• Some of these lots are lots that you may not actually want to play but are needed for opportunities, job advancement and challenges. Having these lots allows you to move forward without taking away precious space you want for other things within your town. For example, I'm not big on playing the Gym's but they are needed for job opportunities, I don't play with the Laundry but what town doesn't have a laundry? If you do not care to play with fishing parks or junk yards but a challenge or opportunity requires the lot and the one in your current town is taking up a large lot that could be used for something else? Add the tiny one!
  • It's easy to add a 10x10 or 10 x15 or any tiny lot to almost any World while in Edit Town - In tiny island worlds I often put them off the roads and my sims just walk to the lot. And there's always Teleport or subway access.

Community Lots by Sim3 Forum Members All 10x10:
Lots by Sims 3 Forum Members who who participated in a Tiny Lot Challenge. Full detail on the Challenge and its guidelines, a complete lot listing and the names of each creator of these clever little lots are HERE.

Arcadia Intense
Neon Arcade
Beach Fun
Fishing/Small Parks:
Tadpollie Fishing Park
Serenity Pond
Old Forest Fishing
Ol'Fishing Hole
Art Galleries/Museum:
Sunflower Art Galery
Serenity Point Gallery
Industrial Workouts
The Fitness Factory
Asian Gardens:
Martial Arts Park
Oriental Serenity Gardens
Junk Yard:
Ztomowisko Bumbum
Clubs and Lounges:
Aqua Beach
Beach Baby Beatnicks
The Lounge Cubed
Violet Shades Lounge
Blue Grotto Lounge
Red Moon Vampire Lounge
First Bite Vampire Lounge
L Vamp Lounge
Easy Clean Laundromat
Kleen Sheen Laundry

Star Books Library
One Tree Library
Library Of Horror Events
Hungry Bookworm
Consignment Store:
The Shore Shop
Sandy Shores Salon
The Surf Salon

Community Lots At TSR:
Coffee Shop - Bakery - Food
Very Tiny Subway & Cafe Lot 9 x 9
Cafe Mavi 20x20
Cream and Sugar 15x10
Lily's Bakery - 20x20
Small Bakery/Resturant
**Currywurst King Food** 10x10
Subway Park With Food Truck 10x10

Flower Shop 10x10
Flower Shop (Consignment Store)
Flower Stall Evergreen 10x10

La Grappe 10x10
The Nectar Shop 20x20

Night Spot
Hot Rose Bar 20x15

Gas Station - Store 20x20
Little Village Gas-N-Mart
Fire Station 30x30
Little Village Fire Station
Hospital 20x30
Little Village Hospital

Community Lots At Arda Sims

News Stand & Subway 15x10
News Stand
Bakery Stand 15x10
Bakery Stand
Base Camp 30x20
Base Camp
Diner Car Starter 15 x10
To view .. scroll down the page ... there's other great lots by Jenba but most can not be considered "tiny" but well worth checking out!
Jeba's lots are available in 3pack as well as .package

Community Lots At MTS:

Tiny Subway Station By Benmc50
Lot size: 10x10
Tiny Bakery 10x10
Buckstar Bakery 20x15
Piece Of Manhattan 15x15 NEW
Chinese Fast Food & Subway Station
From GTA5: The Hit n Run Cafe 20x20
Vetinari's Bistro-Nectar-Grocery 20x20

Cabinet of Curiosities Consignment Store 10x15 NEW
Arcane Institute & Mages Guild (Elixir Consignment Store)-Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding 20X20
The Micro Gym by randommazemate 10x10
Oakshore Tavern by 15X20 NEW

Community Lots Ruby's Home Design
Cafe Croissant 13x19

Residential Lots:
Raspberry Trailer At MTS 10 x 20 by Polar Bear Sims
Little Red Starter - Sandy Beach House 10X10 by Thamira at TSR
Lunarberry Cottage by Rykel 10x10
A small wooden plant filled cottage. From The Exchange (Checked with Custard Clean Installer)
I've played with this one in a couple of worlds ... it's adorable !
Sweet Valley Getaway Lot 20x15 by Tami27 at MTS
A lovely family getaway. Perfect for a wooded area or lakefront escape.
Agatha's Wee Cottage15x20 by Tsyokawe at MTS

littlelambsy's Collection

Tiny Business, Residential, Community and Ultimate Career Lots. Click on Downloads on the page linked.

Miscellaneous Lots

Sims 3 Late Night Film Studio rabbit hole on a 20×30 lot
by Simension
Lot Size: 20x30
No CC used.
This lot uses an underground EA film studio rabbithole. I (- echoweaver echoweaver) played through a sim with the film career using this lot, and it worked perfectly.

Equestrian Center - It won't get any smaller than this!
Create Your Own Tiny Equestrian Center Lot using hexameter S3 Rabbit Hole Door
Custom Sims is Closed - Click on this link for NRaas' Other Mods Page and
Use "CTRL + F" to open the browser search box in the upper right corner of the page and type in hexameter. It will bring you to the link for the download and easy instructions.

TIP: Do It Yourself - The Easy Way

You can also build several small buildings on one lot and use RH Rugs or Doors :
There are links for most RH's On This Page under What Do I Need?
Raven Shadow at MTS has Rabbit Hole Replacement Doors Available Here
Arsil at MTS has an awesome Mod for creating Custom Rabbit Hole Doors
Don't want rugs or doors? Try MelissaMels Rabbit Hole Signs

Other Options: Villages

Looking for a large lot with multiple housing and play options? See Villages

The Hobo Collection by Zedrael

Want to do something different with your poor homeless? There's lots of different scenarios this collection can be used for.

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