Version 19:
  • Playable ghosts, the Time Traveler and Plumbots are now exempt from all diseases. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

Version 18
  • Potential fix for a script error in "VectorControl:VectorCheck"
  • Updated Spanish translation

Version 17
  • Added coding to handle the new "Simmunity" life-time reward (no idea what the in-game translation is at the moment)
  • Potential alterations regarding the "Germy" moodlet to allow sick days
    • Will need to want until the moodlet is unlocked with Seasons before testing further

Version 16
  • The "Braaaiiins" interaction is now only run against zombies, which should stop a script error if the sim is cured in the interim
  • Added future hook for Infecting and Curing sims from Hybrid
  • Changed the method used to watch for zombie attacks, to better handle transmission
    • The old system simply required that the zombie simply queue the "Braaaiiins" interaction to transmit the disease, which was obviously bogus
    • Transmission now occurs once the social has been successfully initiated by the zombie
  • Added French Base-Mod Translation

Version 15
  • Updated functionality to handle new Supernatural occults
  • Setting <MinimumStrainDifference> to "-1" now removes the ability to resist new strains of a disease
  • Released the Zombies!

Version 14
  • Added <SymptomScoring> and <SymptomScoringMinimum> fields
  • Mummies, Genies, and Playable Ghosts no longer show symptoms for Cold, Simfluenza, Pox, SIV, Munchies
    • They can still spread the disease though, so beware
  • Fixed an error in the Virologist wording where the strain number was missing from the inoculation
  • Service genies are now immune to all diseases
  • Buried dead are now automatically cured of all diseases
  • Corrected an error in the LongTerm tuning which was erroneously referring to tuning in the Minor mod
  • Updated Finnish Minor translation
  • Updated Italian Base-Mod translation
  • Updated Finnish Long-Term translation
  • Updated German Base-Mod translation

Version 13
  • Added a <Story> field to the <Instigator> table
  • Fixed an error when attempting to enter multiple moodlets into the same Resistance or Instigator
  • Added <Origin> to MoodletResistance, and MoodletInstigator
  • Added SocialInstigator and SocialResistance
  • Added SocialSymptom
  • Unselectable sims part of the active family are no longer valid outbreak targets
  • The inoculation report now creates multiple notices if too long
  • Reduced the chance of the Llama Pox Absent Minded Symptom from 75% to 50%

Version 12
  • Certain types of inactive sims engaging is woohoo will now purchase protection beforehand to stop the spread of their disease
  • Sims in remission will no longer have their disease restarted when infected with a new strain
  • Having a sim in town in remission is no longer a block against an outbreak of a new strain of the disease
    • This does not affect S.I.V. which remains contagious throughout remission
  • Babies and toddlers are no longer valid patient zeros for a disease
  • The child inoculation notice no longer appears if neither sim is an active
  • Added Italian base-mod translation
  • Updated Spanish base-mod translation

Version 11
  • Fixed an error in remission diseases which improperly reset several display flags, stopping the "I am ill" notice from reappearing

Version 10
  • Inactives will only inoculate themselves prior to showing signs of a disease
    • This will stop the issue of a disease being unable to get a foothold because the sims are too cautious
  • The method of increasing strain numbers has been adjusted to ensure each disease continues to be viable when played long-term
    • The previous method would have everyone becomes permanently immune after a certain number of generations
    • This should also slow down the rate at which the strain number increases
  • Corrected an error in the infection system where individual strain mutations were not transferred to the new host
  • Fixed an error in the Resistance Symptom
  • Sims can no longer infect each other by chatting on the phone or computer
  • Fixed Llama Pox so it does not say the sim is cured in the middle of the infection

Version 9
  • Changed the default for "Strain Reinfection Difference" to "5"
    • If you had this value set in-game you will need to change it again
  • If the household has no inoculations at all then the "Download Inoculation Report" will not be completely empty
  • The CancelInteractions Symptom no longer affects service and role sims
  • Non-real Imaginary Friends can no longer get sick
  • Buried Dead can longer get sick
  • Reduced the motive hit for Common Cold by half, since the disease is incurable, and supposed to be minor
  • Vampires, Mummies, and Simbots are now immune to Common Cold and Simfluenza
  • Added European Portuguese and Spanish base-mod translations

Version 8
  • Relationship delta changes are no longer applied to Outdoor or Room infections
  • Added a debugging option "General \ AllowRelationshipDelta"
  • Llama Pox symptoms no longer interfere with rabbithole interactions
  • Added hook to Overwatch for "Export/Import Settings"
  • Fixed the computer interactions so they work properly with laptops
  • Fixed a formatting issue with "Download Inoculation Report"
  • Added hook to EA's "Vaccinate" social interaction (used during the vaccination situation)
  • Added hook for future use by Traveler for transferring disease data between worlds
  • Added future hook to Woohooer for differentiating between woohoo and risky
  • Updated Russian and Portuguese base-mod translations

Version 7
  • Added instigators for use in initiating the disease when the sim does something specific
    • Note that none of my current diseases use this functionality, their outbreaks are currently spontaneous
  • Removed a debugging message that was forcing the load log to appear

Version 5
  • Changed the loader so it spits out an error if the moodlet being used is invalid
  • Added "General \ Allow Inactive Purchases"
  • Inactives will now pay for inoculations for themselves and then apply it to their children
  • If they have any money left after that, sims may pay for immune boosters
  • Sims will no longer receive a positive relationship boost with the sim that infected them
  • Babies are now inoculated at birth using the mother's ratings
  • Added a "Ask If Contagious" standing social, displayed when the target sim is showing signs of infection
  • If you have Ambitionsinstalled, you can now use the "Vaccinate" interaction to inoculate a sim of all eligible diseases
    • You will be charged (or paid) 1/25 of the normal inoculation cost for each shot you perform

Version 3B
  • Fixed an error in the scoring in Accidentitis
Version 3A
  • Fixed the moodlets used in the first stage of Laugh Riot (one could not actually be applied, and the other was just broken)
  • Added the missing default Minimum Strain Difference values to Laugh Riot and Accidentitis
Version 3
  • Added "General \ Strain Reinfection Difference" option
  • Sims will now remain immune to a disease for longer (provided it hasn't mutated out of control in town)
  • Changed the simulator to allow reinfection during contagious stages, but not during showing signs stages
  • Adjusted the Pox, Burning Sim, and Munchies relationship deltas to their lowest levels
  • There is now a positive relationship boost between sims that are both infected with a disease
  • Negative relationship changes no longer apply to sims in the same household (since you can't really get away from them)
  • Friends and Romantic interests no longer care if you are infected with something
  • Negative relationship loss will now stop at Stranger level rather than going straight down to Enemy
  • Inoculation is no longer permanent, it will last for a certain number of strains before failing
  • It is now possible to get booster shots from the Hospital using the "Buy Inoculation" interaction
  • Diseases are now disabled by default, and must be enabled via the in-game options
  • You can now inoculate your sims before they receive the disease
  • "Research Disease" and "Visit Virologist" now show the infection rates for a disease
  • The "Research Disease" listing window now displays the highest strain in town
  • Added coding to handle "Accidentitis" and "Laugh Riot"
  • Diseases must now be manually enabled before they will start operating

Version 2
  • Added missing "Protection Rating: High", "Protection Rating: Low", "Protection Duration", and "Outbreaks \ Automated" options
  • Notices regarding new illness around town moved to when a sim start showing signs, rather than immediately upon infection
  • Sims working in rabbitholes no longer infect their coworkers, if the coworker is not on the lot as well
  • Added a relationship delta component when around sims showing sims of disease (no one likes you if you are ill)
  • Fixed a problem with the reaction component of some symptoms which caused the sim to fire endless script errors
  • Fixed the toggle for the "Enabled" option
  • Added "Disease Stage Ratio" option
  • Rearranged the City Hall menu to allow for custom options defined by tuning
  • Changes made to handle the VectorDataLethal module