This mod is intended to be run on Patch (1.66 - 1.69), see Patch Level Compatibility.

This is the Traveler mod with edits by the NRaas community.

Version 88 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Moved the never ending drama that is fixing the ITF base camp string to this mod to eliminate issues and simplify the approach.
    • It now appears as Base Camp (The Sims 3 Into The Future)
  • Persist all size and style photography records because EA eats these.
    • This fixes things like favorite's resetting after traveling
  • After 5 hours(!) of endless debugging I finally cracked the total disaster EA left behind that is the shutternut challenge travel transition.
    • It's finally fixed after being broken for 9 years.
    • My EA loathing grew three times the normal rate while trying to fix this bug.