family
    • This determines how many children can be generated for a family, but is not allowed to exceed the "Immigrant Options \ Maximum Size" option.
    • When a "whole family" is immigrated, the chosen lot determines what ages the children will be:
      • Lots containing cribs have the chance to generate babies and toddlers
      • Lots containing single beds have the chance of generating children and teenagers

Immigration pressure reasons will also impact the type of family that is generated :
  • Mail-Order immigration, produced when there are insufficient single sims available for flirting purposes will always generate a single sim
    • The single sim will automatically be assigned as the romantic interest for a single sim in town
  • Career immigration, produced when there are insufficient bosses in town, will automatically assign one of the immigrated sims to the career that requested the immigration.
  • Pregnancy immigration will always produce a sim that is within child-bearing years.

How is emigration handled by this mod?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#Emigration]]

Emigration is handled by the "Lots \ Emigration Ratio" option in Population StoryProgression.
  • By default, this option is set to "0" (Do not emigrate anyone).

Emigration is the opposite of immigration... Families are moved out of town and removed from the game permanently.
  • Most users revile this concept, due to its permanence, so be aware before you enable it.

Under EA Story Progression, emigration is, of course, handled randomly.
  • Once the town reaches a certain density, a neighbour is removed from the game.
  • There is no rhyme or reason for the choice, other than it must be a household that you have not played in the past.

This mod has a number of emigration scenarios that can send a family packing.
  • The primary one is governed by "Emigration Ratio" itself: This option defines how far into Debt a family can become before they resort to leaving town for good.

Normally, one sets "Emigration Ratio" to "100", which means that the family must be bankrupt before the emigration scenario will fire.
  • Their Debt (the amount they owe the bank) must exceed their Assets (their family funds, and the cost of their house and all its furnishings).

This is actually a very difficult thing to do, as the household will first attempt to move to cheaper housing, and then start mooching off relatives and friends when they get desperate.

Other emigration scenarios are the following:
  1. If a family has the maximum number of sims possible, elders in the family will consider leaving town to allow the younger sims to expand their family
    • Controlled by "Sims \ Elder Emigration"
  2. If the town is lacking empty housing, families who are not related to anyone will consider leaving town to allow the bigger families to expand
    • Controlled by "Sims \ Too Crowded Emigration Threshold"
  3. Setting "Emigration Ratio" to "-1" will specify that a particular family should leave town at the next available opportunity

Use Custom Names Only doesn't work!

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Immigration#CustomNameList]]

When re-populating your Homeworld with EA's newly made immigrants, there is a high chance the game will use multiple existing names from your Pre-made Households in Edit Town (commonly known as Game Bin Sims in your Library Folder) and give those new residents their last name.

Usually, this is unacceptable to most gamers, because they don't have family ties with those in the Game Bin.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
  1. Pause the game
  2. Turn on Immigration. See the Story Progression Immigration page if you do not know how to do this.
  3. Within City Hall/Computer> StoryProgression> General Options> Options:Lot> Options:Emigration/Immigration> set the following setting:
    • Chance of Bin Offspring> 0
    • Equal Chance to All Bin Sim> false
    • Immigration Disallow Bin By House> LIST, select all Pre-made Game Bin Sims who's last name you don't want to be used.
    • (Note: The above options will be hidden if the Immigration Gauge is set to 0; set it to some positive number to continue)
  4. Rapid Immigration> 1000
  5. Unpause the game.

The game will now slowly fill your home world with new immigrants, every 10 sim-minutes per household. There is a slight chance that the game will use the last name of one of the Active sims you're currently controlling but if that happens, you can rename them with MasterController.

If you decide to use "Replace Service Sim with Immigrants" under "Options: Sims", be sure to alter those settings under step 3 above as well.

How does Death work in StoryProgression?

There are two distinct forms of death in The Sims 3.

1) Death by old age.

  • These deaths occur naturally, provided you have the aging enabled. Stories concerning the death of an inactive elder sim are produced by the Death Manager.

2) Premature Death.

  • Sims are prone to accidents that can cause their death, such as electrocuting themselves while repairing, or drowning in a pool. These are purely random incidents, that normally only occur to the active family since the inactives tend to be reset automatically if they get into trouble.
  • StoryProgression has the functionality to push deaths on sims. However, unlike EA's version, there is a reason behind the death, rather than simply "so many sims must die if you have this large a town".

Since it is the Personality scenarios that perform the various death inducing actions, the "Death \ Allow Push Death" option is only available when you have one of those optional modules installed, and by default is "False".
  • Once the option is active, whenever a death-inducing scenario fires, such as an Arson, or Smash scenario, there is a chance for the target sim to be sent to the hospital as part of the story.
  • Once at the hospital, the "Deaths \ Push Death Chance" option defines the random chance that the sim will die as a result of their injury.

What happens to a sim's stuff when they die?

If there is another sim living in the household, the dying sim's inventory is passed down to that sim.

However, if you have the Extra module installed before they perish, the mod will perform an "Inheritance" scenario.
  • The day before a sim dies, the sim's inventory will be transferred to close relatives or friends.
    • This is done a day before in order to short-circuit the EA Standard method of deleting inventory items upon a sim's death.
    • If the items are not transferred prior to death, the objects may end up being deleted if there are no other sims in the household.
  • If the household will be left with no adult supervision, any small children will be automatically adopted by close relatives to spare them from the dreaded "Social Worker".
  • Finally, their house and all furnishing will be sold and the cash will be distributed to relatives or friends.
  • Each of these actions will produce a story informing you of what happened and who were the beneficiaries.

Note that if the sim dies through a non-progressed means, the mod may not have time to perform some of these actions before the Core system rears its head.
  • Namely, the transfer of guardianship regarding dependents such as small children or pets cannot be performed if the mod does not know beforehand that the sim is going to die.
    • For natural death, EA Standard sends an "I'm going to die soon" message that the mod can use to start the inheritance process.
    • For unnatural death incurred by Personalities, the mod will perform the actions immediately, before pushing the death on the sim.
  • So, if you manually kill the sim using the MasterController "Force Kill" interaction, only cash inheritance will be performed.
    • Coding for "Ancestral", and saving dependents from the Social Worker will not be performed in these circumstances.
  • Killing a sim using interactions in a separate mod will also have this effect, such as Assassination's interactions.

Where do sims go after death?

Under StoryProgression, all sims in town will create an urnstone when they die. That urnstone will be added to one of the mausoleums in your town.

You can use the "Manage the Dead" option on the mausoleum, while visiting your graveyard, to view the contents, and collect any remains you may wish.

If you choose to delete the urnstones, note that doing so will permanently delete that sim, making it impossible to resurrect them at a future date.

How does employment work?

Careers are assigned to a sim by StoryProgression, based on many different things:

  1. What lifetime want they have.
    • If the want is for the "top of a career" then they will be pushed into the career automatically.
  2. What job their parents have/had.
    • This one pushes sims to follow in their parent's footsteps.
    • The section can be disabled by setting the "Careers \ Allow Family Business" option to "False"
  3. Lastly, a job is chosen based on the traits assigned to the sim.
    • If a sim is a Writer, for instance, they may want to pursue a self-employed Writing career, or join Journalism.
    • Note, if the sim falls into multiple categories, a job will be randomly chosen from the available selection.

How are teenagers handled?

Teenagers are provided part-time jobs in the manner specified above.

If you have the custom Part-time jobs from Careers installed, then those careers will be chosen over the EA versions.

When a sim grows up into a Young Adult, their career will be automatically changed to a full-time career.

How do I stop a sim from getting a job?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Employment#StoppingJobSelection]]

To stop StoryProgression from granting a job to a sim, you can use the "Allow Find Job" Sim Option.
  • Changing this option will stop this mod from altering the career for the sim, allowing you to set the career manually.

If you wish to keep the sim completely unemployed, you must use a placeholder career to stop the Core game from reassigning the sim to fill coworker and boss positions.
  • Either "Register as Retired" at the City Hall, or provide the sim with a self-employed career.
  • You can also use the "Unemployed" custom career available in Careers, to protect the sim from reassignment.

  • Note that you can mass set the career for any number of sims by using MasterController's "Intermediate \ Career \ Choose Job" from the City Hall menu.

If you do set a sim to one of the aforementioned placeholder careers, the mod will never attempt to change the sim's career again.
  • This means if you set a teenager to the career, they will retain the career into adulthood.
  • You will need to remember to change the career manually if you wish the sim to actually work when they grow up.

So, what is the purpose of the "Retired" career in this mod?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Employment#Retired]]

EA Standard has some odd ideas about how to handle careers for the various sims in town.
  • Inactive sims are essentially fodder for the actives and EA has no qualms about dragooning unemployed sims into new careers, whether they want them or not.

This issue is especially obvious with retired sims, who no longer have careers.
  • EA Careers considers these sims to be "unemployed", and therefore available to fill coworker and boss requirements for your active sims

In order to stop this "dragooning", StoryProgression gives retired sims a fake career called "Retired".
  • When you look on the Career Panel, the sim appears to have a career.
  • However, this is simply a facade. The sim is still retired and will continue to receive their pension.

The "Retired" career is also used for similar reasons to protected role sims from dragooning.
  • If you have Register installed, all role sims in town are automatically granted the "Retired" career, allowing them to continue working their assigned role without fear of being pulled into a rabbithole career.

So my sims have jobs, do they actually get promoted and stuff?

Since EA does not normally calculate job performance for inactive sims, this mod handles the process itself, calculating performance every 10 sim-minutes.

Performance is calculated in the same manner as active sims, using the career metrics assigned to the job. So, if your sim is lacking in the Athletic skill he requires to advance, they won't advance as quickly as someone who does have the necessary skill.

The "Careers \ Auto Tones for Inactive" option allows the mod to switch the tones that run while your sim is at work, providing the worker with the ability to meet coworkers or work on a missing skill.

These choices are based on the personality of the sim, so you may find that some sims slack off and get demoted more often than others. This is normal and to be expected.

My sim is in an Ambitions career. Are they progressed as well?

Sims in "Active" careers are handled by this mod. Ghost Hunters will fight ghosts, Private Investigators work out of the Police Station, and Firefighters are sent to fight Arson fires set by Town Personalities.

Other active career sims are pushed to work on whatever object is associated with their job. Stylists and Interior Designers work on the drafting tables, Nectar makers garden and use nectar makers.

Note that YOU must purchase the necessary objects and place them on the sims lot, otherwise the sim will simply slack off and possibly end up in the poorhouse.

My sims keep switching jobs after I specifically set them up. How do I stop that?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Employment#FindJob]]

The mod's trait-scoring system may have different designs for your sims than you do and as such, it is possible for it to switch the career for sims to what it considers to be "more appropriate".
  • Note that sims with placeholder careers, such as Careers Unemployed or the "Retired" career, are ignored by the mod and will never change jobs.

To stop this effect, set "Sim Options \ Allow Find Job" to "False" for that sim.
  • Note: Doing so will stop the sim from changing careers when they age-up from a teenager and will stop retirement as well

If you are using the "Careers \ Manually Select Careers" option, the mod will automatically disable the career switching system for any sim whose career you choose via the prompt.
  • This allows teenagers to receive jobs when they age-up and allows sims to retire

If your sim has a Lifetime wish for a specific career, the mod will attempt to switch the sim into that career.
  • You can stop this particular effect by setting "Careers \ Assign Dream Job To Employed" to "False"
    • For example: This way, your sim can remain in "Journalism", even though they have a Lifetime Wish to be a "Professional Author"
    • Note: This option is global over all sims in town.
  • "Allow Find Job" will stop this effect as well, on a sim-by-sim basis.

If you wish to stop teenagers from being assigned jobs, you can use the "Careers \ Assign Jobs To Teens" option.
  • Note: Sims left totally unemployed are subject to dragooning by the EA Careers system, and can be used to fill coworker and boss requirements for your active sims.
  • If you wish to leave your sims unemployed, you must provide them a placeholder career, such as Careers Unemployed or the "Retired" career.
  • Note: This option is global over all sims in town.
  • "Allow Find Job" will stop this effect as well, on a sim-by-sim basis.

You may also set "Careers \ Auto Find Job" to "False", and disable the entire career placement system in this mod.
  • Note that doing so will leave all sims unemployed until you or the EA Careers dragooning system places them.

I would like to have different sims attend separate schools in my town. How do I set that up?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Employment#Schools]]

So, you have a single school, with a pile of students encountering routing issues, attempting to get in the front door each morning?
Or, you want to specify certain sims to go to different schools?

There are several methods to handle splitting up a town's school population.
  1. In Careers, there is a "School" module, which provides a number of custom speciality schools for teenagers and children.
    • When installed, Career StoryProgression will automatically reassign sims to these schools, which are attached to other rabbitholes around town.
    • Doing so reduces the number of students that attend the EA Standard school rabbithole.
    • Note that StoryProgression will assign sims to these "Private" schools based on the "Private School" and "Public School" castes, which by default differentiate between sims based on how much "Net Worth" their families hold.
    • You can alter which schools are deemed "Public" by altering the "Options: Careers \ Options: School \ Considered Public School" option.
  2. From the Lot Menu, you can alter which castes are allowed to attend school at the lot on which the school rabbithole exists
    • So to change a school to be "Teenagers Only", change the "Caste: Require" to include "Teenagers"
    • To change a school to be "Children Only", change the "Caste: Disallowed" to include "Teenagers"
    • It is best to not use 'Caste: Require' on all school lots in town. Doing so would destroy the careers of YA or older sims who work in the Education career since they will not be allowed in their places of work.
    • You can, if you want, use a Children caste in some similar combination but don't make one lot Teenagers Only and the other Children Only as that will also prevent adults from taking classes at either school or from going to work if they are in the Education career.
    • Note there is a delay between a sim aging up and the mod validating their school assignment. However, the mod should eventually move the sim to an appropriate rabbithole (if one exists). Also note that the GoHere mod is required to be present for sims to honor the lot caste restrictions.

How does Romance work?

Romantic progression is a central part of Story Progression since it eventually leads to marriage and the creation of the next generation in the form of children.

Romantic interests are generated by the Flirt Manager on a periodic basis by choosing sims which are attracted to one another and simulating a date between them. You will receive a "Flirt" story when this occurs, informing you of the action.

After a certain amount of time, the romantic couple may then be chosen for a "Partnering" action, that will set the two sims as "Steady", after which the Romance Manager takes over.

Periodically, the Romance Manager will choose a steady couple and score them on the possibility of marriage. If both sims score positively, the couple will be married by the mod.

How is gender preference defined by the mod?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Romance#Preference]]

By default, gender preference is normally undefined for a sim until the user directs them to engage in a "Romantic" social interaction.
  • When performed, the game alters the preference for both sims to match

Since most sims are by default undecided as to preference, this makes matching them up based on gender preference very difficult.
  • To correct this issue, the mod will assign a gender preference to all undecided sims in the game.

Gender preference is defined by two options in the mod:
  • "Flirt \ Chance of Gay Sim" defines the chance that an undecided sim will be set as attracted to the same gender
  • "Flirt \ Chance of Bisexual Sim" defines the chance that an undecided sim not chosen to be gay will be attracted to both genders

Sims whose gender preferences are already set will not be affected by these options.
  • If you wish to reroll your town, use MasterController Cheats' "Sim \ Intermediate \ Gender Preference", and set the values back to "0", "0"
  • Within the sim-day, the mod will automatically reroll any undecided sims and redefine their preference.

Note that because the chance rolls for Gay and Bisexual sims are stacked, to receive a specific ratio of bisexual sims you need to do some math:

For instance: If you want 20% Gay, and 60% Bisexual
  • Set "Flirt \ Chance of Gay Sim" to "20"
  • Set "Flirt \ Chance of Bisexual Sim" to "75"
    • This is because only 80% of the population will fail the Gay chance roll
    • So to achieve 60% of the total population, you need "60 / 80" = 0.75, or 75% or what remains.

If you want a 100% Gay/Bi population set "Flirt \ Chance of Bisexual Sim" to "100".
  • Doing so will catch all the sims that fail the Gay check and make them bisexual

So my sims got married, but they are still living apart, why?

The mod will attempt to combine the households for the newlyweds. If one house has sufficient space to hold the newlyweds and all their dependents, the mod will move them in together.

If neither home has sufficient space, and the two families have sufficient family funds, the mod will attempt to purchase a new home for them to live in. There must be an empty home in their price range available in town for this action to occur.

If you find that the two sims are still living apart, even though they have enough space or enough money to purchase a home, it is possible that the sims simply like living apart.

Even if the sims live apart, they are still able to procreate and produce a family (the newborns will live with their mother). With the Money StoryProgression module installed, any absentee parent whose net worth exceeds the child's net worth will periodically pay child support.

Okay, what about out-of-wedlock children?

If you have the "Pregnancy \ Chance of Unexpected" option higher than "0", there is a chance that any romantic action will produce an unintended pregnancy.

When this happens, sims who score high in marriage will have a "Shot-gun" marriage, for which you will receive a story.

If the sims choose to stay single, the mother's household will raise the child. Child support will be paid by the father, as noted in the previous section.

What about affairs?

With the Relationship StoryProgression module installed, affairs can occur amongst the steady/married population.

Whether a sim engages in affairs, is both trait-scored and based on the "Romance \ Affair Chance" option. For instance, sims with "Commitment Issues" and "Flirty" traits are more likely to look outside the marriage for companionship.

The chance of being caught in an illicit relationship is based on how sneaky the couple are, how observant the spouse is, and how high you have the "Romance \ Cheat Discovery Chance" set.

When caught, the fallout can be severe with married couples divorcing, moving out, and splitting up any children. However, not all marriages will end in acrimony and some sims may choose to continue living together for the sake of the children.

Note, if the spouse is just as flirty as their partner, then it is possible that they won't care about the extramarital activities at all and may choose to engage in some action on the side as well.

How do I prevent sims from getting into a romance?

There are many reasons you may wish to disable romance for a given sim. It may not fit the storytelling of your world, or your playable sim might have an eye on them.

Fortunately, it is easy to disable romance for an individual sim by using the Story Progression menus. Click on the sim in question and use "Nraas" - "Story Progression" - "Sim Options", and set "Allow Romance" to "False". Once set for a sim, they will no longer be used by Story Progression and your own sim can flirt with them freely without fear.

Of course, the sim might still autonomously flirt with other sims without being pushed by Story Progression, so you must still stay alert.

What are arranged marriages?

The "Arranged Marriage: Sim" and "Arranged Marriage: Caste" option can be used to persuade a sim, or set of sims, to marry a specific type of sim in town.
  • Note that this option is ignored if the sim is already married.

When "Arranged Marriage: Sim" is set :
  • The mod immediately stops pushing flirt pushes between the sim and anyone other than the sim specified in the option.
  • When the "Romance" manager cycles, the mod will attempt to initiate an engagement between the two sims.
  • Once engaged, marriage proceeds just like any other mod initiated marriage.
  • Note: If the sims are too young to be married, the process will hold off until they are eligible.

Arranged Marriages will not proceed if any other gating condition that would normally stop a marriage exists between the two sims.
  • Such as sims in opposing clans, or whose options explicitly deny marriage with the other sim

"Arrange Marriage: Caste" allows the user to specify a set of sims, rather than a specific one.
  • The option allows you to force marriage to only low wealth sims for instance, or any caste set you can define.
  • Choices are sorted by attraction-level, so the most attractive choices are considered first. However, less attractive choices will be chosen if no others exist.
  • This option automatically sets "Arranged Marriage: Sim". If that option is already set, the "Arranged Marriage: Caste" option is ignored.

Does StoryProgression affect the gender of active sim pregnancies?

Depending on the options you have set in the mod, it is possible that it will override the EA Standard methods of handling gender.

When the "Pregnancy \ Newborn Gender" option is set to "Balanced", the mod will attempt to ensure that there is an equal number of males and females in the town.
  • To do so, the mod will force the gender of any new pregnancy to one gender or the other.
  • In doing so, the apples and watermelon system will no longer work as a means to alter pregnancy gender
  • Note that if the pregnancy produces multiple children, the gender of the second or third child will be completely random

It is possible to use MasterController Cheats "Basic \ Baby \ Baby Gender" to change the gender of a pregnancy to whatever you wish. StoryProgression will not attempt to change it back if you do so.

Do I need to add cribs to my households, in order for the sims to have babies?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Pregnancy#BabyCribs]]

It is not required that you have a crib on the lot for sims to become pregnant.

What will happen though, is once a sim does become pregnant, the "Home Inspection" system will attempt to locate a new home for them where a crib does exist.
  • If no eligible home can be located, then the family will stay put, and the pregnancy will progress regardless

Note that immigrant families will not be created with baby or toddler aged sims unless the household selected for them has a crib available.
  • This is a means of defining diversity amongst the immigrant families and ensures that not all immigrant families are cut from the same mould.
  • Once the immigrant families are settled, however, they can become pregnant just like any other resident sim, regardless of cribs.

What changes to genetics does this mod perform?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Pregnancy#Genetics]]

Extra StoryProgression contains coding to adjust the genetics inheritance performed when a new sim is born in-game.

The main option is "Pregnancy \ Genetic Skin Blending" which alters how the skin tones are inherited.
  • Under EA Standard, skin tone is inherited from one parent or the other, it is never a combination of the two.
    • So if you have a Dark Green mother and a Light Blue father, your children will always be either Dark Green or Light Blue
  • Under this mod:
    1. A skin base is chosen from one of the parents.
      • So either Green or Blue in the above example.
    2. Then the tone is altered to be a combination of the mother and father.
      • This can lead to having a Light Green or a Dark Blue, in addition to the EA Standard genetics

A second section called "Pregnancy \ Advanced Genetics" is also available which alters how the various genetic sliders are processed.
  • After a number of generations, EA Standard's genetics will lead to a homogeneous population where everyone looks the same because there is no mutation at the slider level.
    • Facial blends under EA Standard are inherited in sets. For instance: All the Nose sliders are inherited from one parent or the other, never a mixture of both.
      • This method serves as a means of reducing the chance your child will be a freak of nature, where one slider from the mother does not match up properly with one from the father.
      • The method also serves as a way of saying "You inherited your father's nose and your mother's eyes" since that is exactly how the genetics work
    • This works fine as long as you keep adding new sims with new genetics into the town. However, if your town is a closed community, eventually everyone will end up looking the same.
  • "Advanced Genetics" in alters that approach by adding an increased mutation rate for individual sliders.
    • Not much, but hopefully enough to add some variety to each new generation.
    • The mutation rate is governed by "Pregnancy \ Blend Mutation Chance" and "Pregnancy \ Blend Mutation Travel"

In addition to genetic mutation, "Pregnancy \ Inherit Grandparent Blend Chance" defines the chance that a facial section
will be inherited from a grandparent.
  • Under EA Standard, only the genetics of the immediate parents are used, which does not allow for genetics Mendel style genetics.
  • Note that the grandparent sims must exist in full-sim form in town to be usable, however, they can be dead.

The mod adds the chance of identical twins being born, defined by the "Pregnancy \ Chance of Identical Twins" option
  • The option does not increase the chance of twins or triplets. It simply determines the chance that such pregnancies will produce identical children.

Note that other genetic features such as Eye Color and Hair Color are not controlled by this mod.
  • The method of inheritance for those sections are governed by EA Standard "Genetics" tuning.

How does this mod affect occult offspring?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Pregnancy#Occult]]

As of Version 226, the mod operates under the following rules for determining occult offspring:

If your town exceeds the "Sims \ Town Occult Ratio" new births for an inactive family will always be human.
  • Note that active births are not included in this restriction, so you can easily exceed your ratio by having your active family conceive

Occult children will follow the EA Standard occult selection for their initial occult state.
  • So, if you have two occult parents, the newborn should always inherit a single occult state from one of the parents

If you set "Pregnancy \ Chance of Occult Offspring" to greater than "0", it is possible for a newborn to inherit multiple occult states, and become a hybrid.
  • Each occult state from the parents and grandparents for the newborn is given a "Chance of Occult Offspring" random roll, and any successes are applied to the child.
  • This means that if you have the chance set to "100", all newborns will inherit the occult states of both parents
    • This can lead to Werewolf-Fairies, Fairy-Witches, etc. depending on the makeup of the parent sims
  • If you have the chance set to "50", there is a 50% percent chance that the newborn will inherit an additional occult from their parents, and so on.
  • Note that the newborn should always receive at least one occult state via the EA Standard inheritance, even if you have the value set to "0".

Note if your sim parents are hybrid sims, it is not necessarily the case your child will be as well.
  • If you have the chance set to anything less than "100", it is quite possible that the newborn will roll a failure for any additional occult.

Note if you wish to unlock the full potential of hybrids, you will require a separate mod to do so: Hybrid
  • If you do not use the mod, certain occult-related interactions will be hidden for mixed-occult sims, however, the sim will otherwise be completely playable.

Can my sims acquire debt?

Money StoryProgression allows sims to acquire and hold debt. Whenever a progression event occurs where the sim lacks sufficient family funds, the mod will apply the balance to their debt load, with the expectation that they will pay it off in the future.

Inactive debt is handled as a "Line of Credit" with no interest burden. The inactive sim can pay off as much as they want, and do so regularly.

If you have the "Money \ Unified Billing" option enabled, inactive sims will be required to pay their weekly taxes, which under EA Standard they could simply ignore and not pay with no retribution.

If you want the mod to cease managing your inactive sim's finances, turn off the "Allow Money" household option.

So, what happens when the debt becomes too big?

Once the debt load of a family reaches a certain point, various scenarios will start firing in an attempt to reduce the load :

  1. Families with mooch sims will fire the "Debt Mooch" scenario and attempt to connive funds out of friendly neighbours. This scenario is governed by "Money \ Debt Mooch Ratio".
  2. Families will attempt to move to a smaller/cheaper house to save on expenses. This scenario is governed by "Money \ Debt Move Ratio".
  3. Families will be split apart and merged into friendly neighbouring households. This scenario is governed by "Money \ Debt Split Ratio".
  4. If you have Emigration enabled, a bankrupt family may decide to simply leave town. This scenario is governed by "Lots \ Emigration Ratio".

The more serious consequences will only occur when the amount of debt your family has acquired has reached a significant proportion. Normally, a Split will almost never occur, as the family will find a cheap enough home to live in, based on their income.

Okay, so how do the inactive sims make money?

The standard method of making money is, of course, via whatever careers the sims in the family are working in. Going to work in a rabbithole will automatically acquire a sim a living wage.

If your sim works in an Ambitions career, there are pushes for them to work as well. Ghost Hunters will perform spirit catching jobs around town, Private Investigators will work in the Police Station. Stylists and Interior Designers will work on a drawing board, provided one is available on their home lot.

The Skill StoryProgression module also contains many different pushes that can increase a families finances. Sims can collect metal, gems, and insects and sell them for a profit, as well as fish at any available fishing hole you have in town.

Pushes for most skills, such as Painting, Writing, Sculpting, Gardening, Nectar Making, and Inventing are also performed, provided the appropriate object is available on the family lot. Goods produced by these interactions are sold for profit.

These various activities are controlled by options specified in the "Situations" manager listing.

If the sim is associated with a personality, then it is possible that a robbery or bribery event will improve your families disposition.

Beyond taxes, what do inactive sims spend money on?

There are pushes to purchase vehicles, either cars or bicycles, depending on the sim's preference. Inventory objects, such as computers and musical instruments, can also be purchased.

  • These various activities are controlled by options under the "Money" manager listing.

Your sim can also be robbed by a Personality, or have their objects destroyed, requiring a replacement cost.

I would like my active family to take out a loan, how do I do so?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Money#Loans]]

When you have Money StoryProgression installed, a new interaction is added to the Business Rabbithole allowing you to take out a loan.

You can request any amount for your loan, however, the bank will charge you a different interest rate if you exceed your family's net worth, due to the high risk of default.
  • The regular interest rate is defined by: "Options: Money \ Options: Debt and Taxes \ Bank Loan Rate"
  • The "High Risk" interest rate is defined by: "Options: Money \ Options: Debt and Taxes \ Bank Loan Rate: High Risk"

The interaction immediately grants you the requested funds and applies a debt to your family which includes the interest to be paid.

The game automatically adds a portion of the debt repayment to each of your property tax bills, as defined by "Options: Money \ Options: Debt and Taxes \ Active Debt Paydown" until your family has paid the debt off.

Note that you cannot request a loan if your family's Net Worth is already below "0" (you are bankrupt).
  • Net Worth is calculated as "Family Funds" + "Lot/Furnishing Value" - "Debt"

Your current debt load can be viewed via "Household Options \ Debt".

An additional interaction available on the Business Rabbithole, allows you to pay back any amount of your outstanding loan, whenever you want.

What are rental properties, and how are they handled by the mod?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Money#Rental]]

In Phase Fifteen of the mod, the concept of Rental Properties was introduced.
  • The mod uses the "Real Estate" functionality added with the World Adventures Patch to simulate you owning multiple lots around town.

This functionality is only available when you have the Money StoryProgression module installed.

You can purchase a rental lot using the Phone interaction "Real Estate \ Purchase Rental Lot".
  • Note that while on vacation, this interaction reverts back to the "Purchase Vacation Home" interaction.

When you initially create a rental lot, you pay the current owner of the lot the "unfurnished" cost of the lot in family funds.
  • If there is no current occupant, you simply pay the town the unfurnished cost of the lot.

The lot is now considered by the mod to be worth only the cost of the furnishings, making it far cheaper for families to move in.
  • Note that if you move your active family into such a lot, you may need to pay full price.
  • The mod will reimburse you any funds afterwards if you overpaid.

The Deed Owner of the lot is responsible for taxes on the "unfurnished" portion of the property cost:
  • However, the town only requires you to pay 1% property tax on that cost (the same as for vacation homes).

The Occupant of the lot is responsible for taxes on the furnishings, as normal, as well as paying a rent to the Deed Owner.
  • The Rent paid is a percent of the "unfurnished" portion of the property cost, which can be set using "Lot Options \ Rent Multiple"
  • By default, the multiple is set to "2%". Since the Deed owner pays 1% tax on the property, the extra 1% is profit.
  • Note that rent is paid digitally direct to the deed owner, you will have no say in whether you pay it or not.
    • The "No Bills Ever" Lifetime want does not apply to rent

What are Personalities?

Town Personalities are optional components of StoryProgression. They define a "clan" of sims in your town that are pushed around to serve some purpose in the game.

The Clan is composed of a Leader, who is chosen based on a specific trait-scoring, and a number of members, who are chosen based on rules defined for the clan.
  • For instance, the Bike's clan is made of the partners of the Bike's victims
  • While the Thug's clan is made up of impressionable teenagers.

Personalities serve as polarizing agents in your town, mixing things up, inciting love or hate, and adding a chaotic element to what is normally a very orderly town.
  • They also serve to spread occult states around town, which would otherwise only be spread through breeding or immigration.

How does a Personality choose its next action?

The frequency of personality scenarios is based on the following :
  1. The "Speed" of the Personality manager itself dictates how often the mod rechecks each personality
  2. The "Increased Chance Per Cycle" determines the percent chance of a personality firing a scenario whenever the manager cycles
    • This is a cumulative value. Meaning, if the personality fails to run a scenario in the first cycle, the next time it's checked, it will have double the chance, then triple the chance and so on up until a 100% chance.
      • So if the chance is currently 15%, the next cycle it will be 30% and then 45% etc. until the chance roll actually succeeds
    • The cumulative value resets whenever a successful action is fired for the personality
    • There is an individual option for each of the personalities

When the personality is successful and chooses to fire an action, the choice is based on a weighted chance:
  • Each possible scenario has a "Weight" assigned to it, as noted in the interactions for the personality
  • The higher a weight, relative to the other weights, the greater the chance that it will be chosen to be run.
    • Since these values are relative to each other, if you increase all the weights equally, the chance for each will not change.
  • For example :
    • The sum of all the weights for "Bike" is "130"
    • The weight for "Canoodle" is "50"
    • So the chance of a "Canoodle" being chosen over any of the other actions is: 50/130 or 38%
    • Increase the weight of the "Canoodle" to "100" and the chance becomes: 100/180 or 56%
  • If the scenario fails because there are no possible choices in town, the mod will mark that scenario and run the weighted chance again to choose a different one.

Can I turn a Personality off, if I don't like it?

Since the personalities are stored in sets, you may want to turn off one but leave another running. For that, each personality has its own "Enable Progression" option.

Setting that option to "False" will be put the personality into hibernation. The Leader will retain its title and all members will remain but no further actions will be fired for the personality.

What if I want to just turn off one of the actions?

Each action a personality can perform is listed under that personalities options listing: They are called "Weight: <name>".

Weights define the probability that one action will be chosen over the other available choices. For instance, doubling the size of the weight value will make it twice as likely to fire, while making all the other actions less likely to occur.

If you want to disable an action entirely, set the value to "0".

I want the personality to be more active, how do I do that?

Each personality has a chance of firing an action each time the Personalities manager cycles. This value is cumulative, and will eventually lead to a 100% chance of the personality performing an action.

To alter the chance, change the "Increased Chance Per Cycle" option for the personality. Set it higher, and the personality will be more active in the community.

This is particularly useful if you have a severe Vampire infestation and the Slayer or Helsing leaders are slacking off. Increase the chance they will fire to "100" and the sims should start slaying far more often. Just remember to set the value back to a smaller value afterwards.

What is the "Karma Count" value used for?

Several of the personalities have internal counters available to them.
  • Various scenarios fired by the clan will either increment or decrement the value of a counter, allowing the mod to track the historical progression of the clan.

In the case of "Karma", it is a means to define whether the clan has been bad or good.
  • For instance, whenever the Nosferatu performs a malicious against the townsfolk, the Karma for the clan goes down.
  • When the towns-folk retaliate against the Nosferatu, the clan's Karma goes up.
    • Retaliation is only allowed when the Karma drops below a certain level. Once the Karma is balanced, the towns-folk stop attacking the clan.

How are vampires handled by StoryProgression?

Phase Eight of the mod has been written to include the new functionality added by Late Night, most notably Vampires and Celebrities.

The addition of Vampires to your town is completely optional and is disabled by default.

So I want Vampires in my town, how do I enable that?

To immigrate vampires into town, do the following:
  1. Change "Lots \ Immigration/Emigration \ Immigrant Occult Chance" to a value higher than "0".
  2. Change "Lots \ Immigration/Emigration \ Immigrant Occult" to include "Vampires".

The next time an immigrant family is added, that chance will define whether the new sim is a vampire.
  • You can also use MasterController Cheats "Sim \ Intermediate \ Occult" to manually set any number of sims in your town to be Vampires.

Once the vampires are in town, it is the "Vampires and Slayers" Personality set that governs how they are progressed. Installing that set will initiate an ongoing battle between vampires siring new vampires, and the slayers vanquishing them.

Note: If you have "Allow Push Death" disabled (it is such by default), then a "Slay" simply transforms the vampire back into a human, rather than outright killing them. So there is no need to worry about your vampires getting killed unless you desire it.

If you wish to protect some of your vampires from slaying, set the "Allow Personality" Sim/Household/Town option to "False" for those sims. Doing so will stop them from participating in any personality action.

Leaders of clans cannot be slain, ensuring that the battle will continue even if the slayers end up turning the tide and defeating everyone else in town.

What happens if the Vampires overrun the town?

Vampires are strictly regulated by the mod, via the "Sims \ Town Occult Ratio". By default, at most 50% of your town is allowed to be an occult sim.

Note: Setting the "Town Occult Ratio" to "0" will stop this mod from creating of new vampires in your town, either through immigration, or genetic inheritance.
  • However, any existing vampires will remain unaffected.
  • If you wish to remove the existing vampire population, use MasterController Cheats' "Sim \ Intermediate \ Occult" from the City Hall Menu, with a filter of "Occult Type" - "Vampire". Use the interaction to set all the sim's occult type to "None".

When the cap is reached, immigration of new vampires is disabled, and any new births from vampire couples will be automatically cured. The Personality actions that govern siring will also be disabled until the number of vampires in town is decreased.

So, what about the other occult types?

Other occult sims are handled in a similar manner as Vampires, utilizing the immigration and personality system to spread their influence through the town.

Under Phase Fifteen: Werewolves and Fairies have a personality modules similar to that of the Vampires.
  • Note that though Werewolves are hunted by Helsing, the Fairy population has no natural enemy in-game.
  • To control Fairy population, use the "Sims \ Town Occult Ratio" to limit the mod to a certain size population.

Further occult personalities will be released as time permits.

What prompts a family to move to a new lot?

There are multiple reasons for StoryProgression to push a family to split apart, merge together, or outright move to a new lot.

The largest scenario is called "Home Inspection", however, it is not the only scenario that moves sims around town.

Note: Resident sims should never be rendered homeless by the mod. If that occurs, then it is an error and should be reported.

Note that since splitting a household requires that the family have sufficient funds to purchase an entirely new house, it may not be possible for the family to move until they have accrued the funds to do so.

What is "Home Inspection"?

The primary element is governed by "Lots \ Rigorous Home Inspection" which forces the mod to test to see whether the lot has sufficient objects to satisfy the population of the family living there.

Periodically, the mod will test home inspection: If the inspection fails, the family will search for an unoccupied residential lot that satisfies the family requirements, and if they can afford to move, they will do so.

By default, "Rigorous Home Inspection" checks the number of bed slots that are available. However, it can be expanded to check for other objects as well.

"Lots \ Home Inspection Crib Count" checks whether there are sufficient cribs in the household to satisfy the number of babies and toddlers living in the home.

"Lots \ Home Inspection Double Bed Count" checks whether there are sufficient double beds to satisfy the number of partnered sims living there.

"Lots \ Home Inspection Career Objects" checks whether the necessary self-employment career objects are available on the lot.
  • For instance, a Painter requires an Easel and may choose to move to a home where one is available.

Note, it is not necessarily the case that the entire household will move.
  • If there are adult aged children living in the home, and the family has sufficient family funds to purchase a completely new home, it is possible that a sim will move out on their own to satisfy the inspection requirements.

Okay, any other reasons that may prompt a family to move?

Rich sims, whose family funds exceed the ratio specified by "Money \ Wealth Move Ratio" will periodically seek out a more expensive lot to move into.

Poor sims, which have a debt that exceeds the ratio specified by "Money \ Debt and Taxes \ Debt Move Ratio" will attempt to locate a cheaper home, selling the old lot to pay off their debt.

Married couples, who are currently living on separate lots will attempt to move in together.
  • Note though, that any existing dependents will be moved with them, which may necessitate a larger more expensive home.

If the "Ancestral" Household Option is enabled on a lot, the mod will attempt to move a relative into the lot to ensure that it is not sold when the elder sim dies. The sim chosen for this duty is governed by "Deaths \ Ancestral First Choice"

If the final adult dies on a lot, in order to stop the Social Worker from stealing any abandoned children, the mod will move those children to new households around town. The mod will attempt to place sims with relatives, but if none exist, they will be adopted by friends.

Sims who dislike each other will try to move away from each other.
  • This is called the "Broken Home" scenario. It may occur after a bad breakup, or simply because two roommates have had a falling out.
  • Phase Twelve introduced the concept of "Opposing Breakup", where sims from opposing clans will attempt to move away from each other.
    • This option can be disabled via "Personalities \ Breakup Opposing Clans"

What about homeless sims?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Moving#Homeless]]

By default, StoryProgression tends to treat homeless sims as social pariahs and attempts to eliminate them by emigrating them out of town.

When you load a save-game which does not contain StoryProgression options (such as a new game, or a game created prior to installation), the mod will prompt you to immediately emigrate all the existing homeless sims.
  • Note, even if you say no, the mod will still come along in about 1000 sim-minutes and remove the sims anyway.
  • If you want to retain those homeless, you must move them into residences prior to the mod deleting them.
    • The use of MasterController's "Add Sim" and a filter of "Type of Sim \ Homeless" may help in this matter.
  • Or alternatively, turn off "Options: Household \ Manage Homeless" and manually deal with the homeless population yourself

However, there are certain checks in place to protect some types of homeless sims:
  1. Role sims assigned to an object in town are allowed to persist, since throwing them out of town would simply spawn new ones.
    • If you have Register mod installed, these sims are moved into the Service Population Household to get them off the streets, making the demographics look prettier.
  2. Sims that are closely related to the active family are immediately moved into a household in town.
    • These are usually the result of using "Kick Out" on the Move Window and are protected from emigration in this mod.

Other types of homeless sims are generally considered to be the result of errors. Importing from the Library, for instance, can create duplicates of the imported sims and add them to the homeless population.

So, I have been receiving notices that a couple has been unable to move in together, why?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Moving#Stranded]]

There are multiple reasons why a couple would be unable to move in together :
  1. Neither of the sim's existing households has enough space to move the sim and their dependents onto the lot
    • The "Household Options \ Maximum Size" setting defines how many humans are allowed to be stuffed into the family.
  2. The Home Inspection settings do not allow for the sims to be moved onto the lot
    • Settings such as "Lots \ Home Inspection Career Objects" will stop sims from moving to houses which do not satisfy their career requirements.
  3. The combined funds of the two households are not sufficient to purchase a large enough lot to satisfy the couple and their dependents
    • If part of the household is going to remain in the old house, only the family funds available to the household is available to use during a new purchase
    • Otherwise, the full cost of the lot and the family funds can be put towards the purchase of a new lot
  4. There is no unoccupied lot available in town within the cost range of both households combined
  5. One of the households has the "Household Options \ Household: Allow Move"turned off.
    • The option stops sims from leaving the family, and any being added to the family
  6. One of the households has the "Household Options \ Ancestral" enabled, and the moving sim is the head of the family (the oldest sim in the household)
    • If both households have "Ancestral" enabled, neither sim will be able to move into the other's household

Dependents are defined by the following :
  1. Any baby, toddler, child, or teenager aged sim in the household that has a parent who is moving, and whose other parent does not live in the household will be included
  2. If one of the parents is remaining in the old household, trait-scoring is used to determine whether the child stays or goes.
  3. If "Households \ Allow Teen-Teen Move" is enabled, teenagers are not included as dependents

When two sims move in together, what determines which household they use?

In the case of two sims getting married and moving in together, where both households have sufficient space for the new sim and all their dependents, it is the "Households \ Move In Preference" option that determines which is used.
  • When the option is set to "Husband", the mod will attempt to move the couple into the husbands household
  • When set to "Wife", the mod uses the wives home preferentially
    • Note if the first choice of household is invalid, the mod will use the other sim's household instead

  • When set to "Either", the mod scores the households based on the number of dependents that must be moved and the composition of sims that will be remaining in the family.
    • The family with fewer sims is granted a more positive scoring.
    • Families with elders are given preference over those with none, to ensure that the house still transitions to a relative when the elders eventually pass on.
    • Families who are leaving relatives are given preference over those containing roommates.

How does StoryProgression handle skill gain?

Under a non-modded game, inactive sims gain skill in one of two ways :
  • By performing skill building interactions on various objects around town
  • By receiving the skill artificially due to hand-outs provided by several key systems in-game
    • EA Careers is the largest culprit, providing free skills whenever an inactive sim is promoted.
    • Inactive sims are also provided random skills whenever they age-up

While the artificial increase of skills is *supposed* to simulate the sims gaining the skills themselves over time, the developer simply considers it a free random hand-out that does not take into account the sim's personality.

Under this mod, skill gain in the game for the inactive population is actually the same as for the active sims.
  • Namely, whenever an inactive performs a skill-building action, they will gain skill.
  • This mod attempts to disable all artificially induced skill gains in the Core game, to a varying degree of success.

To compensate for the lack of hand-outs, Skill StoryProgression pushes sims to perform the various interactions that increase skill level.
  • Sims interested in painting, who have an Easel available on their lot, will paint pictures, sell them for money, and in doing so increase in Painting skill

So which skills are handled by this mod?

Whether a sim is pushed to gain skill or not is based on trait-scoring. As such you may notice any number of sims gaining certain skills faster than others.
  • In general, whenever a sim is pushed to gain skill, a story will be generated detailing the event.

If a sim has not yet attended a course for the skill at a rabbithole (provided a course exists), it is possible the mod will push them to attend one.
  • Note, the sim will be forced to pay the course fee, just like the active sims

There are explicit pushes in Skill StoryProgression for the following skills :
  • Collecting
    • Though not a skill you can level up in, the mod is able to push eligible sims to collect metal/rock/gems, insects, as well as excavate ruins
    • This push is used to progress sims in the "Collector" self-employed career, available in Careers SelfEmployed
  • Fishing
    • There must be a fishing hole available on a public lot somewhere in town
  • Gardening
    • The sim must have harvestable plants on their home-lot
  • Guitar
    • Sims will be pushed to "Play For Tips" on a public lot
  • Handiness
    • The sim is pushed to fix objects that require repair around town.
    • A number of Personalities have scenarios that break things, increasing the supply of such objects
  • Inventing
    • The sim must have access to an Invention Workbench on their home-lot
  • Logic / Chess
    • There must be a usable Chess Board available on a public lot somewhere in town
  • Martial Arts
    • Sims are pushed to work out on Training Dummies
  • Nectar Making
    • The sim must have access to a working Nectar Maker on their home-lot, and harvestable ingredients that can be used in nectar making
  • Painting
    • The sim must have access to an Easel on their home-lot
  • Photography
    • This is the only simulated skill push in the mod, as the complexity of taking photos would simply be too time-consuming to code
    • Periodically, any eligible sim with a camera
  • Sculpting
    • The sim must have access to a Sculpting Station on their home-lot
  • Writing
    • The sim must have access to a working computer on their home-lot, or a laptop in their inventory and a table to use it at.

So what happens when a sim gains a skill?

Normally, when an inactive sim gains a skill level, the user is completely unaware of the event.

Since it is this mod's purview to keep you informed about the various happenings around town, it is also obliged to provide a notification whenever an inactive sim gains in skill.
  • You can reduce the number of these notices by changing the "Skills \ Stories" option, and filtering by whom you are most interested in.
  • Note that by doing so, you will *not* alter the notices displayed for the active sims. Those notices are not controlled by this mod

I saw an inactive sim gain multiple skill levels back-to-back, what's wrong?

Most likely, nothing is wrong.

To conserve on processing power, EA Standard does not simulate inactive sims as often as the active family.
  • In doing so, a sim could actually work out for many sim-hours without recalculating their skill gain.
  • When the simulator finally does check in on the sim, it might be necessary to provide them multiple skill levels simultaneously to account for the length of time they were using the object.
    • This is most noticeable in regards to Athletic equipment. Since inactive sims do not calculate needs in the same way as actives, it is possible for them to work out on exercise equipment for many many sim-hours without growing tired.

It is also possible that the inactive sim received a bonus for performing a childhood activity, which forced the skill level up rapidly.
  • For instance, playing the xylophone while younger translates into a higher Music skill level when the sim ages up to a teenager.

I want to change the rate of the skill gain, how do I do that?

If you want to reduce the number of pushes that this mod performs, in regards to skills :
  • Alter the "Skills \ Cycle Speed" to be a larger value. Doing so increases the time between push scenario checks

If you want to reduce the overall skill gain rate and make a skill slower to gain for everyone :

How does the mod handle pets?

There are multiple methods in which pets are generated in the game :
  1. Adoption
    • This is a form of immigration, where the sim is either pulled from the EA adoption pool or generated using the immigration options you have set
    • Note that horses will never be adopted by families whose lots do not contain a horse stall. This is a means of stopping apartments from adopting large animals.
  2. Pregnancy
    • The Pregnancy manager periodically runs a scenario that couples pets together and impregnates them
  3. Immigration
    • Human immigrant families have the chance to include a pet when they are added to the game.

For adoption, the "Household Options \ Base Number of Pets" determines the base number of pets a family strives to have in their household
  • This value is adjusted by trait-scoring performed on the oldest human in the household.
  • If they are an animal lover, for instance, they may decide to host more animals than a normal family.
  • The "Pregnancy \ Adoption \ Chance of Another Pet" option governs the chance that a family with a pet decides to adopt another from the pool.

Families which end up with too many pets, either because of a new litter being born or because two families merged into one will attempt to adopt out their excess pets to eligible neighbours.
  • Disabling the "Households \ Allow Inter-Town Adoption" option will stop this process from occurring.
  • The "Households \ Room To Leave: Pets" general option determines the minimum amount of space to leave under the "Household Options \ Maximum Size: Pets" value for the household.

Home Inspection also has options governing pets :
  • The "Households \ Home Inspection Pet Beds" option specifies whether households will attempt to move if they do not have sufficient beds or stalls to house their current pet population.
  • Note that home inspection does not stop pet pregnancies, it merely determines whether a family will decide to move in the future, once the new litter arrives.

I would like to limit the number of pets in my game, how do I do that?

There are several options available for limiting pets.

The "Sim Options \ Allow Adoption" option will disable adoption of new pets, but not stop new pregnancies.
  • Note that this option will also stop human adoptions as well.
  • Pet adoption is performed by the oldest sim in the household, so make sure that you change the option for that sim, or for the whole household

The "Pregnancy \ Adoption \ Pet Immigration" option can be used to disable all pet adoption for the entire town.
  • This option does not stop new pregnancies between existing animals.

If you wish to limit adoptions to only those lots containing pet beds, you can use the "Pregnancy \ Adoption \ Require Pet Inspection" option.
  • Doing so will allow adoptions for families who have excess pet beds in their home, and stop them for everyone else.

The "Household Options \ Maximum Size: Pets" option defines the maximum number of pets a family is allowed to have in their home.
  • If the family already has sufficient animals, they will no longer adopt, nor will their pets become pregnant with new offspring.
  • Families over the maximum allotted animals will attempt to locate other families in town who can adopt the excess.
    • Disabling the "Households \ Allow Inter-Town Adoption" option will stop this process from occurring.
  • The mod will never delete animals if you are over the maximum allowed, new ones are simply not allowed to be added.
  • Note: This option can stop families from merging together if the final number of animals in the household would exceed the maximum allowed.

How do I tune this mod?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Miscellaneous#Tuning]]

The options for StoryProgression are not stored in the same manner as other mods, making them rather difficult to tune in the EA Standard method.

Because of this, the mod introduced a means of exporting the options to a Library file, allowing you to save your changes and reimport them back into a new game.

To save your settings :
  1. Navigate the menu to "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Export Settings"
  2. You will then be prompted to enter a file name
  3. If successful, the file will appear in your "Edit Town" Library listing

To load your settings :
  1. Navigate the menu to "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Import Settings"
  2. The mod will list all Library files that look like settings files
  3. Select one and press the Accept button

To delete your settings :
  1. Go to "Edit Town"
  2. Select the Library file containing the settings.
    • Note that it may take a while for the game to respond after selecting a large settings file
  3. Delete the file as you would any library file

If you want to transfer the settings file to another setup :
  • You will find the files stored in your "My Documents \ Sims 3 \ Library" folder.
  • Note that since the file names are randomly generated, you may encounter difficulty locating the correct file.
    • If you recently saved the settings, the most recently modified file may be the one you are looking for.
    • The size of settings files will also appear significantly smaller than EA family files.
  • Find the file and copy it into the "Library" folder of another installation
  • Once located, you may want to rename the file to something more obvious.

How does Aging work in the mod?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Miscellaneous#Aging]]

First and foremost:
  • If you intend to use the aging management within this mod, you must have the "Enable Aging" enabled in the EA Options.
  • If the EA option is disabled, no one will age in-game.

This mod does not change how aging is performed by EA Core, it simply toggles on or off whether a sim should have their age incremented by a single sim-day during the nightly aging update.
  • If you are encountering issues with rapid aging, that effect is not related to this mod, since this mod can only turn off aging, it cannot make sims age faster.

Aging in Phase Fifteen of the mod is now controlled by Castes.
  • If you want Vampires to age, for instance, you would change "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Vampires \ Death: Allow Aging" to "True"
  • If you want the TS2-Style aging, change "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Non Active Family \ Death: Allow Aging" to "False"
    • Doing so will keep the "Allow Aging" enabled for your active household, and turn it off for everyone else in town

You can switch the aging for individual sims on and off using the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Sim Options \ Death: Allow Aging" option.

Or if you wish to disable it for everyone in town, use the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Town Options \ Death: Allow Aging" option.

Something is wrong with the mod, how do I help?

Keep in mind: It is preferable that users wait until directed by the developer before submitting debugging logs for review.

StoryProgression is a large, complicated mod and as such has many failure conditions that cannot be immediately deduced simply from the results displayed to the user.

Provided here are various steps that might be called upon to retrieve data about the internal operation of StoryProgression.

How do I create a debugging log?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Debugging#Logging]]

Follow these steps to create a debugging log :
  1. Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Show Debugging" to "True"
  2. The developer will have stated which manager on which to enable the debugging, do so now.
    • If the developer said "Create me a Scenarios log" then
      • You want "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Scenarios \ Debugging" set to "Stats"
    • If the developer said to enable the "Personalities \ Debugging" for instance
      • You would want to set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Personalities \ Debugging" to "Stats"
  3. Play the game for as many cycles of that manager as you can.
    • The Cycle Speed denoted the number of sim-minutes that correspond to a single cycle of the manager.
    • It is suggested that you run the game for at least three cycles to ensure a reasonable distribution of the stats.
    • Do not submit a log that is less than a sim-day in length.
  4. Exit the game.
    • Note if you saved the game, the next time you play that save you should set the "Show Debugging" back to "False"
  5. You will find the debugging log in your "My Documents" folder. See: How To Upload

How do I fire a specific scenario?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Debugging#Fire]]

Follow these steps to initiate a debugging run of a specific scenario in this mod :
  1. Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Show Debugging" to "True"
  2. Select "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Debugging \ Fire Scenario"
  3. Locate the scenario in question in the listing provided, select it and press Accept
    • The listing displays as "Scenario Name" - "Manager Name"
    • The scenario may not have a translated name or could be part of a larger scheduled scenario, so may be difficult to locate.
  4. You will then be prompted to choose which sims to run the scenario against.
    • If you press Cancel, the scenario will be run on all eligible sims in the town
  5. Unpause the game and let the game run until you are prompted that the process is complete.
    • Normally, scenarios will complete within 10 sim-minutes, however, it is possible that it may take longer than that to finish.
  6. Set "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Show Debugging" back to "False"
    • Failure to do this will result in a pile of debugging notices and logs being generated, none of which you probably require.
  7. Locate the "ScriptError" log associated with the run and review the contents. See How To Upload for further details.

My Caste Options are screwed up, how do I reset them to the defaults?

anchor: [[StoryProgression FAQ Debugging#ResetCaste]]

  1. "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Show Debugging" = "True"
  2. "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Castes \ Debugging" = "Stats"
  3. Perform "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Castes \ Options: Debugging \ Debug:ResetCaste:MenuName"
    • Note there is also a "ResetCasteSimData" option in this listing, you do not want to use that one.
  4. "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Show Debugging" = "False"
  5. Unpause the game, and let the mod cycle. It may take up to ten sim-minutes.
  6. Afterwards, the castes should all be available from the City Hall or Computer menus

How are celebrities handled by StoryProgression?

Phase Eight of the mod has been written to include the new functionality added by Late Night, most notably Vampires and Celebrities.
The addition of Celebrities to your town is completely optional, though one should be aware that the Celebrity system is enabled by default.

Note the rules governing celebrity gain during conversations is changed by this mod.
  • You will only receive celebrity points during social interactions if the other sim has a celebrity level greater than your own.

So how is Celebrity for inactive sims handled by the mod?

Under EA Standard, inactive sims are simply granted celebrity status randomly up to a specified demographic requirement.
Under this mod, Celebrity is granted to sims based on their involvement in the Personality scenarios. So if your Thug is a big meanie, looting and assaulting, they will receive a higher celebrity than other sims.
Celebrity is also granted whenever you sim performs a noteworthy accomplishment, such as completing a novel, finishing a painting or sculpture, and getting a raise when they are at the top of their career.

To ensure that everyone does not eventually become a celebrity, the value for each sim now depreciates periodically. If the sim remains out of the spotlight long enough, they will eventually lose all their celebrity status.

Depreciation is controlled by "Friends \ Celebrity \ Celebrity Points: Depreciation", and can be adjusted on a per-level basis.
  • By default, the lowest and highest levels have a high depreciation, while the middle levels have a medium depreciation.
  • If you wish to disable the depreciation for only the active sims, set the "Friends \ Celebrity \ Celebrity Depreciation: Active Multiple" option to "0".
  • Depreciation is a component of Relationship StoryProgression, so is unavailable if you are running only the base-mod.

How Can I Disable Celebrities?

Celebrities can be disabled all together using the In-Game "Options" console.

Another way to disable specific Celebrities is to Install Master Controller and Cheats

To disable Celebrity, set the Sim/Household/Town option "Allow Celebrity" to "False". This will stop the specified sims from gaining any further celebrity points.
  • If you wish to remove existing celebrities, use MasterController Cheats' "Sim \ Intermediate \ Celebrity Level" from the City Hall Menu, and set all your sims to Level "0".

How does this mod alter the Late Night Disgrace system?

Late Night added a brand new system to the game called the "Disgrace System". The scope of this mechanism includes all sims in town regardless of celebrity status.
  • The options governing this system are all part of Expanded StoryProgression and are listed under "Options: Friendships \ Options: Celebrity"

EA Standard has the system randomly generating false accusations, which a sim can fight in court using an interaction at the City Hall Menu.
  • If you wish to disable this part of the system, set "Friendships \ Celebrity \ Allow False Accusations" to "False"

The system also generates real accusations, based on various interactions that sims can perform around town.
  • "Friendships \ Celebrity \ Disallow Disgrace By Type" can be used to disable any or all of the types of accusations that occur.

Whenever an accusation occurs, be it false or real, the long-term relationships for your sim will decrease.
  • The chance that any one relationship will drop, is controlled by "Friendships \ Celebrity \ Disgrace Relation Drop Chance"
  • To change the amount a relationship decreases, when the above roll is successful, use the "Friendships \ Celebrity \ Disgrace Relationship Change" option.

You can enable or disable celebrity disgrace for any number of sims using "Sim Options \ Friendship: Allow Celebrity Disgrace".
  • Toggling off the option makes the sim immune to any disgraceful events they might be caught performing.

So what else does Expanded StoryProgression change regarding the Disgrace system?

Under EA Standard, it is not necessary for any action to actually be witnessed by anyone. It is simply implied that someone heard about your sim's indiscretion somehow and spread it around town.

Relationship StoryProgression changes this by making certain disgraceful events require a witness, with each witness having a certain chance at spreading the accusation around town, and making it official.
  • The "Friendships \ Celebrity \ Disgrace Report Chance" option dictates the chance.

The following disgraceful actions do not need to be witnessed:
  • Being Arrested
  • Caught Sneaking into a Club
  • Getting a Divorce
  • Having a Child taken by the Social Worker
  • Having a Child out of wedlock
  • Being Demoted at your Job

Witnesses must satisfy the following conditions in order to bother spreading an accusation :
  • They are a Paparazzi.
    • Paparazzi will always spread accusations, it is their job to do so, so ensure that none are present.
  • If the witness is a Vampire, they will not care if your sim bites someone.
    • Note that regular humans will not be so kind
  • If the witness is an occult sim, then they will not bother reporting you if you woohoo with another occult.
    • Humans, however, may find this unappealing and start spreading rumours about you.
  • If the Witness is a friend of your sim, they will not report you.
    • The exception to this is if they are a romantic interest, and you are woohooing right in front of them.
  • Finally, there is trait-scoring running that a sim must positively score in order to bother gossiping about your actions.
    • Friendly, Easily Impressed sims will not bother reporting you, while Mean Spirited, Evil sims will jump at the opportunity.

A sim with the "Above Reproach" lifetime reward is immune to the following disgraceful actions:
  • Cheating
  • Having a Child out of wedlock
  • Getting a Divorce
  • Woohooing in Public
  • Woohooing with Occult

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