Is There A Way To Remove/Blacklist EA Vehicles?

Yes. - J4Ks J4Ks has an awesome illustrated tutorial that identifies and details all these vehicles and easy steps explaining how to blacklist them. See Blacklisting_EA_Packs_Vehicles

Can I Stop The Game From Giving Big Lemons and Sloppy Jalopies To Inactives?

There is no 100% way to completely remove the usage of those 2 vehicles. They are hard coded within the Game Core to be given (for temporary usage) to Service - (Maid / Butler / Mailman / Bartender / etc) and Role Sims (Mixologiest / Proprietors / Bouncer / Stylist / etc) for them to use to do their assignments. It isn't really advisable to remove them from the game at all.

Also when you have our Traffic mod installed and have "Always Use Taxis for Inactives Lacking Vehicles" set to False, inactives are also given such vehicles for temporary use.

The routing system is what drive them to either walk or take a transportation method based on what distance they need to get to their intended location.
You could however if you have a subway system in your town, make the subway system the desired transportation method in favor of taking a taxi. Those who have a car (bought) will then ignore the subway.
- J4Ks J4Ks

Blacklisting EA Vehicles

See: Blacklisting EA Packs Vehicles by [[user:J4KS----==Q & A's From Chatterbox== - J4Ks J4Ks responding
Q. "I was under the impression that I could set the minimum funds a family must have before making ANY purchases set to 1million. Now I see paired with no taxis, that would spawn Jalopies"
A. Just setting the min funds to 1 million, will not do. Sims are Sims and just buy something that fills their needs. If you really want to rule out that the Sloppy Jalopy and Big Lemon are picked by Sims in general, you should also use:
Cars and Bikes minimum Price set to +1201 (Jalopie 950 and Big Lemon 1200) but anything below that (such are bikes) will also be skipped.
The best way would be making a tuning mod with the respective files of those cars and set the price to 0 and set the minimum price to 1. See Is There A Way To Remove/Blacklist EA Vehicles at the top of this page.
Q. ''Also for Service/Role sims, I used to buy them some fancy cars (many are celebs) but these never held, the moment you "SetService" poof the cars gone!''
A. Everything stored in the Service/Role Sims personal Inventory get erased whenever they return to their pools outside of your Town.
Q. "If a hood was set up with either a Llama Phone Box or subway on ea. lot, would that get around cars?"
A. Yes, but you have to activate in Retuner that NPC's are allowed to use the Subway by changing this entry:
General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.Actors > SimRoutingComponent> kNPCSubwayUseChance > 1 (default on 0)
Q. "If a sim had a horse, or for that matter a hot air balloon would they use those before calling a taxi or attempting purchase of a Jalopie?''
Horses and Hot Air Balloon aren't seen as transportation vehicles and are disregarded for general transportation.
Q. "Can I change the taxi mesh?"
A. It is possible. See Tutorial: Basic Object Creation

TIP: For other taxi options see alverdine's Default Taxi Mod at MTS

How Can I Get My Sims To Use The Subway More Often?

See This Link: Which Mod FAQ

Can I Stop The Game From Adding Boats To Inactive Sims Inventories?

Story Progressions Money module can be used to control the inventories.
StoryProgression's purchase system would require that sims actually have the money to purchase the objects. Try increasing the "minimum amount of family funds required" to a ridiculously large number.
Overwatches "Cleanup Vehicles" will clear those out during the nightly clean up cycle.

How Can I Manage The Number Of Taxis and Limos and Other Vehicles In My Town?
Install the Traffic Mod.

Disabled Limo's Are Still Appearing In My Game ... Why

The game automatically generates limos for the Performance careers in Showtime, Political, Business and Music
See Other Mods for a link to Nona's No Limo Mod which will disable those career Limos.
Once on the page use CTRL + F to open the browser search box in the upper right corner of the page and type in Limos to go directly to the link.

Go Here & Traffic: Both Of These Mods Manage Routing - How Are They Different?

To the end user they do the same thing, In the mods structure they each have a different function. Traffic sets a value dictating how far a Sims route has to be for them to use a car to an insanely high number to stop it from ever returning true. GoHere actually replaces the routing code so it's stopped at the source.

TIP: Other Boat and Car Routing Options
Go Here has options to enable or disable Boat and Car Routing. Change Default to False.
  • Allow Boat Routing
    • Whether to allow Sims in the world to use boats when routing.
    • Default: True
  • Allow Car Routing
    • Whether to allow Sims in the world to use cars when routing.
    • Default: True

Stopping Cars From Showing as Best Friend in Relationship Panel

Install Retuner
From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Settings>ByTuneable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Vehicles>Vehicle>kRidesToBecomeFriends for Enthusiast
The default is 8 (representing 60 Rides) - Set it higher

For more Car Relationship Options:
From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Settings>By Tuneable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing>CarRelationship

Carpool and School Bus Options

Install Retuner

For Carpool Options
From City Hall or a computer>Nraas>Retuner>By Object>Car PoolWithDriver>click on DoCarpoolPickupAndDropoff for options

For more vehicle options:
From City Hall or a computer>Nraas>Retuner>Settings>General>By Tunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Vehicles>

Tip: Buzzler has a couple of mods that allow the cancellation of school buses and carpools.
Note: They have to be managed one sim at a time, but it's only your currently active household that would otherwise get these services.
Buzzler's Carpool Disabler
Buzzler's MOAR Interactions (This one has options for both carpool and school bus).

Brooms, Witches

The witches hidden broom is considered a vehicle by EA. For Tips to manage the Hidden Witches Broom see The Witches Hidden Broom at the top of the Occult Page.
For more tuning options use Retuner
From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Vehicles>CheapAdultBroom

I would like my sims to take the subway more/less often

See Ths Page For More Subway Tips

Replacing EA Subway Stations with Jinx's Subway Rugs.
anchor: Tips and Tricks FAQ

A routing problem will occur if you mix and match EA's Subway Station with Jinx's Subway Rugs within a world, where Sims can get stuck underground or in the entrance of such EA's Subway Station.
This will reflect with a mass of GoHere script errors that shows the boinkyness of the routing.

Either choose to place only EA's Subway Stations or your own Subway Station Creation with Jinx's Subway Rugs inside (or any Custom build Subways Station provided by various creators).

On some of the world maps of EA's or any Custom creators, there are already EA's Subway Stations placed onto the map (example StoryBrook), which will force you to use the same structure. But if you wish to swap those EA Subway Stations with Jinx's Subway Rugs follow these steps to ensure the routing doesn't get damaged:
  • Start game
  • Load up SavedGame or start a new game
  • Go directly in Edit Town
  • Find and delete EA's Subway Station
    • Or within Live mode, you'll require:
  • Save the game
  • Exit
  • Clear cache files (not sure if its required, but no harm doing so)
  • Restart game
  • Load SavedGame
The Subway routing system is now clean and can be rebuild again. After placing the rugs or stations, the icons in mapoverview will not show up in your current game. You'll need to save/exit and restart to be able to find the stations on mapoverview.
If you already combined both within a game, you'll need to delete them both to fix the routing entirely.
- J4Ks J4Ks Jun11, 2014

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