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What is Traveler?

Traveler mod is a replacement for the town transition system added with the World Adventures Patch.
  • The system automated the transfer of sims between two town-files (aka worlds), allowing the sims to visit vacation destinations.

The transition system however, has always been fraught with issues, most resulting in the sims vanishing during the process.
  • In addition, as EA has introduced new functionality with subsequent patches, those changes have increased the chance of the transition process failing.

For some bizarre reason, the EA developers chose to silence all script errors that occur during this process, making it impossible for ErrorTrap to report them, and slightly more difficult to track the errors down and correct them.

Traveler unlocks the error reporting system, allowing the game to report when an error occurred, and making it simpler to either workaround the issue or repair it outright.

The transition process is essentially the same as the process used to Import and Export sims from the Edit Town Library :
anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#ExportDB]]
  1. The game exports your sims to file temporarily, while it changes town-files.
    • This export is stored in an "ExportDB" file within your save folder.
  2. The game then re-imports your sims from file into the new town-file.

Because of this process, any information that EA does not export or import properly, will be lost during the transition.
  • The mod contains several corrections to transfer the missing data itself:
    1. Gender preference
    2. Glow bug collection information
    3. Gender of unborn pregnancies
    4. Rock collection information
    5. Traits over the maximum number allowed
    6. Lifetime Wish Tally
    7. Nectar mixtures made

Note that subsequent Expansions have since added additional transition methods. They all run through the same process though, and are all covered by the mod.
  • Note that you still need the appropriate Expansion pack installed to unlock the functionality.
  1. World Adventures* Vacation Travel
  2. University College Enrollment
  3. Island Paradise Move To New Town
  4. Into The Future Time Travel

*Note that beginning with V86 of Traveler, which requires Patch 1.66 or higher, the requirement to have the World Adventures EP installed for vacation style travel to other worlds has been lifted.

So, what other changes does the mod make, beyond corrections for the transition?

For World Adventures:
  • The Adventure Board interaction has been replaced with one that provides opportunities more reliably.

For University:
  • The mod was updated to correct a number of glitches in the graduation system which occur at the end of your term.
  • The Enrollment window itself was rewritten to allow for custom academic degrees imported by Careers mod.

For Island Paradise:
  • The "Move To New Town" transition was updated to allow for the retention of long-term relationships and family linkages with those sims you have left at home.
  • Note, under EA Standard, your previous homeworld is deleted when you travel in this manner. You will require ErrorTrap installed to stop this "feature".

For Into The Future:
  • Corrections to the "Inspect Portal" interaction were added to resolve several EA glitches
  • The method in which future descendants are generated has been rewritten to be more sensible. The method is outlined later in this FAQ.

For all worlds:
  1. All the services have been unlocked
  2. All pet pools have been unlocked
  3. All weather effects have been unlocked
  4. All residential and commercial lot types are available in all worlds
  5. All insect and rock spawners have been unlocked

Additionally, the "Change Lot Type" listing is now sorted alphabetically.

Is there any way to remove the restrictions that prevent certain sims from traveling?

Yes, your kids, pets, and pregnant sims can now travel so be sure to pack everything you need to keep them happy. On City Hall or any in-game computer, NRaas > Traveler > Allowable Travelers.

As an added bonus, if you have the University EP, removing the travel restrictions on teens allows them to travel to Uni World either alone or along with others. Once there, teens can register for a semester by visiting the Admin Building in case they want to get a head start on their degree(s) while still in high school back home. They are also eligible to have taken the Aptitude Test prior to travel just like any other sim.

Wait, I thought we could travel to other worlds with this mod?

While constructing the mod, Twallan found that whoever wrote the Trip Planner window had a great deal of foresight. They wrote that window to handle more than three destinations, making it possible to scroll through as many choices as you want.

With that ability available, this mod simply injects all the custom worlds you have installed into that window, allowing you to choose any destination you want.

These extra worlds are termed "Traveler" worlds for simplicity.

So what happens when I visit a Traveler world?

anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#OnceArrived]]

Traveling to a custom world destination is essentially the same as traveling to China, France, or Egypt.

You will be asked where you'd like to stay upon arrival. This choice includes empty residential lots (which you will not be charged for) and base camps in the world (which you can add if you like). The selection system uses the University interface if you have that pack installed so do not be alarmed if you are asked "Where would you like to stay this term?" The mod knows you are not in Uni World and will react to your choice appropriately.

By default, your stay will be timed, and your family will automatically return home once the travel clock is full.

You can pause the travel clock at any time using the mod's "Pause Travel" option.

Also, if you wish to turn off the vacation restrictions, you can disable the "Treat as Vacation" option.
  • Doing so makes the game think you are in a hometown, allowing you to go to work/school, or do things that are not normally available in Vacation worlds.
  • Note though, that you are still technically on vacation. No one at home will age, and you can still complete your vacation at any time by switching the "Treat as Vacation" back on, and traveling home.

How are future descendants handled by this mod?

anchor : [[Traveler FAQ#Descendants]]

When you travel to the future using Into The Future, the game will automatically generate a set of descendants for your travelling sims (provided they score sufficiently high in the EA trait-scoring).

Under EA Standard, the following occurs:
  1. Your sim is bred with your pre-existing spouse to produce a first-level descendant.
    • Note, if you are unmarried at the time of traveling, the game produces a clone as your descendant
  2. There is a chance of your first-level descendant being paired with a EA Standard sim (all facial sliders set to "0")
    • Note there is a chance of a "single parent" household, at which point any offspring are simply clones again
  3. From that pairing, any number of offspring are generated

The developer decided that the EA Standard process was a little lax, and has changed the process in this mod.

The Traveler approach:
  1. Your sim is bred with your pre-existing partner ("Going Steady" counts in this case) to produce a first-level descendant.
    • If you are unmarried, a random sim from the town is selected to be your future spouse. Congratulations!
  2. The mod then chooses another unrelated couple from the homeworld and uses them to generate a partner for your first-level descendant
    • Note if the family is a single-parent household, the partner is used for their genetics and then chucked out of town.
  3. From that pairing, any number of offspring are generated

Why is the Careers Panel visible while on vacation?

anchor : [[Traveler FAQ#Careers]]

EA Standard does not transfer a sim's career during world transition.
  • To hide the fact that the career is missing during vacation, EA disables the careers panel.

The mod is capable of transferring most types of careers, allowing the sim to continue working while on vacation.
  • Any performance increases will be retained and transferred back to your homeworld when you return home
  • Note that rabbithole careers are only transferred if the rabbit hole exists in the destination world

Even if you do not intend to work while on vacation, the career panel is still available regardless.
  • Provided you leave "Treat As Vacation" enabled, you do not need to worry about losing any career performance

Do not change careers while away from your homeworld if you wish to retain the change.
  • When you return to your homeworld, your sim will automatically revert to their pre-travel career.

Why am I prompted to save the game prior to traveling?

anchor : [[Traveler FAQ#Save]]

The Save prompt is provided for your protection, just in case the transition process fails.
  • The save occurs prior to your sim traveling, so if you reload the the game, you will still be in the world where you started.
  • Note that you will be without any funds you paid to make the trip.

It is advised that you change the name of the save game when you change worlds so you can revert to an earlier save-point if something goes wrong.
  • The developer appends the word "Vacation" to the end of vacation saves to differentiate them from the saves made in the homeworld. However you can name the saves whatever you like.

If you prefer to save on your own, without any prompt, use the "Prompt To Save"" option to disable the functionality.

How do I set up a Traveler world so it acts like a Vacation world ?

anchor : [[Traveler FAQ#Setup]]

What you need to do is head to "Edit Town" and create a Base Camp lot. You can choose any community lot you wish, by changing the Sub-Type to "Base Camp".

Or, if you already have a Base Camp lot in your library, simply place into your town.

Buzzler has a mod hosted at ModTheSims called the "Build/Buy Restriction Choker", part of his Builder Stuff collection, which enables the ability to put residential objects on community lots. This will help you place the fridge and other amenities necessary for a proper Base Camp lot.

After that, you can designate any number of unoccupied residential lots as Vacation Homes, which can be later purchased by your traveling family.
  • To do so, choose the residential lot in "Edit Town" and change the Lot Sub-Type to "Ownable Lot"

The NEXT time you visit the world, your sims will be placed on the Base Camp, or be given the option to move into a vacation home they own.

Can I play other families in the vacation towns?

This mod does not unlock the ability to switch households. However if you are using a mod that does, such as MasterController, Traveler will alter the travel situation to suit.

  • While playing a non-traveling family, "Pause Travel" will be automatically enabled and "Treat as Vacation" automatically disabled, allowing you to play the family as though you were playing a home town.
  • It is strongly advised to not travel a different household than the one you started with away from the vacation world. The game will likely lose track of your original travel party and they may become stranded on their vacation, with their status in limbo.

Can I travel my original party or a subset of them to a third destination without returning home first?

Yes, you can do this, although be aware there is a risk that the game will lose track of everyone's hometown. Be sure to Save As at each junction so you have safe points to revert play if necessary.
  • It is strongly advised to return to the first vacation world after such an intermediary trip. In other words, such travel should go A-B-C-B-A rather than A-B-C-A, where A is your sims' hometown, B and C are vacation destinations.
  • Also make sure to not leave any travelers from your original travel party permanently stranded on a vacation without changing their hometowns (see below).
  • Some WA Opportunities that require actions in various different worlds (e.g., Go to France to do X, then go to China to do Y) need a return trip home in between in order to complete properly.

How do I turn off the "NRaas" menu that is appearing on the tomb walls?
anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#WallMenu]]

Though not explicitly related to this mod, since it deals with traveling, Twallan answered this question here. The answer depends on which mod is producing the menu, so check to see which name is appearing under the "NRaas" menu for starters.

For MasterController : Click on your active sim and use "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Settings \ Menu Visibility \ Lot"

For DebugEnabler : Click on your active sim and use "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Toggle Off"

For StoryProgression : Click on your active sim and use "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Lot \ Show Menu Interactions"

Is there any way to reset the puzzle lots in World Adventures so I can play them again?
anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#Reset]]

There are two methods to reset the lots back to their original starting points :
  1. Replace the lots with new pristine copies
    1. Start a new game
    2. Use "Edit Town" to edit the vacation world (there are buttons on the upper left of the screen to switch worlds)
    3. Export the lots you want to the Library
    4. Now load your game
    5. Use "Edit Town" to edit the vacation world
    6. Bulldoze the existing lots, and import the new copies

  2. Replace the entire town-file
    • Always backup your saves before making changes of this nature.
    1. Within your save folder, you will find a .NHD file for each world you have visited
    2. Delete the file with the name of the world you want to reset
    3. The next time you visit that world, the game will automatically build a new copy of it for you
      • Note that this may cause issues if your sims are friends with any foreigners, as those foreign sims will be deleted when you delete their homeworld
      • Mods such as Overwatch and ErrorTrap can help mitigate the corruption that occurs.
    • Ensure that you are NOT visiting that world when you delete the town-file, or your game will become corrupted.

Is there a way to use one of the towns from another save-game as a vacation world?

anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#Cross Save]]

Note that you should always backup your save-games prior to moving the physical files around.

So, to travel to a previously played or saved world, with The Sims 3 not active:
  1. Load up a file-explorer
  2. Locate the save-folder for the save-game containing the old town-file
  3. Copy the NHD file
  4. Locate the save-folder for the save-game you are currently playing (use the file explorer's "Date modified" filter if you're not sure what your latest save is).
  5. Paste the NHD file

The next time you travel to that particular town, it will now use the town-file you copied into the save-folder.
  • You should probably ensure that there is a base-camp, or at least one empty residential lot available, or you may encounter difficulties traveling to the destination.

You can use this method to prepare travel worlds, by starting a new save in a world and placing a base camp and any other required lots. Once the world is ready for playing, save the world and then copy over this world's save using the steps above.

Can I travel my sims into a world that is in another saved game without moving the files around?

No, travel cannot actually go across different game saves. The nhd files your sims are travelling between must both be within the same game "Save" folder. If the game you are playing has never "seen" the destination world, a fresh one will be generated upon arrival as you will be playing your sims there for the first time.

What are the TravelDB and ExportDB packages in my save-game, and why are they so big?

anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#TravelDB]]

The TravelDB package was originally implemented during World Adventures as a means of storing data required by more than one town-file.
  • Since the game is only capable of loading a single town-file into memory at any one time, it is not possible to access the data in other worlds without a middleman.
  • Namely, EA stores exported copies of all foreign sims within the TravelDB file, for use when importing new Tourist or Explorer sims
  • This export occurs whenever you leave a world to visit another. So, if you want legitimate tourists from other worlds to appear in your game, you must travel to that world at least once.

With Ambitions, EA expanded this system to include sims that are emigrated out of the homeworld.
  • When a sim is compressed to conserve save-space, a copy of its Everyday outfit is exported to TravelDB and ExportDB packages, allowing the game to recreate the sim's portrait for family tree purposes.
  • Doing so allows the game to load without having to read this information into memory, reducing the chance of you receiving an "Error 12" during game-play

When Generations was released, EA expanded the file to contain the photos for sim memories.
  • Whenever you import sims from the Library containing photo memories, the game automatically adds a new set of those photos to your TravelDB file.
  • This process can cause the file to become bloated, and may require manual pruning. See General Issues FAQ

What do I do if my sims still vanish during the travel process?

anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#Failure]]

In order to serve you better, it may be necessary that you provide debugging logs to determine where the fault occurred in the transition system.

To do so, follow these steps :

  1. Reload your game to a point prior to traveling
  2. Enable the "Show Debugging" option
  3. Enable the "InsanityDebugging:MenuName" option
  4. Go on vacation

With the Debugging enabled, you will not receive the Loading Screen window, so do not be concerned about that.

You should see the following occur during the transition :

  1. The game window should turn blue
  2. The active sim in the interface should vanish
  3. The game window should turn black, and a wait cursor should appear
  4. The interface and game window should reappear

If the transition fails to complete after a reasonable period of time, close the application, and go to your "My Documents" folder.

Within that folder you will see a number of "ScriptError" logs. Zip them all up into a single file, and upload them to the mod's Traveler Issues page for evaluation.

Switching Homeworlds

Is it possible to switch homeworlds permanently?

anchor : [[Traveler FAQ#Hometown]]

You can permanently move your family to the world you are currently visiting by using the "Change Hometown" interaction. Once complete, you will be able to visit your old homeworld as if it were a vacation world.

The interaction is available via the Base Camp or Town Hall lot menu (click on the map tag from map view), and use "NRaas > Traveler > Change Hometown". The mod will prompt you to save (as), quit, and reload the game at this point. Doing so is crucial as the game will be in a fragile state until reloaded.

Before using the interaction, your family must be living on their own residential lot, and not Base Camp nor a free vacation lot provided by the game upon arrival.
  • You will need to purchase a vacation home and move your family, if you are currently living on the Base Camp lot or on a free vacation home lot provided by the game.
  • If the town currently does not have any vacation homes, you will need to add one by changing the lot-type of a residential lot via EditTown to "(Player) Ownable."
    • Note: It may be necessary to save and reload the game for the "Real Estate" option on the Phone to appear.
  • If you do not have sufficient Visa Level to purchase a vacation home, you can use DebugEnabler's "Add / Set Visa Level" from the Sim Menu, to increase your level to "3".

Note : You should ensure that your entire family is traveling with you before using this option, as anyone you left behind in the old hometown will remain there.

Because the steps that must be undertaken to follow this procedure properly are prone to causing confusion in some cases, let's review them:

1 - Your sims are living in World A but you wish to move them to World B and have that become their homeworld.
2 - Vacation them there. If they do not already own a vacation home in World B, choose some random place for them to stay as provided for by the mod or use a Base Camp if one is available. If they do own a vacation home, have them stay there and skip to Step 5.
3 - Ensure that the home you want them to own is set to Player Ownable when viewed through Edit Town.
4 - Have the sims purchase their vacation home, move them into it, and wait for the move-in animations to finish.
5 - Invoke Traveler's Change Hometown interaction. Do not do this yet if your sims are still staying in temporary housing as provided by the mod upon arrival or in a Base Camp.
6 - Save (As), Quit all the way to the Desktop (or Origin if on Patch 1.69), and reload the game.

You will no longer be playing in vacation mode and World B will be these sims' permanent homeworld. World A as you left it will now be connected as a potential travel destination or a source from which to pull in sims for visits or more permanent residents (see the options for doing so below). If you later have trouble sending these relocated or newly pulled in sims to work/school in their new homeworld, also see the DebugEnabler fix below.

What is the difference between switching homeworlds by Vacationing/Invoking Change Hometown as above and using the built-in "Move to a New World" function?

As of Patch 1.55, the game offers a Move to New World function on phone and computer real estate menus, as well as upon startup when newly installed worlds are detected. This was not originally the same thing as switching homeworlds, but was actually designed by EA as a shortcut for saving a copy of your household to the bin and placing that copy in a new world.
  • Under EA standard, if you choose to Move to a New World this way, your current homeworld will be destroyed.
  • With Traveler and ErrorTrap in place, your current homeworld and your sims' relationships with everyone in it should be preserved, but it may not be possible to ever travel back to it. For many players, the game will generate a fresh, unplayed version of your current world if you attempt to do so. The circumstances under which this happens are still under investigation.
  • As this method of moving to a new world is less reliable, unless you intend to "start over" with your current sims and never go back to where they came from within that saved game, the Vacation/Change Hometown method described above is still the preferred way.

No matter which method you use to switch homeworlds, it cannot be emphasized enough to do a Save As just before doing anything critical and again just after anything critical happens so that you have several safe points to revert to should something unexpected happen.

There is a "Treat as Vacation" option on my Traveler Menu. Can't I just set that to False?

Treat as Vacation is not a means of changing sims' homeworlds. When set to False, that function allows active sims to work or go to school in the world they are visiting temporarily, but it does not change their homeworld residency or the fact that they are still on a vacation.

What happens to the sims I left behind in the old homeworld?

anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#Old Homeworld]]

The game-engine is only capable of simulating one world-file at a time, so essentially the sims in the other worlds you have visited are in a state of suspended animation.

If you have the EA Aging enabled, the game will increment the ages of all the sims by one each sim-day at midnight to keep them in line with the aging in your hometown. This process will include any Traveler worlds, in addition to the regular EA vacation worlds. If you prefer to not have foreign sims age until you actually play in their worlds, you may adjust that on a per-world basis on City Hall or an in-game computer: NRaas > Traveler > Ageless Foreign Sims.

When you finally decide to return to a vacation world, EA Story Progression immediately kicks in and processes a certain number of updates, making it appear that the town has progressed in your absence.

By default, the EA Story Progression system will use the France demographic template to update your town, as custom Traveler worlds do not have demographics of their own.

I want to play the families I left in my other world, how do I do that?

anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#Home Families]]

NOTE: This method can also be used to travel to a world and edit it prior to sending sims on vacation.

Use the "Travel" interaction as you normally would. When the Trip Planner window appears, double click the sim in the right-hand window, and it will be removed.
  • This way when you travel to a destination world, no sims will make the trip; they will all be left in the other world.
  • The sim you have initiate the travel action will not be charged the displayed amount for the trip as they aren't actually traveling, but their household does need to have the required funds available in cash regardless.
  • When you reach your destination, you will be prompted to select a family to play, just as you would for a fresh game.

The world you have chosen is now considered your hometown.
  • If you wish to return to playing the other world, simply travel back to it as you normally would.

If you are currently on Vacation, and wish to return home and leave the sims in the world:

How can I pull in other sims from the world I left behind as newly arriving residents without traveling back and forth many times?

anchor: [[Traveler FAQ#Adding More Residents]]

Use MasterController
  • In your new homeworld, click on the residential lot where you want them placed (your own, one where other sims currently live, or an unoccupied house), then: NRaas > MC > Add Sim > Homeworld > (filter to their current homeworld), and select the sims you want to move this way.
  • You may temporarily see the sim twice on your Active's relationship panel after pulling a sim in this way. The apparent duplicate should resolve the next time you start up the game.
  • Sims moved by being pulled in this way will lose their accumulated wealth and possessions in both their personal and family inventories. If you want to preserve these inventories, you must travel back to their homeworld and move them by the Vacation/Invoke Change Hometown method.
  • The sims you have pulled in this way will still exist back in their original homeworlds, as those worlds are in a state of suspended animation while not being played. The original sim should disappear the next time you visit that world actively.

It may be tempting to have those you left behind or sims you have met on a vacation or a term in Uni World come visit you as tourists and either ask them to move in or invoke MC > Add Sim on them while they are visiting. There are elements of risk involved in moving foreign sims into your homeworld permanently, depending on which method is used.
  • Go and get them
    • Traveling to the foreign sims' homeworld and asking them to move in by social interaction or by using MC > Add Sim is safe. The foreign sim should return home with yours and become part of their permanent household.
    • Traveling to the foreign sims' homeworld and marrying them there should be safe provided that the foreign sim has a proper household of their own to begin with. Forcing marriage upon a foreign homeless NPC or a Uni student who is a roommate in a dorm or fraternity/sorority house rather than a member of their own household can damage the sim and your game. It is generally safer to get such a sim to join your own household or bring them into your world as a resident before marrying them.
  • Stay put and pull them in
    • When a foreign sim is still in their own world, invoking MC > Add Sim > Homeworld (filter to their homeworld) as described above is always safe, although again such sims will lose their wealth and possessions.
    • Foreign sims pulled into your world by Register or the game itself with no player involvement as random tourists are actually Mini-Sim copies of themselves, with the original full-fledged sims still back in their homeworlds. Asking or forcing a Mini-Sim to join your household or moving them into your current world will likely cause the sim to become damaged as a result of not having enough data to re-form the full version of themselves. Do not do this!
    • If you have various NRaas mods with code that has been added to them to protect against the severe data loss that Mini-Sims present, you should be able to ask visiting sims whom you have invited over yourself to your actives' homeworld by MC or phone to move in successfully. Those mods would be Overwatch, ErrorTrap, Traveler, and RelationshipPanel. If you do not have these mods in play, asking or forcing visiting sims you have invited yourself to move into your currently being played world is risky -- some players have success with this, others find that the sims being moved in will become damaged.
    • However it's done, visiting sims tend to not have their entire wardrobes with them when they travel and certain other attributes such as gender preferences, former (historical) careers, and traits over the maximum allowed may get lost in the transition. That doesn't mean they were Mini-Sims and these relatively minor attributes are easily adjusted with MasterController once they become full-fledged residents.

The sims I have pulled in from another world cannot go to work/school. How can I fix this?

DebugEnabler should be able to help. On a sim or City Hall, NRaas > DE > Options (Sim, Smartphone, City Hall) > Sim > Fix Homeworld.