What is a disease ?

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In the context of this mod, a "disease" is a pathogen that can be spread amongst the sim population of your town.
  • The makeup and description of specific diseases is defined by the creator of that module.
  • For instance a disease could be :
    • A simulation of the common cold
    • A rampant air-borne nano-virus bound bent on converting your population into cyborgs
    • A radiological infection that spreads through social contact, and makes sims lose bladder control and eventually die of starvation

Internally, diseases are handled as finite state machines.
  • Each disease has several discrete stages, each with a different set of parameters on how the disease should interact with itself, the sim, and the local environment
  • Stages can be conditionals, scoring based on Strength or an arbitrary value, allowing the creator to alter the course of the disease
  • Stages can loop back onto themselves, allowing for unending diseases

Based on how the disease is written:
  1. A disease may have an incubation stage where the virus mutates prior to becoming contagious
  2. Contagious stages can have different infection rates for different types of situations, such as being outdoors, in a room, or during woohoo
  3. Stages set to "Show Signs" will impose random symptoms on the sims, such as draining energy, or applying moodlets
  4. It may be possible to beat the infection and resist the disease
  5. A disease may go into remission, and recur later in life
  6. It is possible to affect your resistance to the disease by performing various actions in-game

What is a strain ?

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In the context of this mod, a "strain" is a mutated variation of the original pathogen.
  • Whenever a disease mutates, and then jumps to a new host, the mod denotes this variant as a new strain.

Strains differ from each other by a number of mutant qualities, such as reduced incubation time, a longer contagious period, or simply by being more or less virulent.

If the pathogen has gone "viral" in your neighborhood, you will probably notice a large number of different strains being reported.
  • The number will simply increase indefinitely each time a new mutation occurs.

Newer strains have the ability to reinfect non-inoculated sims who have resisted an older strain.
  • This simulates the concept of the cold virus, which mutates yearly and reinfects the population all over again.

I added a new disease, and it is spreading rapidly through town! How do I slow it down ?

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Since the disease is new to your population, no one has any resistance to it, so depending on the method of infection, it may spread rapidly through your population.

Once sims have fought off the disease, they will be immune from reinfection for a certain amount of time.
  • Being immune will reduce the spread of the disease, as sims will be unable to contract new strains and pass them onto others.
  • You can alter this natural immunity using the "General \ Strain Reinfection Difference"option.
    • Increasing the value for the option will make your sims immune to reinfection until the strain mutates enough times.

How do I tell whether a sim is infected by a disease ?

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There are couple ways of keeping track :
  1. If you have the Watches" option enabled for a disease, you will receive notices about sims around town that have started showing signs of the disease.
  2. For the active sims, you will always receive a notice when they enter a symptomatic stage of the disease
    • The notice will appear each time your sim relapses.
    • You can visit the doctor at the hospital to receive further details on your condition : "Virology Department \ Visit Virologist"
  3. If a sim is showing signs, a "Friendly \ Ask If Contagious" standing social interaction will appear.
    • You can use the interaction to determine whether you should run for your life or not (though it may be too late to save yourself).

  4. For debugging purposes, you can access logs via the City Hall or Computer menus, under "NRaas \ Vector"
    • The "Dump Survey" log displays you a complete summary of all diseases in town, and who has them.

How do I cure, or alleviate the symptoms of a disease?

anchor: [[Vector FAQ#Curing]]

If the disease can be inoculated, then you can do so using an interaction at the Hospital rabbithole, called "Virology Department \ Buy Inoculation".
  • This provides your sim an immunity to the disease for a certain number of strains.
    • You can return at any time and receive a booster shot for new strains for half the price.
  • Once inoculated, any adult can inoculate any baby or toddler simply using the "Snuggle" social interaction on them.
  • You must visit the Virologist first, to identify the disease, before an inoculation is available.
  • Note that some diseases have no inoculation available for them.

Note if you have Ambitions installed, medical sims, with a level of three or greater, can use a "Vaccinate" on any sim in the game, and inoculate against all disease simultaneously.
  • Currently, this interaction is only usable by active sims on other sims
  • If you use the interaction on an inactive, you will receive payment of 1/25 of the inoculation cost for each disease cured
  • If you use the interaction on a member of your family, you will be forced to pay 1/25 of the inoculation cost
    • Note that this is still far below the amount you would be gouged at the hospital

If you are currently in a full blown attack of the disease, and an inoculation is not possible or available, then you may be able to purchase a resistance booster to improve your changes of fighting off the disease faster.
  • The "Virology Department \ Buy Immunity Booster" available via the Hospital rabbithole will provide a list of available resistance shots
  • You must visit the Virologist first, to identify the disease, before a shot becomes available.
  • Note that some diseases have no immunity boosters available for them.