NRaas.VectorSpace.Stages.ScoringStage, NRaasVector

This stage performs a scoring table against the owner of the disease, and compares the result to the <Minimum> field. The stage is deemed successful if the scoring value is greater than the Minimum value provided.

Based off of HitMissTimedStage stage.

The following additional fields are available:


  • Specifies the unique identifier for the scoring table to use.
  • This scoring is performed on the given sim, and expects a derivative of SimListedScoringMethod
  • See Scoring Tutorial for further details on how to create scoring tables.


  • Specifies the minimum value necessary to consider this stage a success
  • The value is either an integer, or the word Strength
  • When set to Strength, the minimum value is defined as the NetStrength of the disease, which is a combination of the Raw Strength defined by the strain subtracting any resistances that the sim has accrued.


  • Specifies a <MutableN> Name that allows the <Minimum> to mutate.
  • The value of this mutable parameter is added to the minimum value
  • If not provided, the minimum value will be unchanged