NRaas.VectorSpace.Symptoms.MotiveSymptom, NRaasVector

This is a specialized symptom which increases or decreases a particular motive for a sim.
  • Note that the sim must have the motive assigned to them, or this symptom does nothing.

Based off of Symptom.

Additional Fields available:


  • This is a single element of CommodityKind
  • Though CommodityKind contains a large number of options, only though motives which appear on the "Needs" panel for a sim are applicable.


  • The delta change in motive associated with this symptom
  • "Needs" motives have a range of -100 to 100
  • This is an integer field


  • This defines the lowest point at which this symptom can push the motive.
    • This can be used to ensure that your sim does not starve to death if you have a negative "Hunger" motive.
  • You must define this field. If you have no set lower bound, enter -101
  • This is an integer field