The Personality Options Table

This one gets a little dicey, since the fields that apply to this set are contingent on which <FullClassName> you have specified.


  • Defines the scripting class that handles the variable you are specifying
  • The various scripting classes will be outlined in detail below


  • If your variable is only valid under a certain Expansion Pack, then you can use this field to specify its requirements
  • By default, it is set to "BaseGame", which means it will work under any installation


  • This is the unique identifier for this variable.
  • The Name must be unique amongst all the variables defined for this personality.
  • It does NOT need to unique across all personalities in the mod (different personalities can use "AllowTeen" for instance)


This option is allows the user to enter a numeric value that can be used in various fields to define minimums, maximums, or chance values.


  • Defines the default value for the option, as set when the user initially installs the module
  • Valid values are any whole number



  • Defines a set of ages and/or genders to match against
  • Valid values can be any combined of these elements : CASAgeGenderFlags
  • When the user sets this option to "False" any sim that matches both the age and gender in this field will be excluded
  • If no Age elements are specified, all ages are automatically defined
  • If no Gender elements are specified, all genders are automatically defined


  • Defines the default value for the option, as set when the user initially installs the module
  • Valid values are: "True" or "False"


This is the option that specifies the various scenarios that can be fired by the personality.
Many of the fields defined for this option are specific to the <Scenario> that you define.


  • Defines the scripting class of the scenario itself.
  • Valid values for this field are defined in this thread : Personality Scenarios
  • This field must be defined for the WeightOption


  • Defines the weight for this option in relation to other Weight Options in this personality
  • A larger weight will increase the chance that this scenario will be chosen over the other available scenarios

  • If set to "0", the option will not be shown to the end-user, and will not be included in the available choices for firing
  • Setting to "0" allows you to create chained scenarios that can be called from other scenarios


  • This field provides an alternate lookup key that can be used to define the Option itself
  • The Scenario also uses <Name> to define its lookup key, and you may find it necessary to differentiate the two
  • If left empty, the <Name> will be used as the key for the Option, as well as the Scenario


  • Only available when the <Weight> is "0".
  • This defines whether the mod is allowed to push the sims to go somewhere in town
  • When using chained scenarios, only one scenario is allowed to push, so this option allows you determine which one has the right to do so