The Savvier Seller

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Version 5
File name: ani_TheSavvierSeller_V5 (March 1, 2015)

Added missing Savvier Sellers (3) "small" rugs which wasn't included in Version 4. - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims added these into the mod.

No changes in functionallity.

(08-Nov-2015) Added Translations:
English (Corrected)
Note: Interaction and notification: Hire / Fire Clerck couldn't be corrected / translated as its hardcoded within the coding (ani_GalleryShopRegister.dll) of the ani_StoreSetRegister.package. At current version it is not doable to reassemble the dll.

Version 4
File name: ani_StoreSet_17.06.2014.rar

This version is just a bug fix version, no new functionality.

Bugs fixed:
- If you were selling buy mode items on a shelve, the interaction to buy would not show up after you restock.
- You might have noticed since version 1 that after a restock, or loading the game the interaction to buy wouldn't always show up on the item but you could still shop buy clicking the shelve/rug and select the item to buy. Now the buy interaction should always show up.

- The restock items no longer cost money. They are 0ยง. In the next update I'll hide them from the catalog. There is no reason for them to be there.

Version 3
File name:

Changes - General:
- Sims now have a progress bar when shopping and the shopping event will take anywhere between 10-30 minutes. There is still no thought process behind the decision to shop, but it gives you breathing space when shopping is not immediate.
- Shopping sims are now animated. I made a custom jazz files where I use the animations from watching TV while standing.
- Paying money at the register is now animated. It's not the most perfect animation so I might change it later if I find something else.
- Restocking buy mode now gives you a restock item.

Changes - Bakery:
The following changes were made to make running the bakery easier.
- Shelves have in settings a new interaction that allows you to take all the items (that can be put into the inventory) and puts them to your inventory. This is useful when you want to have the baked goods you made, go to your inventory.
- Food will become unspoilable when you place them on the shelve. You no longer need to use the "Unspoil" interaction in the register.

Bugs fixed:
- I had many bugs regarding when the Tend Register was available, this should now be fixed. If you try to tend the register and it says it's being tended but nobody is tending it, open and close the shop, it should fix this.
- Closing/Opening the now works better. Sims will not be called to work if the shop is closed.

Version 2
File name: SavvierSeller
The zip contains two files, the store set base and register. You only need to update these two files.

- Tend register manually is now a "normal" interaction that you can cancel just like any other interaction.
- Fixed the "Link to register" UI.
- Un-spoil will now re-calculate the value of food servings even if the food cost has been calculated before.
- Selling alchemy potion count towards your alchemy career (but only original value of the bottle)