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Mods To Start With

Suggestions for getting started Using the NRaas Suite

How To Install

Installing .package files - mods and related installation FAQs and instructions for Clean Folder Method

Patches - Compatibility

How to determine your patch level - build versions- updating-incompatible messages and other help topics

Patching Help & Information For 1.69

Direct link for Latest Patch 1.69
Help With The 1.69 Patch (Including the latest steps for reverting back to 1.67)
Super Patch - Information and links for Super Patching


This has all the NRaas Mod information linked within one convenient table. Documentation, Interactions, Issues, FAQ's, Lists of enhancements being considered, Discussion Topics links, Revision notes and translations available.

Gameplay FAQ's & Tips

A "Cheat Sheet" offering game related FAQs Tips and Tricks for actual GAME PLAY listed in alphabetical order by topic. Links for Official MOD FAQ's and downloads are included. See General Issues below for core game issues, errors and more!

General Issues FAQ

Information related to errors, issues and bugs related to the core game itself as a result of EA gaffes, design flaws or actual EA functionality appearing to be an error. Help with Video Cards, Mod Merging, Launcher Help,Graphics Settings - Cache Files - CPUs

Tips For Better Game Performance

A compilation of Tips for better game performance extracted from various sources

Tuning Files- by Members & Other Resources

Members' Retuner Settings - Custom tuning files for Retuner
How To Tune Files - How to tune EA files
Full EA Tuning File Listing - Full listing at the bottom of the Retuner FAQ
Tutorial For XML Tuning

Other Mods FAQ

Listing of mods available elsewhere in the modding community, that serve to satisfy things which this suite may not provide or one you do not wish to use that is available here within one of the modules

Which Mod FAQ

Listing of Mod FAQ's to help guide new users to the mods they need to satisfy a particular requirement. - Additional FAQ's are also included in Gameplay FAQ's.

MOD Conflicts & Delphy's Dashboard

A guide to understanding mod types and conflicts by Nona at Simlogical. To see a PDF of Nona's original illustrated document click this link: Understanding Mod and CC Conflicts with Delphy's Dashboard

Mac FAQ's

information and tips to help run your game in a Mac OS along with links for more Mac information

Sims3 Folder Contents

NRaas Wiki document containing details regarding the various files created by the game into your personal Documents folder. See also: Folders Explained

Mod Updater

- Tuckwit Tuckwits NRaas Mod Updater - a tool to assist in downloading and installing the latest mods automatically

Deleting SNAP Files

Tutorial for Deleting Snap Files by - - P2FX P2FX. See Also Kuree's Save Cleaner tool which does the same thing


A listing of less than obvious terms you may see in responses to your posts or contained in other NRaas documentation


Links for suggested worlds, careers, households, etc. are links recommended by members here who have visited the sites and used the products. Keep in mind, as the internet changes so do the risks. Exercise caution, don't be too quick to click on the first download button you see and be aware of the traps set by unscrupulous sites/vendors that could infect your system.
See more tips Here At wiki How

Animals - Farm by rebecah at TSR

For more deco animals for zoos etc. see Deco Animals in the Camping section below.


S4 To S3 Camping Conversions by Sandy at ATS
Links for camping stuff, campgrounds and links to deco wild animals for a more realistic look.

Castaway - Shipwrecked Themes

See Castaway Objects here on the Sims Through The Ages Page


Challenges by Wiki Members and links to other sites for different styles of game play to keep things interesting

Custom Careers
Tutorial for creating your own custom careers.
Listing of custom created careers suggested by members

Custom Map Tags

Downloads for Custom Map Tags. The Tagger Base Mod is required

Fantasy - Medieval - Religious

Game Of Thrones - Nest of Dragons - Religious Downloads

Native American Theme
See Native American Project by Silfantasy
See also Sims Through The Ages below.

Poor And Underprivileged Sims

Links to things for the Underprivileged Sim - Hobo

Poses & Unique Animations New Tuning Mod by - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims

Member suggested pose packs and instructions for those of you who like to create stories


Challenges Under Construction - Playable Prisons - Prisoner Clothing - Objects, etc.

Playable Tombs

A listing of playable tombs for your town

Rotational Game Play Settings

Story Progression Suggested Rotational Caste Settings for rotational game play.

Sims Through The Ages
Stone Age - Dark Ages - Medieval - Ancient Rome - etc. - Collection finds based on the Sims Through The Ages Challenge by rosselin. Also See Medieval and Religious above for more tips and links.

Sim Households by Our Members NEW

Households At Simpleminded sims by - littlelambsy littlelambsy

Sims Stories And Mod Settings by Our Members

- Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims Sarah is sharing her NRaas Mod settings, story lines,settings for life spans & seasons posted in her Tumblr Here
- littlelambsy littlelambsy has some great stories and pictures located at her Simple Minded Sims Page Stories Tab.
- simwahine simwahine has our NRaas Selfies, her stories, tutorials and downloads at Simwahine's Sims 3 Stories Click on the Downloads option in the menu bar for the NRaas Selfies.
- KittyTheSnowCat KittyTheSnowCat has her Stories on her simblr
- deesim deesim desiree-UK Reblogs and Likes Lots of tips, illustrations and links to some very nice custom content.

Tiny Lots - List of links to 10x10 Community lots created by Sims 3 Forum members More tiny/small lots by TSR, MTS, Arda Sims - Unique Lots and Other Tips/Suggestions.

More Tiny Lots: NEW
Little Business Lots by - littlelambsy littlelambsy A collection of 10x15 functional business lots ready to play.
Ultimate Career Lots by - littlelambsy littlelambsy A collection of lots made to work with Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod.
Little Community Lots by - littlelambsy littlelambsy Lots that can be use for general game play, possible Ultimate Career assignments or businesses.
Little Houses by - littlelambsy littlelambsy Fully furnished and decorated residential lots

A Very Tiny World by Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

This tiny world is less than 3MB. It comes with one 5x5 lot but more lots can be added. This world is great for working in CAS and Testing. Takes seconds to load. A great alternative for having to load up a full game if in game testing is not needed.

Village Lots

Small villages with in your town. Large lots with multiple houses and other facilities for housing several families within one lot.

User created worlds of all sizes previously played and recommended by Wiki members - Worlds Without Roads.

Zerbu's Lot Events No Standard Prom

"Make your world more active and exciting with the new Lot Events mod, currently in development. Lot Events makes use of the "Event Lot Marker" included in the University Life patch to allow for changing lots".

Other Sites

The Steam Community
A guide covering basic and advanced troubleshooting for the PC version of The Sims, a discussion forum & more.
Sims4 Sites - Recommended sites for Sims 4 Game Help - Technical Help - CC Downloads - Modding Help- Tools - Chat Forums & More
Sims 3 Sites - Links to other popular Sims 3 Sites - Has not been updated in over one year. For more Site listings see The Other Mod FAQ link under General Help.
- brappl brappl updated August 2017

Guides & Tutorials

(This is an auto-generated list. Add the "Guides" tag to a page to have it displayed here.)

Tutorial: Getting Started with CC Magic at Nona's Sims -
Tutorial: How to Install Lots (sims3pack) without using the Launcher at Nona's Sims

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