Version 87 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Added hook for MasterController
  • You should be able to purchase a Future Home with the mod installed now.
  • The time traveler will no longer hoard the time almanac if you buy a portal before one spawns.
  • After rewriting a chunk of the future arrival sequence due to a ridiculous core block on teens despite them having portal animations(?!), teens will no longer be invisible when arriving in the future.
  • Attempt at transitioning the future skill's Food Synthesized stat.
  • You can no longer use the phone to travel to the future world if you have not yet summoned Emit via the time portal.
  • Have you noticed traveling home makes relationships you made in a custom world or the early EA worlds vanish?
    • Apparently not many have since the code to make the core handle it was removed by twallan back when Island Paradise was released.
    • Suddenly it's back!
    • You will have to travel to the affected world and back home to make the relationships reappear.
    • Do not run Fix Homeworld in these worlds and return home without first closing and reloading your game.
  • Now offers less LSD trips without Seasons installed. You were actually seeing those lightening flashes. It's going to be okay.
  • Added "Descendants / Disable Descendants Modification"
    • Do you like your descendants? Tell EA paws off.
    • Note you must enable this prior to traveling to the Future world.
  • Unique drinks should no longer be eaten by EA during transition.
  • Updated Taiwanese translation

Version 86 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • The "Enable Seasons" setting should persist properly.
  • "Enable Season" is no longer available outside of non-vacation worlds. Use the EA options instead.
  • Unlocked the ability for anyone to travel. You no longer need any EP to unlock the travel functionality. Only got the base game and want to go to Lucky Palms? Pack your bags.

Version 85: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Fix for script error when disabling descendants.
  • Seasons should no longer reset when traveling back to your homeworld and having the Enable Seasons setting set to false.
  • The weather stone should no longer attempt to spawn without Seasons installed.
  • Fixed script error in OnSwitchWorlds
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated Taiwanese translation
  • Updated Portuguese translation

Version 84 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Added "Descendants \ Disable Descendants", default false
  • Added "Descendants \ Chance of Hybrid", default 0
  • Added "Descendants \ Chance of Occult Mutation", default 0
  • Added "Descendants \ Maximum Occult Per Sim", default 2
    • These settings transition to the Future world with you
  • Fixed bug where descendants would respawn on each visit to the Future due to opening the alamanc outside of the Future.
  • Fixed bug where descendant households got disconnected from the almanac which when combinded with the above resulted in a lot of descendant households in the Future
  • Unlocked Schedule Digiblast Fireworks Show for all world types (Doesn't work on combo city halls and admittedly looks odd outside of Oasis but enjoy)
  • Unlocked all interactions normally disabled in the Future world.
  • Fixed hook to Register for it's Disabled Tourist Worlds setting
  • Updated Russian translation

Version 83: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Updated to patch 1.66 level compatibility

Version 82: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Multiple Time Travelers are no longer spawned when using the time portal.

Version 81: - - GnatGoSplat GnatGoSplat
  • Roaring Heights world added to possible travel worlds.

  • [Twallan Changes]
  • The Time Almanac is now hidden if you are not playing the travel household while in the future
    • Opening the book while in the wrong household can clear the ancestral data
  • Another attempt to fix the issue where sims in the foreign worlds age while in the Future

Version 80
  • Fixed an error where the "Current Day" count started on the wrong value, which affected the "Meet and Greet" during University
  • The Photography "SubjectRecords" dataset is now transitioned manually in another attempt to correct the "Shutternut" challenge transition
  • Changes made to correct a hang that occurs if a Genie or PlantSim occult is added/removed while traveling
  • The "Travel" phone interaction no longer appears greyed out when you do not World Adventures installed, it simply does not appear at all
  • The "Accept" button on the "Travel" window now enables properly when traveling while already on vacation
  • The future world is no longer adjusted to allow aging while in the homeworld
  • While in the future, no foreign sims are allowed to age
  • Fixed some issues with choosing progenitors for future descendants
  • Added additional insanity debugging around the Unstash and ReturnedFromVacationWorld event notice
  • Fix for an issue where the "Find" button in the Almanac would not actually zoom to the descendant household

Version 79
  • The "Activate Portal" will now rebuild the Time Traveler if they go missing after being initially summoned

Version 78
  • The mod now properly handles the "Reset Time Continuum" interaction

Version 77
  • Fixed an issue where if no parents are left in a descendant household, then new replacements would fail to be created
  • Fixed a problem where the "Autonomous" was enabled on the LLAMA interactions, oops
  • Updated Polish translation

Version 76
  • Fitness and Weight are now part of the future descendant inheritance system
  • The "Can't Travel While Transformed" block is now disabled when any of the "Allowed Travelers" options is enabled
  • Fixed an issue with the "Travel already requested" test
  • Added coding to "Activate Portal" to ensure that the Time Traveler actually appears when the sim is waiting
  • Coding added to clear out EA generated "cloner" descendant households, and replace them with better ones
    • Note that this may delete any existing descendants.
    • Since modded descendant households have more progenitors, you should receive a higher descendant score
  • Replacement descendants generated the next time you visit the future are now generated using the mod rule-set

Version 75
  • Added coding to "Activate Portal" which forces the creation of a new time traveler if the previous one goes missing
  • Added new tuning to enable the InsanityDebugging during the loadup sequence
  • The "Allowed Travelers" options is now visible while on vacation
  • Fixed an issue with the travel check for pregnant sims

Version 74
  • Added the new time travel interactions to the Ambitions time machine object
    • How remiss of me to forget to add this one

Version 73
  • Updated to Patch 1.63 compatibility
  • Added error catching around MapTagController:Simulate() to catch errors in the map tag system
  • If University is installed, the transition now uses that interface to place your family when traveling
  • The mod will now dump you into "Edit Town" if there are no unoccupied homes in the world you are visiting
  • Time Travel interactions replaced with ones that use the custom rule-set
  • Altered the error trapping around the future descendant creation system to allow for error reporting
  • Future Descendants are now generated using less pudding and more homeworld genetics
    • Rather than two homeworld sims (or one if you were not married), four are now chosen to be the progenitors
    • Provided your town is not filled with pudding already, this should produce a wider variety of descendants
  • The time travel interactions are now part of the LLAMA object

Version 72
  • Potential fix for an error in "StoryProgressionService:CreateActionInternal"

Version 71
  • The "Enrol" interaction on the Phone and Computer now only appear if the sim does not have an academic career
  • Added error trapping to catch errors in "Services.ClearServicesForLot" so they don't bounce the "Change Lot Type" interaction
  • Disabled the thumbnail portrait refresh system, due to a suspected crash issue
    • The issue which this system corrects may crop up again. We'll see if any EA changes have resolved it.
  • "Midnight Hollow" is now handled by the mod

Version 70
  • Fixed an error when attempting to enroll in the technology degree

Version 69
  • Fixed the capitalization used for Isla Paradiso, it should work properly now

Version 68
  • "IslaParadiso" is now properly handled by the mod
  • Fixed a script error in the "Enrolment" window when a sim had partial credit available
  • The "unexpected circumstances" notice now includes the reason for the travel cancellation
  • Replaced part of the "Move To Other Town" process with one that allows for the displaying of script errors
  • The vacation Clock tooltip now displays the age of the world
  • Long-Term Relationships should now be retained during "Move To Other Town"
  • Crossworld protections enacted during "Move To Other Town"
  • Fixed the Save prompt when running home from vacation

Version 67
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility
  • Unlocked all interactions previously set as "Disallowed" while in University world
  • Coding added to stop an error regarding creation of coworkers during the loadup process
  • The "Enrollment" window altered to handle custom degrees and the degrees are now sorted alphabetically
  • Custom tuning that makes books available in both home and vacation worlds is now compatible with this mod
  • Changes made to sort the lot types in the "Change Lot Type" listing

Version 66
  • Fix for the multi-selection options, where they all displayed "False" regardless of what was actually selected.

Version 65
  • The "Enroll in University" phone and computer interactions now work properly while living in the University world
  • Fixed the transition of self-employed careers during vacation
  • Updated to handle "Dragon Valley"

Version 64
  • Silenced some debugging left running in V63

Version 63
  • Added cleanup for corrupt GameObjectRelationship objects before EA validation permanently deletes the sim
  • Update Taiwanese Translation

Version 62
  • Fixed an issue where the coding that protected against the loss of Academic Careers in the homeworld broke the restoration of missing Academic Performance Motives on loadup
  • Potential fix for an issue where changes to occult types between visits to a vacation world would cause the transition to bounce
  • Fixed a script error in "Traveler:UpdateAgeForeign"
  • Potential fix for a script error in "UnicornPoolEx:SpawnAlarmCallBack"
  • Temperature motives are now removed when Seasons is disabled to stop them from throwing errors
  • Corrections for sAcademicSims corruption added just prior to OnTermCompleted functionality

Version 61
  • Changing "Enable Seasons" no longer requires a save and reload to actually apply
  • Fixed an issue where academic careers were dropped on loadup
  • Added error trapping to stop errors in "SetToResetAndSendHome" from bouncing transition
  • Updated French translation

Version 60
  • Added a tooltip to the "Travel" interaction regarding saving first
  • The University Enroll window now includes teenagers and friends/romantic interests when "Allowable Travelers" is set
  • Potential fix for an issue where members of the active household could be imported by Register as tourists
  • Added hook for Register to distinguish homeworld residents from other foreign sims
  • Added translation for "Force Spawners"
  • Added "Allow Spawn Weather Stone" default: True
  • Added "Enable Seasons" default: True
  • Fixed an error where the Event that informs opportunities that a sim has arrived at a vacation world, was not being fired
  • Added a hook for Register to retrieve the name of a custom world
  • Traveling to University World using the World Adventures "Travel" interaction no longer assigns bogus academic careers to travelers
  • Added "University Term Length" default: 7
  • Added "Perform Travel Actions" default: True
  • Added "Ageless Foreign Sims" default: <None>
  • It is now possible to travel directly from one vacation world to another without returning home
  • Added "Store Parked Vehicles" default: True
  • Added "Hidden Worlds" default: <None>
  • All university lot types are now available in the homeworld
  • Added "Set Inactives As Unselectable" default: False
  • Added error catching around "OnTermCompleted" to allow the process to continue when one of the sims in town bounces
    • This protects against a bounce over the alarm that triggers the automatic transition home
  • The automatic transition at the end of university now has a proper save prompt
  • Fixed an error regarding populating comic bookshelves in the University world
  • Comic books are now available in Vacation worlds
  • Removed "Remove Travel Restrictions"
  • Added "Allowable Travelers" default: <EA Standard>
  • If there is no base-camp in the world, the game now displays the lot selection process
  • Fixed a mod issue transitioning plant sims, where their skin tone was improperly transferred
  • Added a catch to ignore world names that contain invalid characters
  • The University Graduation system has been replaced to stop an error where the game attemped to import foreign sims who were already visiting town
    • This is the most likely reason for the duplicate relationship issues surrounding this system
  • Potential fix for an issue where it was possible to manually invite over a foreign sim that was already in town

Version 59
  • Pregnancies in university worlds will now be resolved to Young Adult stage, rather than the EA Standard Child stage
  • Active households which are homeless on loadup will now be automatically attached to the cheapest empty lot in town

Version 58
  • Fix for the loss of skills during the transition
  • Fix for the "Check for Adventures" missing in vacation worlds

Version 57
  • Fixed an error where the sim was not properly added to the world after traveling to the University World
  • University worlds now act like universities rather than like vacations
  • Both "Cross Country" and "Jump" Competitions Won data for Riding Skill are now transferred by the mod (since it is not handled properly by EA)
  • The mod no longer interferes with the spawning adjustments made by Tempest
  • "Aurora Skies" is now properly handled by this mod
  • Adventures received from the Job Board are now properly weighted to give the bigger adventures a greater chance of selection
    • Previously they were all being erroneously weighted equally
  • "Check Job Board" interaction updated to handle University worlds
  • The Seasonsmotives are now properly unlocked for vacation worlds
    • This should resolve a recurring error in Relativity regarding those type of motives

Version 56
  • Updated for Patch 1.50 Compatibility
  • Added error trapping around "InWorldSubStateEx:PlaceLotWizardCheck" to stop any errors from bouncing transition
  • Added the "Broom Riding Skill" corrections directly into this mod, rather than relying on Overwatch to be available
  • The thumbnail correction system no longer does work on sims that already exist in the current world
  • Removed the Rock, Harvest, and Mushroom workaround coding as EA should now be handled them properly

Version 55
  • Fix for an error while reconciling long-term relationships after transition

Version 54
  • Updated to handle "Monte Vista"
  • Added Czech Translation

Version 53
  • Changes made to the relationship reconcilation portion of the transition to stop it bouncing if one of the sims is missing
  • Enabled seasons while on vacation.
    • Change the seasons options via the EA Options window, they are specific to the world you are playing.
    • For EA Standard effect, just turn off all the seasons except Summer

Version 52
  • Potential fix for a crash if a notice is fired during loadup

Version 51
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility

Version 50
  • Removed the coding regarding the "New World" scroll bars, since EA is now doing it themselves
  • The bookstore in Traveler worlds now contains all the books normally found in homeworld
  • Treasure spawners are now forced to spawn whenever you loadup the game, rather than when you return from vacation
    • Note this only affects homeworld, vacation worlds still only spawn once upon arrival (as is EA Standard)
  • The "Force Spawners" debugging interaction in this mod now includes the Treasure Spawners
  • Adjusted the way the mod handle age reconciliation to make it actually work properly, and still not hang the transition in the process
  • Potential fix for a script error in "CreateBabyBeforePacking"
  • Pregnant tourists no longer have their pregnancies realized when you return home, inadvertently creating a foreign sim based on the unborn child
  • Potential fix for a script error in "WorldData:OnSelected"
  • Vehicles parked on the residential lots will no longer be automatically packed into inventory
    • Note this has no impact on the vehicle chosen when routing home
  • Outfits for genies are now preserved between transitions

Version 49
  • All occult states for a sim are now transitioned properly, including all the data stored in those states

Version 48
  • MushroomData and HarvestData for the Collecting skill are now transitioned properly

Version 47
  • Updated to Supernatural compatibility
  • Added "Moonlight Falls" to the mod's internal list of EA worlds

Version 46
  • Added hook for other mods that require cross world data transferred (namely Vector)
  • Added "Sunlit Tides" to the mod's internal list of EA custom worlds

Version 45
  • Scroll arrows now appear for the Main Menu town selection list if you have more than 16 worlds installed

Version 44
  • Coding related to the Ice Cream Truck moved to Traffic
  • Inactive sims in a romantic relationship with an active are now included in the travel list
  • "Lucky Palms" is now properly handled by the mod
  • Interactions previously disallowed while in Downtown worlds are now unlocked by the mod

Version 43
  • Fix for a script error in "GameStatesEx:OnArrivalAtVacationWorld"
  • Updated Dutch Translation

Version 42
  • Added loadup corrections for some EA stupidity when a sim gets assigned to two households
    • Rather than unattaching the entire household and deleting them, the erronoeous sim is now detached from one household
  • "Remove Travel Restrictions" now allows you to take trips with friends from other families
    • Sims with "Friend" or better relationship with the active sim will be listed on the trip planner window

Version 41
  • Fixed an error where upon returning home, all sims in town would be aged to the final day in their age-stage
  • Wishes that refuse to be exported are now pruned from the sim's dream manager prior to transition

Version 40
  • Fixed an error where a traveler would lose their homeworld job if it did not transition with them originally

Version 39
  • Added additional error handling to TravelArrivalStateEx
  • Silenced a reset exception log being fired by "WildHorsePoolEx:HerdBehaviorCallback"
  • Altered the suffix for custom worlds to always default to "0x00000000"
    • Any older Downtown worlds that still create the "0x09ffe3d7" suffix will now require tuning to use properly
  • Added <WorldToFile> tuning

Version 38
  • Another try at shutting down - Mellye Mellye's Boss issue

Version 37
  • Fixed a crash the second time you travel during a game session
  • Potential fix for a script error in "SimDescriptionEx:MergeTravelInformation"
  • Potential fix for transitioning careers that require bosses

Version 36
  • Fixed an error regarding career transitions added in Version 35

Version 35
  • Changes to the career transition to make it handle world specific data better (no more losing Steady Gigs after a vacation)
  • Fixed Insanity Debugging, so it will report for the entire transition process, rather than just half of it
  • Expanded error catching to include the exporting and importing systems
    • This way if the export fails to create a file, we can now track down the reason
  • Sims that are forced to age-up during transition will no longer cause the process to hang indefinitely

Version 34
  • Potential fix for a script error in "GameStatesEx:OnArrivalAtVacationWorld"
  • Potential fix for a script error when the Active Sim is imported without a Celebrity Manager
  • Updated coding to handle travel to "Starlight Shores" and "Lunar Lakes"
  • The mod no longer unlocks the Ice Cream Truck when you do not have Pets installed
  • The Previous Traveler household is now purged whenever the user switches worlds without taking any sims with them
  • Transfer of Glow Bug Stats is now handled by the mod, to bypass an EA Export error regarding that data
  • Non-rabbithole based careers will now transition properly between towns (provided EA has the import/export written properly for them)
  • Transition no longer performs catch-up progression scenarios when returning to a vacation world being used as a home-town
  • Added additional error checking after "TravelArrivalStateEx:Startup", though I am not sure whether it will be useful

Version 33
  • Fix for a transition error when switching in or out of "Edit Town" mode

Version 32
  • Updated to Patch 1.31 Compatibility
  • The mod now disables the "No Guardian" cleanup performed when the user enters "Edit Town"
  • The remainder of the non-vacation services have been manually started, just in case EA fails to do it themselves
  • Updated Dutch translation

Version 31
  • Fixed an issue where traveling to a vacation world would randomly disable the "Treat As Vacation" option
  • The "Number of Different Combinations" stat in Nectar Making is now manually transitioned by this mod
    • I am unclear why it works sometimes but not others, but this way it now consistently transfers to the new town-file
  • An error in the Spirit Maker coding will no longer bounce spawners located on the World Lot, when pushed to spawn by this mod

Version 30
  • Potential fix for an error in "Corrections:CleanupOpportunities"
  • Potential fix for an error in "AssurePlayerThatBabiesAndToddlersAreFine" regarding babysitters
  • Another attempt at getting the Pet Adoption Social Worker Service to initiate properly while on vacation

Version 29
  • Added error catching around the spawner update in case one of the spawners fail
  • Foreign Pet Pregnancies are now handled properly by the mod
  • Pregnant sims that go on vacation no longer have their pregnancies realized when they come home

Version 28
  • Better handling when the opportunity history is corrupted during transition
  • Silenced a script error when attempting to update foreign thumbnail prior to the aging manager being available
  • Spawners are now forced to respawn every time a vacation world is entered, seeing as the normal process is not working so well
    • A Debugging interaction called "ForceSpawners" has been added to force the spawn immediately
  • Added a debugging interaction called "ShowTravelData" that shows information on the state of the game's travel data

Version 27
  • Better handling for a loadup bounce regarding wishes whose primary icons cannot be created
  • "Check for Adventures" now checks to see whether the sim has already completed the opportunity before providing it
  • "Explorers" are now properly packed when leaving a vacation world
  • 2012-JAN-04 Updated Spanish Translation

Version 26
  • Potential fix for a script error in "WorldData:SetVacationWorld".
  • Changed error handling in "WorldData:SetVacationWorld" so future errors in that code don't bounce transition
  • Changed the coding regarding "OnArrivalAtVacationWorld" to stop a script error when the "I am transitioning" flag remains set after transition
  • Life-time Wish Tallies should now survive transition intact
  • Rock Data in the Collecting skill is now transitioned by this mod, to work around an error in the EA export
  • Added error handling around an issue regarding "UpdateLifeEventControls" which would occasionally bounce the interface on loadup

Version 20
  • Added protections against improperly loaded sims bouncing the "GameStatesEx:PostTravelingFixUp" routine
  • Split the "DisablePostTravelFixUp" debugging option into three sections "A", "B", and "C" to narrow down which section is failing
  • Active Services (such as the Social Worker) are now ended on whatever lot is selected for the travel household

Version 19
  • Objects will no longer be deleted when you switch between residential and commercial lot types
  • Base Camp bars will now be randomly given the food order data from another bar venue, if none is provided via tuning
  • - This will stop hungry sims from constantly queuing up "Order Food" and then dropping the interaction when a bar is placed at Base Camp
  • The mod now ensures that buried dead are not contactable by phone (correction occurs the next time you travel)
  • Replaced the "Check For Adventures" interaction with one that works properly in Traveler worlds (it displays home-town opportunities)
  • Added code to fix broken outfits during transition
  • Added a debugging option "DisablePostTravelFixup" which will turn off a section of the transition for testing purposes
  • The rebuilding of active opportunities is now properly error trapped, so it does not halt the transition