Version 3 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:

This mod is intended to be run on Patch (1.63 - 1.69), see Patch Level Compatibility.

This is the Tagger mod with edits made by NRaas members.

Revision notes:

Version 3 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Requires Version 133 or later of MasterController if using filters!
  • Vague performance improvements involving the tags
  • Code reduction involving custom tags giving back 0.01% of speed
  • Wild horses will now be colored as wild when using sim type coloring rather than as horses because horses that are wild are not horses
  • Sims that are of the super natural type will no longer be colored as human's when coloring by sim type because they are offended by this
  • Custom sim type and sim status coloring should now persist after saving and reloading despite some odd EA code somewhere in the save process making sure we can't have nice things
  • All dialogs that accept hex's should no longer display the alpha value in the text box
  • Added "Create Filter" and "Delete Filter" to the filter menu on city hall.
  • Tags will now return EA default color when you have all the coloring options disabled rather than white
  • Fixed random script error in TrackedSim.ShadeColor involving role Sims and not having Register installed (I know, gasp).
  • Did you see that tiny extra space that was right after the dash but before a pet's life stage on their map tag data? No? Good. It never existed as far as this version is concerned.
  • Added Tag Data / Zodiac.
  • Added Tag Data / Lifetime Happiness (shows both earned and spendable).
  • Added Tag Data / Lifetime Want (will show how far along the Sim is in completing it if the Sim has a DreamManager and the want has a tally)
  • Removed a lot of debug text when color by cash was enabled. Guess no one has used this because holy wall of notifications batman.
  • All tags should be more reliable when EA does something weird to the MapTagManager.
  • Added "Show Lot Interactions".
    • To hide the lot interactions
  • Added "Show Sim Interactions".
    • To hide the Sim interactions
  • Added an option to the menu options on city hall that pulls up the mod options.
    • Because the computer was confusing people.
  • Added "Modify Custom Titles".
    • Allows you to define custom titles for your Sims that will show next to their name on their map tag information.
    • Does briefly show next to their name when hovering on them in the active Sim panel too but vanishes shortly after. I have not been able to figure out a way to stop the game from eating it unfortunately.
  • Added "Remove Tagged Sims".
    • To mass remove Sims you have individually tagged.
  • Added "Tag Data / Age In Years".
  • Added "Age In Years: Year Length".
    • Allows one to define a custom year length in Sim days for use with the above.
  • Added "Age In Years: Scale To Seasons".
    • Scales one year to the total length of all enabled Seasons.
  • Temperature now shows when Tag Data / Motives is enabled.
  • New Heat Map Tags
    • These are heat map tags. Their color scales based on the value passed to the colorizer much like the motive bars do in the UI.
  • Added "Color Lot Tags By Wealth".
  • Added "Color Tags By Motive".
  • Added "Color Tags By Mood".
  • Added "Color Tags By Job Performance".
  • Added "Color Tags By Wealth".
  • Added "Tag Filters".
    • The elephant in the room. This is going to take some explaining (and probably more beyond this summary)
    • Allows one to define a filter for the tags that are shown using MasterController version 133+.
    • Extremely powerful, lets you use any filter you have in MC to limit the tags shown on your screen. Using this you could tag Sims who have a specific item in their inventory, are in a specific career and are a specific gender all in one click.
    • Filters are defined in City Hall -> Tagger -> Filter Options -> Create Filter
    • Filters can be set separately for lot and sim tags.
    • Multiple filters can be enabled at once.
    • Match All Active Filters forces all criteria to be met for every filter you have enabled.
    • Some filters are tied to the Sim you have active at the time. Such as family filters.
    • Results are heavily cached which may cause discrepancies at times. Still working on the tweaking.
    • There are no default filters at this time but that is something that is being looked into.
  • Attempt at fixing a script error when purchasing a custom venue which resulted in the user being charged for the venue but not owning it.
  • Updated Taiwanese translation

Version 2 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Made all strings translatable where a few strings were hard coded.
  • The custom map tags now show a tooltip exactly like the other lots. Take that, EA. ;)
  • The custom lot types can now be purchased (one limitation being they cannot be upgraded at this time).
  • The custom lot types are now fully supported by the MetaAutonomyManager and Sims should be pushed to them. By default they simulate as Hangouts.
  • Added "Lot / Set MetaAutonomy Type" to each community lot. You can use this to set the MetaAutonomy Type of each lot in town. This allows the lot to simulate as the type you specify but still be tagged as whatever the lot type is in edit town. MetaAutonomy Types determine which type of Sims will be attracted to the lot and what sort of actions they will be drawn to autonomously choosing.
  • Disabling Tag Information / Age In Days no longer appends the next string to the end of the Sims name. Bernie ShallowBiCurious and Beatrice BrokeBaby no more.
  • You should now be able to set tag colors for the custom tags in game without the interface erroring.
  • Taiwanese translation
  • Italian translation