What is this FAQ ?

This page is provided for members and organizers as a guide on how I would like the wiki to operate.

Most things regarding the format are pretty straight forward from looking at the existing information on a page, however the layout of the pages themselves is not explicitly defined.

As well, there are a number of tips or tricks that may be useful to know when maintaining the site.

Basic Hierarchy

  • Phase Listing pages (locked as they are the main portal for each mod) (template: Phase Listing)
    • Mod Page (this page is locked as it contains the download file itself) (template: Mod Page)
      • Documentations pages, FAQ (template: Documentation)
      • The List (template: TheList Page)
      • Issues (template: Issues Page)
      • Tuning Page (this page is locked as it contains the tuning files) (template: Tuning Page)
      • Localization pages (template: Localization Listing)
        • Translation pages (template: Translation Page)
      • Revision Notes (locked so users don't feel the need to mess with the contents) (template: Revision Notes)

Beyond these components, it is not necessary to retain any obvious structure. Namely, if a FAQ would be better served as multiple pages, then feel free to create a new page and cross-link between them.

Naming Conventions

Since each page must be uniquely named (a requirement of this type of wiki), a specific format for the names has been defined:

  • Phase Listing pages are simply named <ModName>, as they are the primary portal for accessing a mod, so have the most straightforward name.
  • Mod pages are named <ModName> Phase <PhaseNumber>, as each phase requires its own download file, and thus requires its own page.
  • Tuning pages are named <ModName> Phase <PhaseNumber> Tuning, as the contents of the tuning packages may change with each phase.
  • Documentation pages, that can vary from phase to phase are also phase numbered, such as <ModName> Phase <PhaseNumber> Interactions
  • The List, Issues, and Localization Listing pages are *not* phase numbered, as they span all versions
  • The individual Translation Pages are suffixed with a standardized language code to differentiate them from each other.

Note: If you wish to translate any of the documentation pages, feel free to do so. Simply add the language code to the end of your new page's name to make it unique.
  • Namely MasterController Phase One would become MasterController Phase One German if you were to translate Mod Page for MasterController
  • Note that any translations made are strictly the responsibility of that language's user-base, the developer will not attempt to update them when the original page changes.
    • The only exception is the Translation pages themselves, which will be altered to add new translation strings whenever a new phase is released

Note that some pages serve a special function that might not be easily translatable, or by producing a second page may confuse users.
  • When creating a translation of the Phase Listing..page, please do not copy the mod link table. Redirect users back to the English page instead.
    • That way the developer only has to update the English version when a new Phase is released.
  • When creating a translation of the Mod Pages, please redirect the users back to the English page for the download file itself.
    • That way the developer only needs to replace the file in a single location, and since the English page is locked, the users are assured that the official copy of the file is listed.
  • The above suggestion applies for the Tuning Pages as well, for similar reasons
  • You can translate Revision Notes if you wish, however I do not intend to update any pages other than English when I release a new version.
  • As for the Issues..pages, if you wish to run your own moderation of a foreign issues page feel free. However, since I do not speak your language, I will not be able to fully participate in the discussion.
    • If users post script error logs, I will answer them regardless of language, since the logs themselves are always in English.

Standardized Language Codes

  • Chinese
    • Simplified Chinese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
    • English is the default translation for this site (since that is the developer's primary language)
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
    • There are two forms of Portuguese in the Sims 3, European/Standard and Brazilian
    • When translating the forum itself, please attempt to use words common to both languages
    • If translating for both languages proves impossible, use "Portuguese EU" or "Portuguese BR" as your suffix instead
  • Russian
  • Spanish
    • There are two forms of Spanish in the Sims 3, European/Standard and Mexican
    • When translating the forum itself, please attempt to use words common to both languages
    • If translating for both languages proves impossible, use "Spanish EU" or "Spanish MX" as your suffix instead
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Taiwanese
    • Traditional Chinese

Page Restrictions

As an assurance to users that the files they are downloading is the official version, pages containing package files are locked and only changeable by Organizers.
  • Files shared via the Mod and Tuning pages are also locked to ensure they cannot be overwritten by other users using the File button.

Beyond that, I encourage the members to update the data on any other page (other than home) with the intention of providing higher quality and more up-to-date information regarding the mods in the suite.

Phase Listings

To conserve space, the Organizers may choose to cease hosting of older Phases of a mod at any time. However we will endeavour to preserve at least two Phases of each mod at any time, even if external file hosting is required to do so.

Translation Pages

Translations are provided in a specific format, making it easy for the developer to transfer the contents to text file, and then into the mod itself.

Extraneous data beyond the <KEY> <STR> format will not be tolerated, and will be removed/reverted.

File Uploading

Do no upload package based files to the website, unless otherwise authorized by an Organizer. Doing so would simply confuse the non-members.
  • Script error logs are the only non-image file allowed to be uploaded by members.
  • The only package files that will tolerated are those uploaded on request of the developer (namely for custom career issues).

If an image would be beneficial to conveying instructions in a FAQ, ensure that it is the smallest possible size before uploading to conserve space on the wiki.

External Linking

Linking to external websites is actively encouraged, provided the links specified are relevant to The Sims 3 Community.


Organizers are specially chosen members of the wiki who have greater responsibility over the site.

Since any member can provide and change content, the responsibility of an organizer is to maintain order amongst the members.

  • Feel free to approve any user who chooses to ask for membership.
    • Everyone gets a chance to contribute.
  • Off-topic posts, containing content that would fit better under a different page, should be locked, and a link to the more appropriate page posted.
    • Once the user has reposted, feel free to delete the older thread.
  • Thread-jacking posts can be summarily deleted at the discretion of the organizer, provided the organizer leaves a note stating that the poster should repost the question as a new thread.
    • Since quoting is not possible on this forum, answering questions from multiple sources is very difficult, so any new questions should be posed as a separate thread.
    • If the thread is complete, feel free to simply lock the thread instead, rather than deleting the problem post. Remember to leave a note either way.

  • Keep an eye out for site vandalism, pages cleared, overt destruction, or inappropriate content uploaded.
    • You are authorized to remove any destructive member immediately, there are no second chances for those that waste my time.
    • You are authorized to delete any uploaded file that serves no obvious purpose, and appears to be simply uploaded to consume space.
  • I will tolerate lively debate in the Discussion, however any thread that devolves to open hostility should be locked immediately.
    • You are authorized to delete posts if they are vile, hateful, racist, sexist, or anything along these lines.
    • However, please leave a post behind stating the reason the other post was deleted, so that other users may learn from the action.
  • Not everyone on this forum reads or writes native English, and as such grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure may vary widely.
    • Non-constructive or sardonic remarks about other user's posting style will not be tolerated, and such posters should be informed of such.
    • However if the original poster is using all caps or l33t speak, feel free to inform that poster as well that such is not considered acceptable syntax on this site.
  • Unfortunately there is no way to ban a specific wikispaces user from making posts
    • If there comes a time that the number of trolls reaches unmanageable proportions, it is possible to alter the permissions of the wiki to disallow all non-members from posting.
    • Hopefully such a time will not come to pass, however you are authorized to alter the posting permissions if such a need arises and I am not on-line to do it myself.

  • If the developer happens to leave one of the mod files unlocked, please feel free to lock it immediately.
    • Unlocked files can be overwritten by members uploading a file with the same name, and as such is a serious security issue.
    • Frankly, any of the files uploaded by anyone should be locked, that way member's cannot accidentally (or intentionally) overwrite other member's files.

  • Regarding locking and deletion of discussion threads:
    • It is my intention to lock threads after a satisfactory answer has been provided to the question or problem posted by the original poster.
      • Doing so has an additional benefit of stopping other users from adding additional unnecessary comments to a thread that has already been answered.
    • If that question and answer can be transferred to the wiki, it will be added, and a note made to that effect on the thread.
    • After a reasonable amount of time has passed, locked threads will be deleted.
      • This is only provided the information contained in the thread has been made available on the wiki somewhere.
      • A transition period after locking the thread of a month or so should give discussion members sufficient time to read of the move and act accordingly.
    • If no satisfactory answer arises, then the thread will remain open indefinitely for other members to comment on.

Open Discussions

As a means of keeping the results that occur when you "Search Wiki", threads that are deemed to be complete are :
  1. Harvested for useful information, which is then added to the Wiki for permanent use.
  2. And once the thread has been inactive for a month, it is deleted.

However some discussions never seem to have a satisfactory resolution, and remain open even after being inactive for a while.
  • Those types of posts are noted here, so I don't have to go back and search for them.


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