How can I stop it raining all the time in my town?

Install the Tempest mod from this site.

Click on City Hall or any computer then:
NRaas > Tempest > Weather > Summer > Default > Weather:Rain
Change the value as appropriate. The range is from 0 to 5 with 0 being no rain and 5 being lots of rain.

It will also help to adjust the minimum and maximum length of time that it rains. By default, that is set from between 3 to 6 hours, so when it starts raining it takes seemingly forever for it to stop.

Alternatively, there is a tuning mod at The Naughty Sims Asylum by Bluegenjutsu to stop it raining so much: A Lot Less Rain and Less or More Snow
Free registration is required at that site to download the mod.

How To Adjust Sunrise and Sunset Settings

Retuner is needed.
From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>By Tunable XML>Sims3GamplaySeasons>Seasons Manager>Sunrise/Sunset Offsets

The game default for sunrise is 6AM and sunset 6PM.
The Settings in the Seasons Manager are: 0=Sunrise and 1=Sunset
To adjust add or subtract time by decimals: .25 is 15 minutes - .5 is 30 minutes and 1 is an hour.
For a 5:30 sunrise and a 7:30 sunset then it would be like this
0. -.5
1. 1.5

Live Aloha! Weather Tuning Mod by - Simwahine Simwahine
Download It Here
For use with NRaas Tempest
Installation Tips (clarified from original instructions)
  • Place the downloaded and extracted tuning file named Tempest_LiveAloha.package in your Documents/ Electronic Arts/The Sims3/Library folder. The imported file will appear in your bin in Edit Town called NRaasSettings.LanceKiki (no picture, just a blank window).
  • To import the file using City Hall or a Computer access Overwatch/Immediate/Import Settings and select Tempest. A window will come up displaying LanceKiki Settings. Click on it. The screen will revert displaying the Overwatch/Immediate/All window you just left. Click the check to accept. It will take a minute for the import to complete.
  • Once import is complete from City Hall or a Computer access Tempest/Weather. Within each of the seasons you should see LiveAlohaFall. If you select that you will see all the weather settings options for that season. The Enabled option has a default of True.

How can I make sims change into their Outerwear?

See: Members' Retuner Settings#Outerwear

Weatherstone - Stop Respawning

Install Traveler
The Weatherstone can be deleted using Radius Purge in DebugEnabler
After deleting the Weatherstone :
From City Hall or a Computer>NRaas>Traveler>Allow Spawn Weather Stone - Set to False


Install Retuner
From City Hall or a computer> NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Miscellaneous>Meteor>kRandomMeteorChance
Adjust Chance of Meteor using the telescope:
From City Hall or a computer> NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Miscellaneous>Meteor>

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