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This FAQ is meant as a way of guiding new users to mod they need to satisfy a particular requirement.

I want to play a household with more than eight sims in it.

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#Overstuffed]]

You require either a Core-Mod that unlocks overstuffing capability, such as Awesome.

Or you require the following mods from this suite :
  1. MasterController
    • Provides a "Add Sim" function that can be used to manually move any number of sims into a single household
    • Note that the "Allow More Than Eight Sims Per House" is only applicable to interactions in *this* mod, such as "Pollinate" and "Add Sim".
    • The "Adopt" and "Adopt Pet" interactions allow users to adopt in overstuffed households
  2. MasterController Integration
    • Unlocks the ability to create families using CAS with up to 10 humans (the maximum number of portraits available)
  3. Mover
    • Replaces the "Move" phone interactions, and the Edit Town "Merge" interactions with custom versions that allow for overstuffing
    • Unlocks the ability to make Imaginary Friends real in overstuffed households
    • Unlocks the ability to add constructed Ambitions sim-bots to overstuffed households
  4. PortraitPanel
    • Replaces the window the displays the sim portraits with one that can display up to 24 portraits simultaneously
  5. Woohooer
    • Replaces the "Try For Baby" interactions with one that can be used in full households
    • Unlocks the ability to harvest plant-sims in overstuffed households

  • StoryProgression
    • It is not necessary to have this mod installed to actively play an overstuffed household
    • However, the mod allows inactive households to overstuff on their own, or maintain their overstuff status when you switch between active households

I would like to set an opportunity as completed, how do I do that ?

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#ForceOpportunity]]

One normally does this for chained adventure opportunities in order to allow you access to the next opportunity in the chain.

If that is indeed the case, you can use DebugEnabler's "Opportunities... \ Add Opportunity..." set of interactions to add the next opportunity in the chain to your sim.

Note this works because DebugEnabler's interactions automatically ensure your sim satisfies the requirements for the opportunity.
  • This also means that your sim may receive skill levels and other changes in order to ensure an opportunity is available.
  • Be aware of this when using the opportunity interactions in that mod.

This differs from MasterController's Opportunity interactions, which are only allowed to apply opportunities whose requirements are already satisfied by your sim.

How do I make my sim an alien ?

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#Alien]]

In this suite, there are two methods :
  1. DebugEnabler's "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Options: Sim \ Alien DNA Percentage"
  2. MasterController Cheats' "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Intermediate \ Alien DNA Percentage"

Both interactions take a number in the range of "0" to "1".

To have access to the various alien interactions, your sim must have a DNA percentage greater than "0.20".
  • This limit is tunable, controlled by the EA Tuning Field : "Sims3.Gameplay.CAS \ SimDescription \ kMinAlienDNAPercentToBeAlien"

My sim is permanently stuck snubbing someone, how do I fix it ?

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#Snubbing]]

  1. Install MasterController
  2. Make your sim active (so the plumbbob is over their head)
  3. Make a note of the current level of long-term relationship between the two sims by looking at the Relationship Panel.
    • As in whether they are "Friends", "Good Friends", "Romantic", etc.
  4. Click on the other sims, and use "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Intermediate \ Long Term Relationship By Category"
  5. Select the "Stranger" entry. That will wipe out any relationship information stored between the two sims.
  6. Click on your own sim and use "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Reset"
  7. Then click on the other sim and use "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Reset" on them.
  8. Finally, use the "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Intermediate \ Long Term Relationship By Category" again, and set their relationship back to their original level

The snubbing should now be deactivated.

I don't like having the "NRaas" menu popping up everywhere, how do I hide it ?

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#hideMenu]]

Most of the mods that add menu interactions have an option to disable most (but not all) of their menus :
  1. DebugEnabler
    • From the Active Sim Menu : "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Toggle"
  2. MasterController
    • "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Settings \ Menu Visibility"
  3. StoryProgression
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Sims \ Show Menu Interactions"
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Lots \ Show Menu Interactions"
  4. The other mods which add invasive menus also have similar options.

However, all the mods will leave at least one menu interaction in the game, so you can turn the visibility back on if you wish.
  • This menu is usually attached to the City Hall, Base Camp, or Computer objects
  • To disable this menu there is a tuning mod available, which hides the menus while "testingcheatsenabled" is turned off.
  • The file is available here : ErrorTrap Tuning

I want to create a teen-only family.

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#TeenFamilies]]

  1. MasterController Integration
    • Unlocks the ability to create CAS Families with no adults.
  2. Mover
    • Has options available that allow you create teen-only families using the EA "Move" window.
  3. StoryProgression
    • Can be adjusted to allow inactive teens to move into their own homes, without adult supervision.

I made changes to a tuning package for a mod, but the changes did not appear in my game, why ?

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#Tuning]]

Many of the mods in this suite have in-game tuning, available via a menu system.

In order to facilitate this ability, the choices you make in-game are saved directly into the save-game, and then retrieved from that save the next time you load.
  • The loading of options from the save take precedence over any tuning that you may have installed on your setup.
  • So, if you change the tuning via an installed package, and then load a pre-existing save, your package changes will not be picked up.

As a means to work around this issue, many of the mods have an interaction that resets the options back to the tuning defaults
  • The option is called "Reset Settings" or "Total Reset"
  • Note that using this option will wipe any changes you have made to the options in-game, and replace them with the options you have set in your tuning package
  • Each mod has it's own "Reset" interaction, and the interaction only affects the options for that particular mod.

When I click on something, either a sim or object, I cannot get the menu to appear.

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#Menu]]

Do the following:
  1. Install Selector
  2. Click on the object you are having difficulties with
  3. You should receive an error log explaining the reason for the menu failure
    • Note that Selector may then allow the menu to display, regardless of the error.
    • You should still report the error, just in case it is due to a larger problem.
  4. Read How To Upload

I want to change the Family Tree connections between my sims.

anchor [[Which Mod FAQ#Family Tree]]

You require MasterController and the MasterController Cheats module.
  • The interactions you want will be available under "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Family" when you click on a sim.
  • Note that if one of the sims is dead, you will need to use a filter of "Type of Sim" - "Dead" in order for the sim to be listed by the mod.

The babies in my town keep dying, how do I stop it ?

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Baby Death]]

Deaths of that nature are almost always the result of EA Story Progression acting badly.

To correct the issue, you need a mod that alters that system and stops the deaths :
  1. The simplest approach is to use a tuning mod.
    • To locate tuning modders that may take requests, or already have such mods, see External Links
  2. Install StoryProgression and allow it to replace the default progression system with its own

I want to stop all immigration into my town.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Stop Immigration]]

To stop EA Story Progression immigration, you require either:
  1. A story progression tuning mod.
    • To locate tuning modders that may take requests, or already have such mods, see External Links
  2. Install StoryProgression and allow it to replace the default progression system with its own. By default Immigration is disabled in this mod.

In addition, if you have role assigning objects (such as Stylist Station, or Cash Registers) located in your town, you must either:
  1. Remove the objects to stop the game from creating sims to man those stations
  2. Install a "NpcRoles" tuning mod that replaces the "Resident" entry from <RoleFillFrom>. See How to Tune
  3. Install Register

I want to unlock romantic relations between a wider variety of sims.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Expanded Relations]]

If you want to unlock near-family relations, or relations between age-groups not normally available in the Core game, you are looking for Woohooer :
  • Use the "Woohoo \ Species \ Allow Near Relation WooHoo" setting to unlock that capability for any species
  • Use the "Woohoo \ Allow Teen WooHoo" setting to unlock woohoo interactions between teenagers
  • Use the "Woohoo \ Allow Teen-Adult WooHoo" setting to unlock woohoo interaction between teenage and adult ages.

I want to delete every copy of an item that exists in my town.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Mass Delete]]

You are looking for MasterController Cheats's "Object Stats" :
  • If you wish to delete the objects from every lot in town, use "Town \ Object Stats" from the City Hall Menu
  • If you wish to delete the objects from a specific lot, use "Object Stats" from the Lot Menu (click on the ground)

I want to remove the maternity leave given to sims when they become pregnant.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Maternity Leave]]

To manually alter the "Days Off" value for your sim :
  • Use MasterController Cheats' "Sim \ Intermediate \ Career \ Days Off"
  • Enter a sufficiently large negative number to negate the value displayed

If you are using Expanded StoryProgression, you can also adjust the following :
  • Set "Pregnancy \ Maternity Leave" to a leave negative number, such as "-1000".
  • Doing so will negate any value EA provides the sim after the birth of their child.
  • The mod currently has no impact on the leave provided while the sim is pregnant.

It is also possible to alter the number of days given out using a EA "Pregnancy" tuning mod, and changing the <kPregnantDaysOff> value to "0".
  • For more information on creating tuning mods, see here : How To Tune

I have Red Boxes or Red Squares appearing on the window that displays my long-term relationships, and/or some of my relationships are missing!

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Red Box]]

A relationship listing consisting of a totally red portrait is the result of a script error while displaying the contents of the Relationship Panel.
  • This may be caused by a corrupt relationship link, or simply by an EA error while displaying the sim's portrait

Since the Core game stops adding portraits to the window after a script error, you may find that many of your relationships are no longer listed.

To correct the issue install RelationshipPanel.
  • That mod replaces the display mechanism on that window with one that catches and reports script errors, allowing the window to continue displaying regardless of the error.

I want to disable the Neighborhood Pet Adoption system.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Pet Adoption]]

Do the following :
  1. Install Overwatch
  2. Click on the active sim, and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Settings \ Stop Pet Adoption"
  3. The mod will automatically end any existing pet adoption situation and squash any further attempt to start a new one.

I would like to find the urnstone for a sim in town.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Graves]]

To locate the grave-stone for a dead sim in town, do the following :
  1. Install MasterController
  2. Click on the City Hall, and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sims \ Basic \ Find Grave"
  3. Choose the sim you wish to locate, and press the "Accept"
    • If the sim is recoverable, but their grave doesn't exists, the mod will automatically create a new grave-stone for you.
    • If the grave is in-game, the window will be zoomed to focus on its location.
    • If the grave is invisible, due to an error, it will be made visible.
    • If the grave is in inventory somewhere, you will be prompted to move it your active sim's inventory.

Note that if the sim you are interested in does not appear in the list, they have most likely been compressed and removed from the game.
  • By default, EA Standard removes all inactive sims from the game that have never been actively played once they die.
  • Doing so conserves space in the save-game, but also means that those sims are permanently deleted, and not recoverable.
  • To resolve this, either:
    1. Play every sim in town at least once
    2. Or install a mod such as StoryProgression which auto-protects every resident in town.

I have an object on a lot that is broken and won't let me use it.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Reset]]

So, you have an object that appears to be broken ? You should try resetting it :
  1. Install DebugEnabler
  2. Click on the object, and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Options \ Object \ Force Reset"
  1. Install MasterController
  2. Click on the lot (the ground or the wall), and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Reset Lot"

If neither of those approaches fix the object, you may need to simply delete it, and replace it with a new copy.

I want to copy the facial features from one sim to another.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Copy Genetics]]

So you have a sim in-game that you want to make look like another sim ?

You have a couple of choices to perform that ability, however they all require either MasterController or MasterController Cheats, so install those first.
  1. If the other sim is already in-game as well, then it is really easy
    • Click on the source sim and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Copy Genetics"
    • Filter for and locate your destination sim, select them, and press the "Accept"
  2. If the sim is in the Edit Town Library, then:
    • Import the sim into your game.
    • Then perform the process from Step (1) above.
  3. If the sim is stored in your CAS Library
    • Click on your sim and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Edit in CAS"
    • Once in CAS, click on the pre-made sims button in the bottom left
    • Find the sim containing the genetics you want, and apply them to your sim.

I want to control my celebrity population better, or turn it entirely.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#Celebrities]]

So, you have a celebrity problem ? Or just don't like the system added by Late Night ?

First thing, removing existing celebrities:
  1. Install MasterController and MasterController Cheats
  2. Click on the City Hall, and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Intermediate \ Celebrity Level"
  3. When prompted, set the level to "0"
    • This will eliminate the celebrity level from all the sims you specified

Second thing, stopping the celebrities from returning:
  • Celebrities are automatically generated by EA Story Progression, so you will need to stop that. Here are some choices :
    1. Either install an EA Story Progression tuning mod from Shimrod101
    2. Turn off EA Story Progression entirely
    3. Or install StoryProgression, and use the "Town Options \ Allow Celebrity" option

I want more information about one of the mods or change its settings.

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#More Info]]

Click on the mod name to the left, then on Base-Mod for the current phase.
On that page you will, if appropriate, find links to the following extra pages:
  1. Documentation, including possible future enhancements and known issues
  2. Tuning, with information about how to change the mod's default values
  3. Specific installation or uninstallation warnings.

How can I remove Lifetime Happiness Rewards from my sim?

anchor: [[Which Mod FAQ#RemoveRewards]]

- NonaMena NonaMena suggests the following:
  • Use MasterController and MasterController Cheats to remove rewards from your sim.
  • Click on the sim and navigate to the following menu: NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Traits \ Drop Rewards
  • You can also do this by clicking on City Hall and using NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Advanced \ Traits \ Drop Rewards.
    • You will be prompted to choose a sim after clicking "Drop Rewards".

How do I revive dead plants ?

anchor : [[Which Mod FAQ#Plant Revive]]

  • Intalll DebugEnabler's and use "NRaas \ DebugEnabler \ Options: Plant \ DEBUG Plant Life: Alive" from the plant's menu.
  • if you did that very often, use this option as well "NRaas \ DebugEnabler \ Options: Plant \ RestartPlantLife" from the plant's menu.
  • Extra Tip: Add the upgrade AUTO WATER (DebugEnabler) to the sprinkler system. Or create a public garden, then the plants need no water at all and all sims can use it.

How do I resurrect a sim ?

anchor : [[Which Mod FAQ#Resurrect]]

There are two methods :
  • Use the in-game functionality:OR
  • Use a mod.
    1. Install MasterController and DebugEnabler
    2. Load your game.
    3. Click on a wall or roof on your active lot, and navigate the menu: "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Add Sim"
    4. Use a "Type of Sim" - "Dead" filter
    5. Locate the sim you wish to resurrect in the list, and select them.
    6. The formerly dead sim will now be part of your active family.
      • Note: If you have exceeded the eight sim limit, and do not currently have PortraitPanel installed, you may not be able to see the sim in the portrait list. This is a non-issue if you intend to move the sim to another household later.
      • You may need to unpause the game, and wait a couple of sim-minutes for the sim to appear in-game
    7. Locate and click on the sim.
      • They are most likely near the front door of your lot.
    8. Open their inventory, click on the urnstone, and navigate the menu: "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Options: Urnstone \ DEBUG - Resurrect"
    9. Voila, the sim is now alive and part of your household
      • If you wish to place the sim in another household, use the "Add Sim" interaction to move them to a new lot.

  • You can use Debugenabler in general to resurrect a dead sim directly by clicking at the urnstone or the ghost and use Mastercontroller afterwards to add the sim to any household

Note: Though EA provides a "DEBUG - Create Playable Ghost" interaction, these instructions use "Add Sim" instead.
  • This is due to an error in the EA interaction which can render your sim homeless.
  • It is advised that you avoid the use of the "Create Playable Ghost" interaction due to this issue.

How to spawn a ghost ?

anchor : [[Which Mod FAQ#spawn-ghost]]

Use DebugEnabler:
  • click on the urnstone (note: it has to be outside your inventory, place it somewhere on the ground): NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Options: Urnstone \ DEBUG - Spawn ghost

Now the dead sim appears as a ghost immediately!