I would like to share the settings I created with another user, how do I do that ?

The simplest method to export and share settings is to create a Library file containing your settings :
  1. Install Overwatch
  2. Click on your sim and navigate the menu "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Immediate \ Export Settings"
  3. Choose "Tempest" from the list of available mods
  4. When prompted, provide your export an appropriate name. This name will appear in-game, and distinguishes it from other files

Note that only the settings for the currently active town are saved to the file.
  • This allows you to create setting files for specific worlds, and allows you to import them again the next time you play a new copy of that world.

Now that you have created the library file :
  1. Open your operating system file explorer
  2. Go to the "My Documents" folder that contains your Sims 3 settings
  3. Locate the "Library" folder
  4. The most recently created file in that directory will be your new settings file
    • You can rename this file to whatever you want to make it easier to locate in the future

You can share this file with other users by having them copy it into the Library folder on their setup.
  • Once in-game, use "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Immediate \ Import Settings" to import the settings into the active town-file

How do I plant on community lots?

  1. Place the seed/ingredient on the ground and click it.
  2. Choose plant here.

  • Note: Twallan says, " Strictly speaking, you can "plant" an ingredient anywhere you want under Version 8 of the mod. I allow you to plant them in your kitchen if you want. :)"

How do I change the temperature range for a season?

anchor: [[Tempest FAQ#Temperature]]

Using Fall as an example, navigate the following path:
  1. City Hall/Computer > NRaas > Tempest > Weather > Fall > Default
  2. You will find four entries for temperature. The minimum and maximum values are separated by a colon (:)
    Note: The following values are not the default values.
    - Temperature: Evening = 6.90:13.90
    - Temperature: Morning = 5.80:9.90
    - Temperature: Night = 5.80:9.90
    - Temperature: Noon = 9.60:17.90
  3. Change these values as desired but keep the same format, i.e. two decimal places.

This method can be used for all seasons.