Large Lots with housing for multiple families or merge non related sims
Using large lots with multiple buildings is a good way to keep families together or for adding any group of sims you would like in one place where you can keep an eye on them :)
I have installed and am playing or have played all of these lots in various worlds. Most of these lots contain little or no CC and use only EA objects. Should you not have a "required" EP or store content the missing object will be replaced or you can add to your own liking; the lots still work just fine either way. These lots are just plain fun to redecorate and play.

Some Tips for using these lots:
It is easier to keep your sims sleeping and populating the house you want them in if you:
  • Assign the beds
  • Keep objects that facilitate their traits, wishes and jobs, etc.
  • Use a lock system on doors to specify who can enter - GoHere V44C In Testing works very well on these lots.

Tea Roses Townhouses NEW FIND
Not a village lot but worth mentioning. There are 3 individual, adorable town houses for 3 families to occupy on one 20 x 30 lot.

Peaceful Village 64x64 BY The Jockey at TSR
This lot 64 x 64 with several small house with furnished, small library, academy, 2 stables, lake, and a large yard so your children can freely play tag. :)

Land Beyond Dreams Village a 60x60 lot by Vampire_aninyosaloh at MTS
A fantasy town in the middle of the forest. It has a small square with a fountain and vegetation, lots of stone paths to the different houses, a pond and a hill. The buildings are three small houses, a big manor, a tavern and a church with graveyard.

Suburbia Village 64x64 by Ashley Black at TSR
All 4 houses have only one level for the easy playing. 2-2 twin houses with own garden. Interesting interior design and nice colours. Community area with park, pool and playground and parking place for cars.

Village Farm Houses 30x30 by Ayyuff at TSR
Fully furnished and decorated houses There are 4 NPC households on lot.

Summer Island
64x64 by Sims3TestAlias at the Exchange The plot has 4 beaches, lighthouses / housing, 3 townhouses, art gallery and shop / general store w / bedsit in 2 floor. a large pier, 3 shacks, tents and 2 parks. All houses and cabins are furnished. (Without boats) No CC

Uncharted Island Village at the Exchange.
A fully self-sustained village. Amenities include: 4 bedroom huts, 3 bathroom huts, a kitchen hut, a bar pavillion, a community garden, fishing spots, and more!

Fairytale Village 64x64 by elle0808 at the Exchange NEW FIND by - tangie0906 tangie0906
Set as 'Big Park' this village is fully functioning and attracts clerks for all Store Registers (food, pet, relics etc) Science, Hospital, School, Business and Journalism, Stadium, Consignment etc. More detail available on the download page. Also has potential to convert to a residential village lot. This is part of the Moon Valley Fairytale World by elle0808. See Roadless Worlds to download the world.

For More Options See Also: Awesome Lots on the Camping Page and Tiny Lots for some space saving ideas.

- brappl brappl October 2016