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How do I disable the University Mascot?

anchor: [[University FAQ's And Tips#UniMascot]]

  1. Install Retuner
  2. Click on the City Hall or any Computer > NRaas > Retuner > Settings
  3. Continue to follow the path outlined here: Members' Retuner Settings#Mascot

How do I set up a Homeworld University?

anchor: [[University FAQ's And Tips#HomeUni]]

Instructions for setting up a Home World University may be found here: Careers FAQ#HomeworldUniversity

See also Automatic Enrollment Inactives To Homeworld University

How do I stop the chance of Protests occurring?

anchor: [[University FAQ's And Tips#Protests]]

  1. Install Retuner
  2. From City Hall or any Computer: Retuner > Settings > General (or whichever Season you want to change) > By XML Tuning

Tips For Manipulating Degrees and Academic Careers

Master Controller and MasterController Cheats or Debug Enabler are required.

To set the Academic Degree level or Choose an Academic Career
Click on your Sim > NRaas > Master Controller > Intermediate > Career > and select the desired option.

If you want to change any information for a sim in your homeworld, without having to switch from your active sim, access Master Controller from City Hall or any Computer > Sim > Intermediate > Career > Academic Degree or Academic Career > access by either Homeworld, Gender, Household, etc.

If your sim returns home from University and the degree status or information is incorrect, it can be corrected using DebugEnabler
Click on your Sim > NRaas > Debug Enabler > Options:Smart Phone > Academic Degrees

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