NRaas.VectorSpace.Symptoms.MoodletSymptom, NRaasVector

This is a specialized symptom which initiates a buff on the sim whenever it occurs.
  • Note that any previous version of the buff will be removed and replaced with a new copy.
  • Not all buffs can be applied in this manner, and not all will acknowledge a custom duration.
  • Note that not all moodlets are available for all installations, as some were included with later Expansion Packs.

Based off of Symptom.

Additional Fields available:


  • This is a single element of BuffNames
  • You can enter custom buffs using this field, but they must exist in the game's dictionary before this symptom is loaded by the mod.


  • The delta change in mood associated with this moodlet
  • Note that certain traits on a sim can alter the magnitude of this value, making it appear as a different value in-game
  • This is an integer field


  • The number of sim-minutes for a sim exhibits this moodlet
  • Note that some EA Standard moodlets will outright ignore this field, and use their own predetermined duration
  • This is an integer field


  • The origin listed under the description for the moodlet
  • This is a simple reference to a translation displayed to the user, and has no bearing on the actual operation of the moodlet.
  • The translation is : Gameplay/Excel/Buffs/BuffOrigins: followed by the FNV64 of the name you provided.
  • There is a NRaasFromInfection default origin available in the base-mod if you decide not to use a custom version.