Version 15 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Hopefully fixed some regression I caused by fixing the disappearing holidays. The last day of a season shouldn't have weird temperatures. And by any luck your holidays should still be fixed too.
  • Sprinklers that are indoors during the winter will now turn on
  • Sprinklers will now water plants planted in the Supernatural planter bowls and Into The Future soil rugs. Way to go, EA.
  • Since I had to completely rewrite them to pull the planters and soil rugs off, there's a hidden debugging option that disables sprinklers from spawning puddles when floor tiles are under them. I didn't feel the need to make it standard as it's a bit unconventional but pending feedback that could change.
  • Updated Russian translation

Version 14 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Attempt at fixing script error in FireplaceEx:ShouldAutoLight
  • Added "Auto Light Upgraded Fireplaces In Cold Weather" - default true
  • Added "Fireplace Auto Light Temperature" - default 40F.
  • Fireplaces that aren't upgradable shouldn't turn off when others turn on.
  • Updated Taiwanese translation

Version 13: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Now holigan: Should no longer eat holidays.
  • Sprinklers upgraded to auto water will no longer do so in the winter because they should be frozen.
  • Fireplaces on the active lot upgraded to auto light will now do so when the temperature dips below 40 degrees regardless of the room a Sim is in (unless no one is home).
  • Added "Holidays \ Trick or Treat: Chance of Occult Specific Item" Default: 50
  • Fixed script error in "HolidayManagerEx:OnHolidayStarted" when Seasons are disabled
  • Removed the harvest and money tree corrections (moved to Overwatch)
  • Rewrote the Trick or Treat item selection. Occults now have a chance of handing out items specific to their occult type. Be careful who you ask for candy, some of them can hand out more than you bargained for.
    • If I elaborated it wouldn't be much fun to try it yourself. No one will die, I promise. :)
  • Updated Taiwanese translation
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated Italian translation

Version 12: - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
  • Leaf removal now conducted as a separate task, so should not cause lag.
  • Leaf removal during Winter now optional. Added "Remove Leaves in Winter" (Default: False) in the settings. (Note: If you want leaves to be cleaned up during Winter set this to True before the start of Winter. Changing the setting to True during Winter will not immediately trigger the removal of leaves, instead leaves will be cleaned up the next time you reload your game or the season changes to Spring/Summer)

Version 11: - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
  • Fallen leaves should be completely removed from all lots outside of Fall (May cause lag during transitions between seasons, please report if you experience any)

Version 10: - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
  • Fallen leaves on the world lot should now be completely removed during Winter, Spring and Summer.
  • Fallen leaves on lots should also be fully decayed during Winter as well as Spring and Summer like in the previous version.

Version 9
  • Update to Patch 1.63 compatibility
  • Fixed the method of calculating the start day for a season (used for determining when holidays started)

Version 8
  • Replaced the "Harvest" interaction with a custom version that corrects the Gatherer Trait and Science skill error regarding money trees
  • Leaves are now decayed to 100% at the start of Spring and Summer
  • Removed the "Is Outside" check from the "Plant Here" interaction on ingredients and seeds
    • It is now possible to plant ingredients on any surface

Version 7
  • The "Show Debugging" is now back to "False" by default

Version 6
  • The defaults for "Profile \ Range" and "Profile \ Enabled" should once again be "1:-1" and "True"
  • Spawner suppression should now work properly
  • Older holiday alarms are now explicitly disabled, to avoid the chance of having multiple of them running at the same time

Version 5
  • Fixed an error where, once initiated, a holiday would never end

Version 4
  • The "Current Day" now appears in the holiday menu
  • Fixed a problem with the calculation for the day of a holiday
  • Fixed a "slight" issue where the next holiday would be recalculated daily (and everytime you loaded the game)
    • This would cause the "Couple of Days" warning to appear, and essentially broke the holiday start entirely

Version 3
  • Fixed several errors in the "Import Settings" system

Version 2
  • Fixed an error when using "Add New Entry" to create a new weather profile
  • Added "Export Tuning"
  • Added French Translation