Vector Tutorial Resistance

Resistance scripts define a method of increasing or decreasing resistance to a particular disease.

Each Resistance contains the following fields :


  • This is a unique name for the Resistance. It must be unique over all diseases loaded in the game.
  • This value is used to reference a resistance in the <ResistanceN> fields in Stage.


  • Specifies the scripting class to use for this resistance.
  • The exact name of each scripting class is denoted as the first line in each of the various resistance tutorials.
  • I am open to adding new classes to the base-mod on request
  • It is possible to use a custom scripting class, not included in Vector itself
    • However it must derive from NRaas.VectorSpace.Booters.ResistanceBooter+Data, NRaasVector to operate properly.


  • Defines the delta change in resistance, when the conditions of this resistance are met
  • This is an integer field.

Available Resistance Types: