This mod is intended to be run on Patch 1.50, see Patch Level Compatibility.


The Vector is a custom disease loader. The mod utilizes XML tuning packages to simulate a variety of viral effects in your town.


A full listing of all interactions and details regarding their use are available here : Interactions

A FAQ involving the internal operation of this mod is available here : FAQ

A list of enhancements under consideration is available here : The List

A list of known issues is available here : Issues


This mod is constructed to load third-party diseases, created using XML tuning.
  • Information regarding creating diseases for this mod is available here: Design Tutorial

You must enable each disease manually via the in-game options
  • This is to prevent an outbreak from occurring in a town without your explicit say-so

Special shout out to - goldenpuon goldenpuon who outlined a design for a disease mod. Some of those suggestions have been utilized in this mod.


This mod can be translated. Translation pages are available here : Localization


As always, ensure that you backup your save files prior to installation of this mod. As Murphy said: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


Revision Notes can be found here : Revision Notes


Instructions on how to install these files are available here : How to Install

This mod is XML tunable. Optional tuning packages are available here : Tuning