The Savvier Seller

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Objects and Settings


  • Settings
    • Set Owner
      • Set the sim who is charged for restocking and receiving the store's profit
    • Link to Register
      • Set which register this pedestal/rug/shelf is linked to
      • Note: You can either have the owner or the register linked, if you select one, the other is reset and vice versa
    • Disable/Enable: Restock from Buy Mode
      • When enabled, items will be restocked from Buy Mode
      • Note: Disable this interaction if your sim has a garage sale so the items are not restocked after they are bought
      • Default: Enabled
    • Enable/Disable: Restock Craftable from Buy Mode
      • When enabled, inventory items will be restocked from Buy Mode
      • Note 1: This is ideal for a sim who has a store that sells inventions then they don't have to spend all their time inventing but can have a life. Also, for a sim who wants to start a grocery store but doesn't want to grow the items.
      • Note 2: By default, inventory items are always restocked from the store's inventory contained within the Register. When this option is left at the default setting of Disabled, the rug needs to be linked to a Register and you must have exactly the same items that you are selling, in your register's inventory.
      • Default: Disabled
    • Set Cooldown Period
      • Prevents a customer from buying for the specified amount of minutes between purchases
      • Default: 60
    • Enable/Disable: Can Only Buy From Active Household's Shop (Global Setting - See note below)
      • When enabled, sims only buy from the shop of the active household. Active sims can buy from any shop
      • Default: Enabled
    • Disable/Enable: Send Home After Purchase (Global Setting - See note below)
      • When enabled, inactive sims are sent home after they buy
      • Default: Enabled
    • Take All Items
      • Enables all baked goods to be taken from the object and placed into the sims personal inventory
    • Set Mark-up
      • Sets the markup for the items being sold
      • Default: 1
      • Note: If this option is left on the default setting, the store will not make any profit
  • Buy
    • Displays a menu of all items available to buy from that particular pedestal, rug or shelf

Global settings
Note: The two global settings above need to be edited through S3PE if you want to change the value permanently. To do that, open the package "ani_StoreSetBase.package" and edit the values in the XML called "Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.TombObjects.ani_StoreSetBase.StoreSetBase".

Ani's Note: The reason I added the possibility to also set them in game, even though they are not permanent, is in case you want to have these set differently for certain situations only.


  • Settings
    • Set Name
      • Set the name of the register
    • Set Owner
      • Set the owner of the register
    • Set Serving Price
      • Set the price for one serving of food
      • Default: 25
    • Unspoil
      • Changes the state of all perishable foods so they will never go bad
      • Note: This option is now redundant as all food is automatically changed to this state just by being placed on the shelves
    • Open Inventory
      • Opens the store's inventory to see how much stock is left
    • Hire Clerk
      • Hires a clerk of your choosing from the sims in town
    • Fire Clerk
      • Fires the clerk previously hired
    • Set Pay Per Hour
      • Set the clerk's pay per hour
    • Disable/Enable: Receive Hourly Pay When Active
      • When enabled, if the Clerk is in the active household, the amount entered in "Set Pay Per Hour", will be added to the active household's Family Funds, for each hour that the Clerk works
      • Default: True
    • Disable/Enable: Change To Work Outfit
      • When enabled, hired clerks will change into their current career outfit when their shift starts
      • Default: True
    • Set Working Hours
      • Sets the opening and closing hours of the shop
    • Clear Customer Queue
      • Resets the Customers Pending tally to zero
  • Tend Register
    • Enables the active sim to tend the register
  • Open Shop/Close Shop
    • Toggles the shop open or closed
  • Pay For Items
    • Enables the active sim to pay for the items they have bought