White Box at bottom of Stairs or White Boxes Appearing on Lots

It's an old issue. Basically the cause is, staircases were changed somewhere around the WA patch. Before they weren't recolorable, now they are. But any lot you place in the world that is constructed with the old staircases will have their staircases 'upgraded' when you place them. It is that upgrading that causes the white boxes.

Solultion: Go out of Edit Town, save the game, start it again and go back, you'll see they've disappeared.It's only the first time you place the lot that they show up.

I have Red Boxes or Red Squares Appearing on the window that displays my long-term relationships, and/or some of my relationships are missing!

A relationship listing consisting of a totally red portrait is the result of a script error while displaying the contents of the Relationship Panel.
  • This may be caused by a corrupt relationship link, or simply by an EA error while displaying the sim's portrait

Since the Core game stops adding portraits to the window after a script error, you may find that many of your relationships are no longer listed.

To correct the issue install RelationshipPanel.
  • That mod replaces the display mechanism on that window with one that catches and reports script errors, allowing the window to continue displaying regardless of the error

There Are Objects Hidden or Suspended That Are Out Of Place

For one reason or another some custom worlds have objects remaining the creator was using when creating the world and neglected to remove before releasing the world.
Install Error Trap to clean these out

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