The purpose of this document is to identify some tips and tools that can be used to help improve your game performance and often system performance overall. It is aimed at readers playing on a variety of systems from strong to barely adequate and having different levels of Sims gaming know-how and system knowledge. Therefore, the suggestions in here identify WHAT you can do but not necessarily HOW to do something. In some instances links are provided for further clarification of a topic or to instructions detailing HOW to proceed. If you need help working through any of the suggested steps please do not hesitate to post in Chatterbox. We are more than happy to help you or direct you to where you might find more information.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Best practice before removing files, altering files or using any type of cleaning tools on your files and or system is to BACK UP YOUR GAME FILES !!! IMPORTANT !!!
  • For Easier Searching: Use CTRL+F to open the search box in the upper right hand corner of this screen, then type in a keyword related to your search.

  • NRaas Error Trap and Overwatch provide a lot of game clean up. Error Trap does save game clean up and reports any game errors and Overwatch makes corrections of persistent or recurring errors produced by the Core game or other mods, resets sims and objects as well as performing nightly clean up when playing. The functions can be viewed here: Error Trap and Overwatch.

  • The Traffic Mod provides a way to cut down on unnecessary vehicles populating and running all over your town.

  • Go Here Has options whether to allow Sims in the world to use cars and boats (which often cause stuck sims) when routing.

  • Master Controller, among other game saving functions, allows for lot resets to fix broken objects and object reset for individual objects. It also allows an entire town reset which fixes stuck sims, broken objects, etc.
  • Use MC's Object Stats to look for high numbers of objects owned by individual households or by everyone in town.

  • Using Master Controller to display CAS items in Compact form can help reduce CAS loading time.

  • DebugEnabler - allows you to use it on almost anything in your world for adding manual debugging interactions for error correction.

  • The Town Management document details immigration/emigration, roles, wild animals and strays that might help with cleaning up your town.

  • Do a Save As instead of using the same game save. This also keeps your saves healthier and serves as a back up should another game save become unusable and you need to revert back to an earlier game. NRaas Saver will remind you to save your games at whatever intervals you choose and will cycle through four different save files by default but you can set it to more than that if you choose to do so.

  • Use Delphy's Dashboard to check for duplicate or corrupted package files. Note: Although the title indicates on the MTS website includes Testers Wanted, this is the actual download page and the tool works fine with Patch 1.63-1.67. See also CC Conflicts And Dashboardby Nona Mena.

  • A lot of package files lag your game causing long loading times. The game does not seem to care that much how large the files are but does care about the number of files. See Crinricts Combine Package Files to Reduce Lag

  • Custom Content Magic is a handy tool to help you manage game lag. providing an easier way to find and manage your existing files.
  • Process Monitoris a free program that will tell you which files your computer is accessing. This lets you easily see if it's reading the same files over and over.
  • Prevent EA from adding thumbnails to your Featured Items Folder: Disable Featured Items Folder. If you do not have the Featured Items Folder disabled, make sure to clean those thumbnails out often.

  • Clean out saved styles and custom presets regularly to speed up CAS and CASt.

  • Check in your Mods .package files for custom content you are no longer using and either delete it or save it elsewhere for later use.

  • Reduce the amount of sims in SavedSims and lots/households in the Library folder.

  • Reduce the files that you keep within your Sims 3 user-directory. Once done with a game session move your files to a folder outside this directory. Think of screenshots, videos you've created within a game session. The less files the game needs to read the better your game performance. - deesim deesim

  • Custom Music Files: Beware, the files must be .mp3s and should not be larger than 320kbps. Custom music has the potential to slow down gameplay.

  • Clean out overloaded Sim inventories.

  • Turning off memories helps too. In fact this should be one of your first choices. It's a big memory hog.

  • Use Master Controller to reset everything every 4-8 sim weeks

  • Delete the temp (.tmp) files in the DCCache Folder. Those load into RAM.
    • Not applicable for those who are on game patch version 1.69xx. With this patch its required to start the game through the launcher, which regenerate these *.tmp files.

  • If you have a lot of saved games, try saving them to an external HD or stick. Same thing for Downloads you've installed and Saved Games you are not playing. You can always put them back in later.

  • Avoid having a "ton" of items in your sims personal inventory.

  • Delete the downloadedsims.index file in Saved Sims regularly. It is accessed hundreds of times on load up and could cause your game to crash or stall when loading.

  • Clear out the DCBackup folder - IMPORTANT: Before Changing anything in this folder, remember this folder is used when sharing/exporting stuff. It won't attach CC that's not in here. That means you normally would want to delete stuff here, BUT there may be cases when you don't. IMPORTANT: ccmerged.package lives here too, you DO NOT want to delete that file.

  • Cleaning out the .dbc and .ebc files in DCCache also reduces load time and frees up space on a HD. IMPORTANT: Remember these files hold all your installed custom content. If you delete those files your stuff is gone too. Best practice is to save a copy of this folder to your desktop or an external drive before working on these files.

  • Set the "Collection Helper" Reward to "none" when not in use.

  • Remove existing memories from everyone in town AND in your library, including those hidden in saved households. If you're using SP's feature to create immigrants out of the sims saved in your bin, any memories those sims have will be inclined to follow their "offspring" and/or the saved lot if you place it in your game.
  • Disable the Internet or at least close any browser windows currently open.

  • Many anti-virus programs provide a way to disable auto-scans and their own updates. It can help the game's performance to have those two functions disabled during play but don't forget to re-enable them when finished.

  • Don't use Online options in game. Playing in Offline Mode can reduce system overhead and RAM usage significantly.

  • Reduce In Game Graphics Options and Settings This link is very helpful with explanations as well as suggested settings for in game graphics options.

  • Reduce the number of programs running in the background on your computer while you play.

  • For those who have their game installed via Origin make sure Origin is not running in the background. You don't need it to play.
  • Exit Origin. If you just Log Off the application remains running on your system.

  • Always exit the game and restart it before loading another save. The game is not efficient at releasing memory used by the previous town and not only does this lead to increased error 12's, it carries over data from the previous town file causing it to duplicate and bloat your save permanently.

  • Special Seeds have been reported to cause bugs. If you notice a strange behavior in just a certain Sim, check his inventory for special seeds and sell those (or put them in the fridge).

  • Do not keep the Cheat BuyDebug activated when you go traveling (vacation towns, University, Future).

  • Elevators can cause lag especially on Community lots.

  • Too many WA Cash Registers and multiple places where Service Sims hold jobs can cause lag in your game; i.e. Bars, Festival Grounds. Do you really need them ALL?

  • Delete NPC doors and public markers for apartments.
  • Kuree's Save Cleaner over at Simlogical removes SNAP resources and is awesome at cleaning up game save files: Download Save Cleaner
  • IMPORTANT: See THIS FAQ before using the application.

  • See Also an Alternate Method for Kuree's Save Cleaner:

  • Make Sure any mods you have are updated in accordance with the patch you are using.
  • A good tool to use for mods in the NRaas Suite is Tuckwit's Mod Updater For NRaas Mods. The Updater is a great tool that will download and install the latest NRaas Mods when you access the application.
  • Is your town populated with too many school age children? Make sure you have an extra school to prevent overcrowding at the door and sims not being able to enter.

  • If you travel WA style you get for example a China nhd file; if you NEVER want to go back to China and don't care about any relationships there (they will be gone forever) delete the file. It is strongly suggested when deleting .nhd files you have Error Trap and Overwatch in place.

  • The Cheat moveObjects on can lead to different issues, especially with routing so it's not advisable to have that on while playing. When trying to place a window or door try pressing ALT-Key instead to place objects.

Can your system handle everything that you are throwing at it?
  • Check Out System Requirements - and Graphics card standards Here.
  • It is strongly suggested before jumping right to the Graphics Table that you read the brief introduction right before the Table.
  • For more detail below the table is a complete listing of all the EP/SP's and the system requirements to be able to run them.
For anyone concerned SP is causing lag here are a few tips from one of - igazor igazors posts that might be helpful:
  • Story generation is governed by SP. If you think that's what's causing the lag, you can manage which stories you don't care to see with NRaas > SP > General Options > Options:Stories > Disallow Story

  • If you would rather specify which sims the displayed stories should be about rather than their subject matter, it's NRaas > SP > General Options > All Stories

Other things with SP that help prevent lag:
  • Turn down SP's speed to one of the two slower ones, NRaas>SP >General Options > Adjust Speed (set to Slow or Snail).

If you are using an older version of Story Progression that still manages Map Tags.
  • Switch off colored map tags if you use them, or switch off all Story Progression map tags and get Tagger.

NRaas>SP >General Options >Options>Lots >Show Colored Tags (set to False)
NRaas>SP >General Options >Options>Sims >Show Colored Tags (set to False)

If you are using HomeOpener: In some games Home Opener could drag the game performance down causing lag.
Consider using Master Controller to open and view lots. Lots left open when you are finished playing will automatically close.

For More Help See:

  • Stuck on Something? Can't find the information? The NRaas site itself is a great tool. Check out the Wiki Home Page or the WCIF IT Table to see what's available. It's an easy read with links to help you find anything and everything.

  • Need more help? Post directly in Chatterbox.

  • Clean up your Registry. Unless you are computer savvy, be careful, you can create more problems than you solve using them but there are some good tools around which facilitate automated cleaning.

  • There are scores of registry cleaners available that not only clean up the system's registry and other "junk" bogging down performance, and many have added features to help keep a system healthy. We generally are not in the business of recommending vendors products unless specifically asked but there is one in particular that came highly recommended by members. And as a bonus there's a great YouTube video.
  • CCleaner at Piriform
  • "Carey Holzman who has been building and repairing computers for 25 years and has CCleaner installed on all his computers and his clients computers has a video on YouTube showing how to use it for beginners". You can View The Video Here

Thank you - Bircangelo Bircangelo and - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims

- Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims -
Crystal Disk Info is a program that lets you check your hard drive's health status. It's very simple to use and it will let you know instantly if your hard drive is failing.

Here's the link for it: Crystal Disk Info

There's a tutorial video here by Carey Holzman or you can follow the steps below:-
  1. Download the latest version of the (Portable) zip file for the Standard Edition.
  2. Extract the zip file into a folder, then double-click the folder to open it.
  3. If you're using a 64-bit version of Windows, double-click the DiskInfo64.exe file. If you're using a 32-bit version of Windows, double-click the DiskInfo32.exe file instead.
  4. You may get an "Open File - Security Warning" box come up, if so, just click "Run".
  5. If your hard drive is okay, you should see a display with the word "Good" in a blue box.
  6. If your hard drive is failing, you will see a display with the word "Caution" in a yellow box. If this happens, buy a new drive as soon as possible and make sure to back up your data straight away to another hard drive. To make the switch to a new hard easier, make a System Image on your backup drive. You may also be able to clone your failing drive to the new drive before it fails completely.
Are you playing on a computer with an integrated or low-end graphics card?
  • TS3 does not require the most modern of graphics cards by current standards especially compared with other games, but playing on a system with integrated graphics or a very low-end card can be very limiting and game play can suffer.

  • MTS offers a guide for players on systems with such cards to help them get the most out of their games.

Are you doing everything you can to keep your computer running at peak performance?
  • Fans laden with dust, pet hair or other air born particles can cause your processor to slow down and overheat. Get some canned air and do a bit of house cleaning.

  • Check your systems health using any diagnostic tools that came pre-loaded with the machine.

  • Update your software / hardware drivers. Before updating drivers see:"Every time I update my video card or video card driver the EA options reset to default" in the General Issues FAQ.

  • Scan often for Malware and Viruses.

  • A full hard drive can make a computer slow. Do some clean up of products you no longer need or use.
  • Check to make sure your hard drive is healthy. See the link and instructions at the bottom of the Game Clean Up column.

  • Adding more RAM is another way to fix a slow computer but only if you are using a 64-bit Operating System. A 32-bit Operating System can only use a maximum of 4GB of RAM.

  • Defragment your HDD (hard drive) Note: NEVER defrag a SSD drive.

  • Check your devices in the Control Panel to make sure nothing is malfunctioning.

  • Check your Windows System Restore Settings. If they are set too high you could have a huge amount of backup files stored on your hard drive. You might want to get rid of some of those back ups and lower your settings.

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