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The options are now available on City Hall with version 3 and above under a separate "Options" menu.

In versions prior to 3, the City Hall is utilized as a quick switch tool between the various color filters. This is because it's the only menu accessible in the town overview. Settings for the mod can be found in their usual spot on any computer.

By default, the tags are not enabled. Please see "How Do I Enable The Tags" below.

How Do I Find Color HEX Codes For The Colors?

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You can use the in game color wheel in CASt to find your hexes. The hex value of the current color can be found by clicking the #, labeled #14 in this shot: CASt. Then highlight it in the box, hit Ctrl+C and it will copy. You can then use Ctrl+V to paste it into the Tagger box.

Alternatively, you can use an online colour wheel, such as this one: RGB Color Wheel

How Do I Enable The Tags?

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Prior to version 3, tags can be enabled through any computer:
  • NRaas > Tagger > Enable Lot Tags > True
  • NRaas > Tagger > Enable Sim Tags > True

From version 3 onwards, they can also be enabled through the City Hall menu:
  • NRaas > Tagger > Options > Enable Lot Tags > True
  • NRaas > Tagger > Options > Enable Sim Tags > True

How Do I Filter The Tags?

anchor: [[Tagger FAQ#Filter]]

Tag filters were added in version 3. To use them, you will also need MasterController version 133 or higher.

  1. Click any computer or City Hall and navigate to NRaas > Tagger > Tag Filters > Create Filter
  2. From this screen you can select any number of filters to use. You may be familiar with this window, if you have saved custom filters for MasterController before. They are, obviously, the same thing.
  3. Once you have selected the filters, you will be prompted to select the criteria of each filter. Please note, a sim in town will need to meet the criteria you seek or it will not be displayed. Sometimes, the active sim has to meet the criteria, based on the filter chosen. It is trial and error.
  4. You will be prompted for a name for your filter once you have finished with the above.
  5. Now you can navigate from City Hall > NRaas > Tagger > Tag Filters > Sim Tags or Lot Tags > {your filter name}
  6. The tags should now filter, based on the criteria you selected. Some of the filters are matched on the active sim, such as the relation filters, so if you are not seeing your desired tags, make sure they meet the criteria.
  7. Multiple filters can be enabled at once if you like. As long as a sim meets one of them, it's tag will be displayed. You can use "Match All Active Filters" to force a sim to match all.

The results of these filters are cached in the background that is updated every two sim-hours. Should you not see the tags of sims who have recently met the active filter criteria, try disabling and re-enabling the filter.

Please note these filters are in the alpha phase and are rough around the edges.

Custom Map Tags

anchor: [[Tagger FAQ#FindCustomTags]]

We have a number of Custom Tags available for you to download, created by the community. Please note, the mod updater does not support updating these at this time so you are advised to manually check for updates to them here.

How Do I Make My Own Custom Tags?

anchor: [[Tagger FAQ#CustomTags]]

See Creating Custom MapTags. It's actually not a difficult process as I tried to simplify it as much as possible although I understand it can be quite technical. Open the other tags and get a feel for how yours should look. Feel free to ask questions if you do not understand something.

Do I Need Any Store Sets To Use The Custom Tags?

anchor: [[Tagger FAQ#StoreTags]]

No, you can use any of them without the store set that inspired them. Just make sure you have the base mod.

How Do I Use The Custom Tags?

anchor: [[Tagger FAQ#UseTags]]

Install one, then go into Edit Town > Change Lot Type and it should be there. Set the Lot Type to the desired tag. Note: The lot requires at least one object on it before the tag will show.

The Tags Have Disappeared After I ...

anchor: [[Tagger FAQ#Vanished]]

Click another sim in the panel. That often fixes it. Or try zooming in and out of map view.

The Tags Aren't Showing Up In Game!

anchor: [[Tagger FAQ#HideAndSeek]]

This is usually caused by failing to disable the old StoryProgression tags in versions prior to 266.

City Hall or Computer > NRaas > StoryProgression > General Options > Options:Lot > Show Map Tags > None
City Hall or Computer > NRaas > StoryProgression > General Options > Options:Sims > Show Map Tags > None