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What changes have been made to the original Savvy Seller Collection?

  • You can sell more than just Buy Mode objects.
  • Objects need to be restocked.
  • Customers will pay at the register.
  • The "Check Sales Records" interaction has been removed because it will not work with this mod the way EA intended and is, therefore, invalid.

What items can I sell? (and not sell?)

You can basically sell anything. The problem comes when restocking because everything outside Buy Mode needs its own custom code.

What you can sell safely:
  • Anything from Buy Mode
  • Items made with the Scraptronic Workbench
  • Ingredients/Herbs
  • Gems/Metals
  • Nectar/Food/Books/Wild Flowers/Insects

Items that can cause trouble:
  • Fish - Restocking fish in any way is troublesome so don't use this mod to open a fish store. Also, no matter what type of fish you place on the pedestal, they will all look the same. This is due to EA.
  • Minor Pets
  • Bees Wax
  • Snacks from the fridge
  • Alchemy potions. These will work if restocked from the store inventory but will not work if restocked from Buy Mode.
  • Potions made by the Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station. These appear to work at first but you will find that they have no price.

How does restocking work?

  • Restocking is not an autonomous interaction for your active sim. You can make any sim you control, click on a restock item and select "Restock".
  • If you have a Register on the lot and a clerk hired, they will restock autonomously. The restocking animation is from the University aptitude test. So you'll need the University Expansion Pack to use this mod.
  • When an object from the inventory category is bought (food/inventions/nectar), the item is replaced by a restock item. There are two restock items, one for shelves and one for rugs.
  • When an item from Buy Mode is bought, the item is replaced by a restock item.

How can I use this mod?

anchor: [[The Savvier Seller FAQ#How]]

There are two different ways to use this mod:

Flea Market Version

In this version, all you need is one rug, shelf or pedestal, the objects you want to sell and the sim that wants to sell them.
  1. Set the owner of the rug, shelf or pedestal
  2. Place the items for sale on the rug, shelf or pedestal
  3. Start selling

Store Version

In this version, you set up a real store. Instead of setting the owner for the rug, shelf or pedestal, you link them to a Register. This will enable you to have multiple sims owning different shops, on the same Lot, at the same time. The Lot owner is not taken into consideration in this version.

To have your active sim run the store:-
  1. Set the owner for the Register.
  2. Set the Register Name if you have multiple registers on one Lot, so you know which one you are linking to.
  3. Place the items for sale on the rugs, shelves or pedestals and link each one to the appropriate Register
  4. Set the markup. Make sure it is greater than 1 if you want to make a profit.
  5. Set the Working Hours for the clerk. Note, these are also the opening hours for the store.
  6. With your active sim selected, click on the Register, then "Tend Register".
This type of store will need to be run manually. The active sim must be directed to go to the store, tend the register and restock the shelves by the player.

To have a clerk run the store:-
  1. Follow the instructions above until step 5.
  2. Hire the Clerk.
  3. Set the pay per hour for the Clerk.
  4. Set the career outfit for the Clerk (optional).
This type of store can be run by an inactive sim. They will be teleported to the store at the beginning of their working hours, change into their career outfit and carry out their duties as stated below under "The Store Clerk". At the end of their working hours, they will stop tending the register and change out of their career outfit but will not leave the lot unless pushed by Story Progression.

What things should I know about?

  • When dragging food from your sims inventory to the shelf, sometimes it will disappear. In this case, try using Buy Mode to place the food.
  • If a sim is reset while they are shopping, the shopping meter will drop into the ground. You will need to enable testingcheats and zoom down until you see the top of the meter sticking out of the ground, then shift+click on it to delete it. The glow that is left behind will disappear the next time you restart your game.

The Store Clerk
The store clerk tends the register. Their first priority is to serve customers and their second priority is to restock the shelves. If neither of these jobs needs doing, they will just walk around the store, admiring the items for sale.

Paying for items
  • Inactive sims will automatically pay at the register and will be sent home automatically after paying.
  • Active sims must be manually directed to pay at the Register. They will not be sent home automatically after paying.
  • If the Register Clerk is too busy and the customer has no chance to pay within two hours, they will leave without paying. The shop will lose money as the items are already in the customer's inventory.

Paying is linked to the register
  • If sims buy from a pedestal linked to Register #1 they will pay at Register #1
  • If you want to hire extra restocking staff, just add new registers but don't link any pedestals to them. Then these clerks will just walk around and restock.
  • Clerks restock items in the room their register is in and any item that is linked to their register. So if you have a store with some items outside, they will restock those too.
  • Sims sometimes have trouble restocking items on objects with high shelving, so only use those for decorative items. Use the lower shelves for displaying items for sale.

Can I set up a Bakery with this mod?

anchor: [[The Savvier Seller FAQ#SetUpBakery]]

Note: The following instructions will NOT work in the way that Ani demonstrates in her videos unless you are also using Awesome Mod together with Ani's Mod of Randomness. Trying to run a Bakery in this way without Awesome Mod will result in all displayed baked goods being deleted at 3.00am. Baked goods in the store's inventory (the register) will not be affected by this.

This mod has nothing to do with The Deliciously Indulgent Bakery Set from The Sims 3 Store. The Mod Of Randomness that Ani mentions in the bakery video linked below, can be downloaded from Ani's tumblr Downloads page. You will need this mod to run the bakery if you want to play multiple households in the hood. Please read the instructions included in the download before using this mod.

There are two ways to open a bakery using this mod:-

Restock from inventory version

  1. Make the food
  2. Put all foods in the store inventory - register interaction
  3. Set serving price - register interaction
  4. Put the food on the display (of this mod remember, this has nothing to do with the store set)

Restock from Buy Mode version

  1. Same as above, except now you only need to make one serving of each type of food you want to sell
  2. Put food on the display
  3. Select "Enable Restock Craftable" on the display. Now the food will be restocked from buy mode. You don't have to run this bakery.

Links to Ani's Let's Play videos showing how she uses version 3 of this mod.
  1. Belinda's Bakery
  2. Emmaline's Flower Shop

What displays can I use with this mod?

There are many displays available from Around the Sims 3. Ensure you download the Savvier Seller Models, rather than the main ones. You can see one of the displays being used in this Let's Play video where Ani uses version 2 of the mod.

How do I make other displays work with this mod?

Sandy from Around the Sims 3 has written a splendid tutorial . You can follow it to edit other objects (registers, rugs, pedestals, shelves etc.) so they will work with this mod. In step three of the tutorial, use the codes below instead of the ones quoted by Sandy. For example, if you are editing a shelf, use the code "Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.TombObjects.ani_StoreSetBase.ani_StoreShelf" in the Script area.

An alternative tutorial (with pictures) has been written by NonaMena and is available here: How To Change The Script Class Of An Object


(Note from Sarah_Sims: Not sure if this section can be deleted or moved to the Issues page.)
Version 1

This mod is a test version.

Ani's Note: The reason I'm calling this a test version is because there are so many items in TS3 that require custom code for restocking and sometimes even buying and I know I have missed some. So until I'm sure I've covered all of them I'm calling this a test version

Tutorial Video: here